Back Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Many people have started to prefer the back lift procedure as it is trendy nowadays. As you know, a large amount of fat is stored in areas such as the abdomen, sides, and back with weight gain. The skin is stretched and suspended with the passage of time and the increase of accumulated fat.

Getting rid of fat in some areas, such as the lower abdomen and back, is challenging. It will take much effort to remove these fats with exercise and diet. Today, eliminating belly fat has become a simple, routine task, and many different procedures easily remove the accumulated fat. This has made it possible to achieve an ideal and beautiful body in the shortest possible time.

However, another problem that occurs after the accumulation of fat in the body is the long-term effects of its presence on the skin. The sharp increase and decrease of fat, its presence over time, and severe weight changes cause the skin to be affected by the presence of these fats and cause sagging. People suffer from sagging skin in the back area for various reasons. These include severe, fluctuating weight change, weight loss after bariatric surgeries such as sleeve gastric surgery and gastric bypass, and factors such as multiple pregnancies. For example, liposuction alone will not be effective in such a case due to laxity and sagging of the skin. This is where the back lift comes into play. Many people think that the back lift is unnecessary and that the back will straighten by liposuction.

In most cases, a withdrawal is unnecessary, but this is a misunderstanding. In some cases, just absorbing the fat under the skin will only increase the sagging and wrinkling of the skin. In this case, the back lift procedure recommends liposuction surgery of the fat on the back.

The back skin, although thicker than anywhere else, is subject to aging and secondary changes due to weight changes like the rest of the body. Ugly and strange protrusions change the harmony of the silhouette. Patients can develop complexes and natural psychological and social disturbances. The purpose of a back lift in Turkey is to restore the aesthetic appearance of your back. Again, you can wear whatever style you want and enjoy the beach more calmly. When excess skin on the back is a source of discomfort or a complex, it is possible to surgically remove the excess skin and perform a proper back lift.

The back lift procedure in Turkey is an example of stretching surgery that has gained many admirers. The fat accumulated in the back area, one of the most common problems overweight women face, is lost with this procedure. These fats are actually very resistant and sometimes even challenging to reduce through diet. Therefore, a back lift surgery is needed to eliminate it. The problem of sagging skin can have several origins:

  • Significant and sudden weight gain or loss,
  • The phenomenon of aging and skin sagging over time,
  • A genetic predisposition causes your skin to lose elasticity and become looser.

As a result, loosening the skin, tissues, and fat rolls on the back is permanent. These are difficult to correct even with proper diet or exercise. Removing loose skin often requires cosmetic surgery. This is the only solution available today. Therefore, the back lift in Turkey solves these problems:

  • Eliminate the rolls on the bra axis (in this line, we are talking about the rolls that tend to accumulate under the arms and bra line).
  • Rejuvenate loose upper and middle back tissue.
  • Creates a smoother, more attractive outline.
  • Remove any loose, hanging skin.
  • Create a curved back with a smooth and harmonious appearance.

When the back fat removes by liposuction, the skin doesn’t shrink and doesn’t rise naturally due to the loss of elasticity in some people. In this case, the surgeon takes a certain amount of skin and fat from the back, depending on the body’s shape and the severity of the skin sagging. As a result of removing excess skin, wrinkles remove, and the waist lift. There are different methods of performing this operation. A lift is performed by the surgeon by creating a cut line, generally in the bra line area, removing excess tissue, pulling the skin up, and suturing it precisely.

After the back lift in Turkey, you usually stay in the hospital for one night, and after the doctor’s consultation, you go to your hotel the next day. Always use the medical product recommended by the doctor during the recovery period. Don’t forget that you will see the final result after the swelling disappears completely 3 to 6 months after the surgery.

What is a Back Lift?

A back lift is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects loose and sagging skin or fatty rolls in the upper and middle back region. This operation is for both women and men. In general, it concerns all those who suffer from sagging of the skin of the back in the axis under the arms. So women, maybe a little more advantageous because the bra will hide the scar.

There is a way to get rid of the fat in the back area with the back lift. This surgery usually gives the best results for the applicant by removing fat and excess skin tissue. By performing this surgery, the surgeon will eliminate the folds caused by fat accumulation in the back area.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Back Lift?

People looking for back lift surgery should have general physical and mental health like other surgeries. If there is no problem in public health, you should check the amount of fat and excess skin accumulated on the back for a detailed examination by seeing our plastic surgeon.

Ideal candidates for the back lift in Turkey are anyone who has reached balance in terms of weight changes. However, you should avoid obesity again as much as possible. If your weight isn’t balanced and is constantly changing, the fat that the surgeon will take from you may accumulate in your waist area again. As a result, you may not get the desired result from the surgery. Therefore, you should definitely see our surgeon.

