Website at the address of (“Website”) is operated by Maccenta Turizm Ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi residing at the address of Meşrutiyet Mah. Rumeli Cad. Huzur Apt. Blok No:26-28/15 Şişli/İstanbul acting as Data Controller (“Company”).

COMPANY, acting as Data Contoller, is responsible for identifying purposes and means of processing of personal data, and setting up and managing data recording system.

We take protection of your personal data seriously. We would like to inform you about processing, including purposes, including but not limited to collection, storage and transfer of data obtained in connection with usage of “Company Website” in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law (“Law“).

Processing and Transferring of Personal Data

COMPANY requests certain personal data from the users of Company Website during sign-up, while doing shopping or using Company Website. Personal data is any information that renders a person identified or identifiable. Such information may include, inter alia, your name, address, email address or phone number. Information collected via cookies and does not directly enable identification your identity, for instance information on how you use Company Website may be considered as personal data provided that they are based on an identity card issued to a user, and therefore, collected, stored and evaluated after personalization. Non-personal data are those that are aggregated, can be qualified as big data, summarized, collected, assessed and anonymized so that they cannot be associated with a natural person.

Said personal data are collected by our company due to the nature of the business through membership form which is filled out by Data Subject. Our company stores and uses IP address in order to troubleshoot our System, facilitate a fast solution to issues or disputes that may arise in connection with the services we provided. IP addresses may also be used to identify users in general terms and collect comprehensive demographic data.

Our Company can also use the data requested for direct marketing by itself or its partners, in addition to the purposes and scope defined in Membership Agreement. Personal data may also be used to contact with users, when necessary. Data requested by our company or data provided by user or data relating to the activities performed over our Company Website may also be used by us or our partners in various statistical analyses, database creation or market researches, by keeping personal data confidential, in addition to the purposes and scope defined in “Membership Agreement”.

Our company may send its customers and members notifications/messages such as campaigns, new packages, promotional offers. Our members can opt out or opt in receiving such notifications while signing up our website, and afterwards, at the administration panel, after logging in the website, or notify us through the link contained in the information message sent to our members.

Purposes of Personal Data Processing

Our company processes personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes. In this context, Personal Data can be processed and transferred to the systems hosted locally or in foreign countries, including but not limited to European Union countries, (for detailed information, please write to your company) for purposes listed below:

  • To provide and change the services offered over website,
  • To customize products and services offered to the requests; to update, improve them in line with customer requirements, legal and technical developments,
  • To perform user definitions to the systems, specific to the products and services offered,
  • To carry out new or existing product, service and campaign announcements, sales and marketing activities,
  • To conduct market research,
  • To create statistical data and analyze the usage patterns,
  • To pay and collect the product, service prices, and select collection methods,
  • To fulfill the obligation to inform under 6563 Numbered Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce, and other applicable legislation,
  • To deliver Data Subject ads of the products and service, as well as Company Website in line with purpose of data processing, provide information about products, services, promotions, offers and campaigns,
  • To solve problems experienced by users while using Website,
  • To improve user website visit, use, switching between page, and purchasing experiences, to provide higher quality service,
  • To maintain contact/communication,
  • To execute business relationships between partners, vendors, resellers and service providers,
  • To make reporting within the scope of partnership,
  • To develop business strategies and make business plans,
  • To contact for satisfaction surveys,
  • To create participation records in events/training/contests organized by COMPANY, to issue relevant certificates/participation certificates, identify award/gift winners and deliver awards/gifts,
  • To handle judicial/administrative procedures, to answer requests/orders from public authorities,
  • To fulfill the legal obligations under the legislation, to resolve legal disputes,
  • To execute investor relations,
  • To obtain results in the cases of combination of the company with another company, spin-off, or partial or entire transfer of the company,
  • To introduce Company personnel, Natural Person Customers, Data Subjects in the social media posts,
  • To conduct job interviews, to evaluate job applications,
  • To establish, execute and terminate business relations/agreements,
  • To ensure COMPANY personnel benefit from main and fringe benefits, and evaluate their performances and works,
  • To create user accounts for personnel,
  • To create participant records in case of participation in an event on behalf of company,
  • To create enrollment and certificate records for personnel trainings.
  • To maintain security of Company Website and Applications,
  • To analyse website usage,
  • To create personal data inventory,
  • To evaluate questions, requests, suggestions, complaint and applications, including those relating to personal data, in written, orally or electronically, and to respond to them.
  • To perform the agreement, ensure compliance with data security and policies of our company,

Method and Legal Ground of Personal Data Collection

Data relating to the existing and prospective Company Website users are collected as required by the object of our business, via partially or fully automatic or non-automatic ways on the contractual grounds or other grounds as set out in the applicable legislation.

Personal Data Processed Without Explicit Consent

Pursuant to the Law;

We may process and transfer to third parties your personal data that have been made publicly available by you without your explicit consent thereon.

Your personal data may be processed or transferred by us to third parties without your explicit consent thereon if there are clear legislative provisions that render lawful such processing without explicit consent.

We may process your personal data without your explicit consent if it is mandatory for us to fulfill our legal obligations, including those data that must be disclosed pursuant to applicable laws or regulations, or a court order, or an administrative order.

We process your personal data without your explicit consent if it is mandatory to process data in order to establish, exercise or protect a right.

Data Transferred to Third Parties

We may transfer your personal data, as part of the business activities at Company Website, to Company personnel, company officers, law, financial and tax consultants, auditors, entities providing services complementary or extensive to the activities of the Company, cloud service providers residing at abroad to carry out data processing, consultants and contracted entities partnered with Company, and advertising and marketing agencies working with Company, and natural and legal persons in order to provide Data Subjects ads that cater to their interests by having them anonymized, provided that our rights under Law are reserved. You are giving your explicit consent to Data Controller to make such transfer.