In addition, non-smokers have a more appropriate priority in performing this surgery. As we mentioned above, if you want to be a back lift, you must start a diet and complete your weight loss. This surgery is suitable for people who don’t want to gain weight again.

If you constantly lose weight or vice versa, you are in for a yo-yo weight loss. In this case, back lift surgery may not recommend. Because if you gain weight again and fat accumulates in the back area, the skin doesn’t have proper elasticity due to the stretching process and is much more vulnerable than before. Often, with an increase in volume in such cases, a person suffers from severe skin cracks and thinning skin. Therefore, before this surgery, you should consider the different dimensions. You can ask this in your consultation with our surgeon.

Back Lift
starting from €3900

Back Lift Consultation

Before the back lift procedure in Turkey, you will consult with our surgeon. The surgeon determines the best technique for treating back rolls during the initial back lift consultation. The specialist gives you all the information about the intervention and its consequences. In addition, the doctor gives you a detailed estimate and informative documentation.

It should be a consultation with our surgeon, where you will discuss your expectations, hopes, concerns, and problems. It would be best if you were completely transparent with our surgeon. This is necessary for the operation to run smoothly. So, if something worries you, talk about it. The specialist will put you at ease in this regard and will suggest a solution to the problem. Likewise, you should report your entire medical history to the specialist to avoid unpleasant surprises and complications in the postoperative period.

Our operation specialist will explain it to you in detail. In addition, the doctor will give the pre-and post-operative requirements, which may include information on everything from diet to physical, professional, and social activity. Then the surgeon agrees with you and informs you of an operation date. Before the back lift, the specialist will take your measurements.

What are the Back Lift Risks?

It may also be interesting to know the side effects of your desired back lift procedure on your body. Back lift surgery involves changes in the hip and thigh region, such as thigh stretching surgery. Due to the back lift performed in Turkey, the back of your thigh will be lifted slightly, and the shape of your butt will change from saggy to close to the ideal form. All these changes occur after the fat removal in the waist area and the removal of this area.

To get rid of back fat, you should know the disadvantages and risks of this surgery. In this case, you can easily decide to do this surgery. Fatigue, pain, bruising, and swelling are normal after the back lift. If your pain tolerance threshold isn’t very high, you should definitely consult your doctor for this surgery.

Post-operative bleeding is one of the most common disadvantages of operations starting from the skin surface. If post-procedure care doesn’t take seriously, the possibility of infection is also high. Numbness in the area with the back lift is very normal. However, this prolongation of anesthesia is common in some people who have had the procedure. As with any system, additional complications may occur during this procedure. These complications are rare. They are well treated; don’t leave sequelae:

  • Persistent edema and bruises that disappear within two weeks
  • Hematoma requiring surgical revision
  • Healing delay (more common in smokers)
  • Fluid collection under the scar until the fluid dries
  • Defective scar (keloid, hypertrophic or enlarged scar)

How to Prepare for Back Lift Procedure?

Be sure to stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin two weeks before the back lift procedure in Turkey. Quit alcohol and smoking two weeks before the back lift procedure. Indeed, smoking causes severe respiratory distress, slows healing, accelerates bleeding, causes poor skin quality, and inhibits healing after surgery.

Be sure to discuss your medical records and medication history with your doctor. Try to list drug sensitivities and present them to your doctor before surgery.

On the other hand, you should also avoid some aspirin or naproxen-based medications. These significantly increase the risk of bleeding. It would be best if you also expelled those based on herbs. In short, you should not take any medicines without your doctor’s approval. If overweight, consider losing weight before a back lift for best results. If you have had bariatric surgery, you must be checked for vitamin and iron deficiencies and treated if necessary. If you are taking anticoagulant therapy, consider replacing it with injections in consultation with your surgeon.

How is a Back Lift Performed?

The back lift procedure in Turkey is very effective and quite successful. Take a closer look at the steps of the back lift procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

Our specialist will recommend you general anesthesia for the procedure. The procedure may take up to 1-2 hours, depending on the difficulty and complexity of the process. On the day of surgery, your doctor will pre-mark the places where the incision will make. This will make it easier to identify the incision points.

  • Incision

The surgeon will make an incision in your target area to remove excess loose skin during the operation. The incision will be minimal.

  • Final

The back lift in Turkey performs with body shaping devices in a procedure similar to Tummy Tuck surgery. In this surgery, the surgeon first empties the excess fat accumulated in the back area after the incision. After that, the skin will likely remain loose and hanging. So the process isn’t over yet. It isn’t enough to remove the fat on the back to achieve an ideal body shape.