Network Server Data Log

When you visit Company Website, your browser is technically set to send following data (“data log”) to our Internet Server automatically, and afterwards we save them automatically in data log records even without your confirmation:

Login Date

Login Time

URL of redirected website

Files received

Amount of transmitted data

Browser type and version

Operating System

IP Address

Domain of your Internet Service Provider

These are technically required information in order to properly deliver you the content you requested, and collection of them are essential for functioning of websites. Data log is analyzed only for statistical purposes in order for development of our website and underlying technology, and then deleted.

Data log is stored separately from other data collected as part of your usage of Company Website.


As with many websites, we are also using “cookies”. Cookies are small text files stored by a website server in your hard disk. By this way, we automatically obtain certain data such as IP address, browser used, operating system of your computer and Internet connection. Said technical communication file stored website status and preferences, making Internet easier to use. Technical communication file is not designed to collect any personal data or any other data from your hard disk or mailbox. Also, cookies are used to execute the software or send virus to your computer.

We are using cookies and similar technologies in order to get familiar you across different services, to obtain information about your interests, related or not related to our Services, to improve your experience, and improve security, to measure use and effectiveness of our Services, to obtain statistical data about number of website visitors, purpose of visits, and how long visitors stay in the website, as well as help create ads and contents dynamically from user pages designed exclusively to the users. We can track via cookies your navigation in Company Website and activities in your membership account, and analyse your personal data collected via Company Website, or third party website and mobile apps via various methods together in order to offer you various discount and campaign offers, to make advertising and promotion, to personalize Company Website to you, and offer you personalized experience.

Under no circumstances data we collected shall be shared with third parties without your approval. Of course, you can view our website without cookies. Web browsers are always, by default, set to accept cookies. You can check and disable cookies via browser settings and other tools. Please use help function of your browser to learn how to change these settings. Please note that if you disable cookies, certain features of our website may not function properly, or at all.

Using Social Extensions in Social Media Context

COMPANY is using social extensions (“extensions”) from social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube video, Twitter, Instagram.

If you visit a page in your website which contain such extension, they will initially be inactive. They will not be activated unless and until you click given link/icon. By activating these extensions, you connect with social networks, and provide your confirmation to data transfer to these networks. If your accounts in these social networks are active, then social networks can link this visit with your account in relevant social network. If you click the relevant link/icon, information corresponding to it will directly be transferred by your browser to and saved in the relevant social network.

Please see the Data Protection Statements of relevant social networks about data collection, further processing by social networks, scope and purpose of the settings you can make to protect your rights and privacy. If you do not want these social networks collect data about you via our website, you need to log out your sessions in relevant social networks before visiting our website.

Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

Pursuant to Law, you have following rights regarding your personal data: to learn if your personal data has been processed; to learn the purpose of processing of your personal data, whether they are used in line with intended purpose; to learn third parties to which your personal data have been transferred, to request correction in case of missing or inaccurate processing; to request your personal data erased or destroyed; to request third parties to which your personal data have been transferred, informed about correction, erasure or destruction of personal data in case of missing or inaccurate processing; to lodge an appeal against any results against your interests arisen due to the analysis of processed data via exclusively automated systems; to claim any damages be compensated if you incur damages as a result of illegal processing of your personal data.

Exercise of Rights, Application and Communication

You can submit your requests relating to the aforementioned rights under Law using application form in our website to our COMPANY at the aforementioned address in writing, personally or in line with legislation (for instance via a notary) provided that your identity details are verified.

Data Security

Company has taken all technical and organizational measures, as much technically practicable as possible, to maintain data security in accordance with the Law. Your personal data will be stored electronically and/or physically. Business process designs and technical security system improvements are constantly implemented in order to maintain a storage environment where your personal data collected and stored by our company is and remain protected against unauthorized access, manipulation, loss or damage.

Data Belonging to Minors

No personal data of minors must be submitted without permission of their parents or guardians.

Links to Other Websites

Company websites contain links to other websites. We have no control over these website operators if they comply with the personal data protection legislation. COMPANY is not responsible for contents of websites reached via such links (and contents of other websites reached via these links) and have no authority to control the contents of such websites reached via such links.

Changes in the Data Privacy Statement and Information Text on Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy

This “Data Privacy Statement and Information Text on Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy” will be changed, whenever necessary in order to announce the changes in our services in connection with data protection, for instance, new services, and fulfillment of applicable legal obligations.

User Access

No access to your account is provided to anyone unless invited by you. Only COMPANY personnel may access to your data for the purposes of support in case of a technical and system failure, and then if authorized upon your permission.

Data Transfer

No data transfer will take place without your consent, and to business partners which do not have adequate level of security measures.

Data Backup

Your data are backed up daily in case of any potential technical issues.

Intervention to Security Breaches

Despite of our best efforts, no transfer method and no electronic storage method in Internet is completely secure. We cannot give absolute security guarantee. However, if COMPANY becomes aware of a security breach, we will warn affected users so that they can apply suitable protection steps. Our breach notification procedures are consistent with our obligations pursuant to legislation, and all industrial guidelines and standards applicable to us. Notification procedures include publication of notices, or delivery of e-mail notifications in case of a security breach in our website.

Your Responsibilities

To ensure security of your data, and security of your account also depends on you by using sufficiently complex passwords and storing them in secure environments. You must make sure that computer, tablet or phone you used to benefit from COMPANY services have sufficient security.