In most cases, the skin has lost its elasticity due to excessive stretching. Therefore, a natural back lift not performs. This surgery uses different methods according to the body’s shape and the amount of skin sagging in the back area. After this surgery, the back area will be very ordinary, lean, and saggy. Finally, the surgeon closes the skin on the waist and stretches it again. Thus, you will have a tight and dynamic core. The back lift provides a smooth and gorgeous effect.

What are the Advantages of Back Lift?

The exciting and important thing about the back lift is that this surgery also stretches the back of the thighs and hips. For this reason, you may see changes in your thighs and hips after the back lift. Shaping the hips and removing sagging can be counted as one of the essential advantages of this surgery.

On the other hand, various factors such as age, skin type, skin elasticity, and lifestyle affect the success rate of this surgery. Generally, the younger the candidate for this surgery, the faster the recovery and satisfaction after the surgery. In addition, if the person consumes smoke and alcohol, the recovery rate decreases.

Remember, if you don’t follow the post-operative hygiene and care recommendations, you will likely get an infection in your lumbar region after the back lift. You may also experience back numbness for a relatively long time after surgery.

How is the Recovery After Back Lift?

One of the most influential parameters affecting the results of aesthetic procedures is care after back lift surgery. Even if the best specialist doctor performs this surgery for you, you will face many problems if you don’t take it seriously after the back lift procedure. These problems are directly affected by the surgery:

  • Back lift is usually done on an outpatient basis, and one day of hospitalization is sufficient for this. Generally, after this surgery, you will need a week of absolute rest due to pain, and after that, you can start light daily activities gradually.
  • It would be best if you rested for a few weeks to do routine chores such as going to work and (repeatedly) sitting in a chair. It would be best if you gave your body enough time to heal and repair faster. Using a suitable or medical bandage is beneficial in maintaining the back lift and its result.
  • By applying pressure to the lower back area, you help lift better. So try not to neglect the beneficial effect of genes.
  • Don’t use tight bras on top. About two weeks after the back lift, you can use soft and relatively loose bras for this area.
  • You can use the painkillers and pills prescribed by the doctor regularly and at any time of the day to control the pain and prevent infection.
  • The doctor usually removes the dressing after one day.
  • Massage will be beneficial.
  • You can use medical gel for two months to control swelling and body shape.
  • Avoid bending over and make quick position changes during recovery (20 to 30 days) of the operation area. If your job doesn’t involve physical activity, you can do your job about a month after the operation. Finally, our surgeon will give you specific instructions on lying down.

When do you see the Back Lift Results?

If you want to control the factors affecting the back lift result in Turkey, you should know that age, skin type, lifestyle, and similar factors affect the development of the surgery. People’s age determines the elasticity of the body’s skin for skin tightening. The rate of recovery is higher among younger generations.

The skin type also determines the speed of healing and the success of the surgery. If people’s lifestyle is unhealthy and they have a lot of alcohol or smoking in their routine, surgery’s effectiveness and success rate are usually lower.

One of the most critical issues that come to the fore before the surgery for back lift candidates is the time to see the result. Usually, people who remove the fat in the back area rush to see the results. However, you should know that it takes about 3 to 6 months for the bruises and swellings on the back to disappear gradually.

The scar usually disappears after a year. But it would be best if you had time to disappear completely. Special creams and additional treatments with laser also accelerate this process. Of course, don’t forget that each person’s body has its characteristics. This problem makes a difference in the outcome of the surgeries.

After returning home, you should be considered for scar care every day for ten days. It is common for you to observe a temporary loss of sensitivity in your problem area that creates a different feeling. You can evaluate the final result one year after the skin has regained its elasticity and sensitivity. Comparing your photos before and after the back lift lets you objectively observe the improvement you will get.

Finally, one of the most essential and practical issues affecting the back lift result is your choice of a specialist doctor. If you don’t choose our doctor who specializes in the best back lift for such a necessary surgery, it may be challenging to get a very positive result from the surgery. Sometimes you may even have to repair it or do the surgery again. Therefore, when performing this operation, try to minimize the risk of adverse results by carefully choosing the best surgeon in the field.

How Much is a Back Lift?

One of the most critical issues affecting the decision of people to have a back lift surgery is the price of surgery. Generally, the back lift cost in Turkey depends on the amount of fat in this area and the amount of sagging skin tissue. Other parameters determining the back lift price in Turkey are the doctor’s expertise, records, and the hospital where this surgery performs.

The price of the surgery explains according to these parameters. You are the final decision maker, choosing the best based on the doctor’s knowledge and records. However, don’t consider the low price as the only decisive parameter. Because, in most cases, the cost of unsuccessful surgical repair will be much higher than these figures.

You can also contact us for the back lift procedure in Turkey and talk to our surgeons who specialize in the back lift.

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