(BBL) Brazilian Butt Lift
(BBL) Brazilian Butt Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

3-4 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

The Brazilian butt lift (Safe BBL) is the perfect procedure for those who dream of a rounder and fuller back. Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a specialized fat transfer procedure that increases the size and shape of the hips without an implant. Thanks to safe and special fat transfer techniques, it is possible to create a more harmonious and feminine body structure with a fuller and rounded back. With Safe BBL, our surgeon removes excess fat from areas of your body that you don’t want with liposuction. The specialist then strategically injects some of this fat into the buttocks. However, in this method, unlike the standard BBL method, the surgeon uses ultrasound. Thanks to the ultrasound, the surgeon carefully monitors the location of the cannula during liposuction. Thus, the risk of fat embolism wholly eliminate.

Many women experience that their hips become flattened and therefore begin to sag, either naturally or as a result of normal aging. This is because there is a less fat deposition and the musculature generally declines with age. One way to recreate this fullness is the safe BBL procedure. This operation is part of body shaping or liposculpture, which has become very popular with the development of treatment techniques in recent years. In this type of procedure, liposuction from the stomach and sides and fat transplanted to the back, resulting in a narrower waist, more pronounced sway, and increased fullness in the hips.

With the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey, achieving a thinner, more harmonious body contour with fuller and rounder hips is possible. Your hips will look and feel much more natural than with silicone implants. Since it is the fat used to shape your butt, the risk of rejecting the body’s fat eliminate. Also called butt lift, this Brazilian butt lift has become one of the most popular cosmetic operations in the world. Looking for South American body ideals where a big butt is sexy has become increasingly popular in Europe and the world. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce have all contributed to opening our eyes to the importance of the back as we Europeans.

It’s no coincidence that it’s called the Brazilian butt lift, precisely as in Brazil, where a fuller back is widespread. The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that gives your buttock a more rounded and fuller shape. You can straighten your hip with both your fat and implants. In this way, you can eliminate the fat that bothers you elsewhere. The surgeon removes the fat, and then the specialist returns it to your hip with the help of an ultrasound. The most significant advantage of the Safe BBL method is that it safely injects fat cells during surgery. The doctor then uses it to sculpt and shape your hips. So you get a slightly larger butt that doesn’t sag. You will have a fuller and firmer back area. Thus, you get a slimmer and more harmonious body contour with rounder and fuller hips.

Compared to silicone implants, this type of intervention using your fat feels more natural in appearance and touch. When you have your fat used to shape your hips, there is no risk of the body rejecting the fat. With the safe Brazilian butt lift, you perform a less invasive procedure than other augmentation operations; you recover quickly and can function normally again, reducing the risk of complications. Both fat transfer and liposuction are highly safe operations in terms of risks. Therefore, serious complications such as inflammation or blood clots are unlikely to occur. The real dangers are the roughness of the skin after liposuction, and you should know then that the survival rate of the transplanted adipose tissue can expect a maximum of 70% of the transplanted adipose tissue amount. Butt lift, performed with the proper indication and technique, is a grateful operation because of the tremendous positive difference it can make. This procedure involves the same risks as other operations. Such complications are usually managed with either minor re-surgery or often only with antibiotic therapy.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a combination of liposculpture and fat grafting performed during the same operation, improving the appearance of the silhouette. First, our surgeon removes fat from the upper back, arms, abdomen, thighs, flanks, or other areas where excess fat is present. The expert purifies the extracted fat, and the doctor specially prepares it for the next application. Then, after making several small incisions, the surgeon places your fat with a cannula into specific areas of the butt. Meanwhile, the surgeon closely monitors this cannula using ultrasound. Thus, the risk of embolism eliminate. This results in a fuller butt and a curved body contour.

The basic principle of the Brazilian butt lift procedure in Turkey is to shape the body to an ideal shape. We use liposuction and fat transplants to create a beautifully proportioned hourglass figure based on the individual woman’s anatomy. With a Brazilian butt lift, you can’t just get more volume in the back. The area where the fat is taken will also narrow, giving you a more proportional, feminine, and healthy appearance.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The safe BBL is most suitable for those whose body doesn’t have enough fat to undergo liposuction to reposition the fat for transplant to the back. If you are between a certain age, have ideal body weight, and want volume increase and skin surface improvement, you are among the ideal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey. If you have enough fat to take from other body parts and want a fuller back, you can be a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

If the fullness in the butt is congenital, the only solution is fat grafting. Fullness disappears with age, usually due to loose hip muscles and collapsed adipose tissue. If part of the problem is due to excess skin on the hips and upper outer thighs, this procedure will be the right solution, especially if you are also bothered by excess skin on the inner thighs. This solution is a regular surgery that requires general anesthesia, hospitalization, and a convalescence period.

You can have a non-binding pre-examination from our plastic surgeon so that we can evaluate whether you are suitable for safe BBL in Turkey.

If you are pregnant, you may be particularly bothered by very loose abdominal skin. You may also have lost much weight; as you get older, it may be harder for your body’s skin to adapt. Maybe it doesn’t bother you that much, but you want to have a flatter and tighter stomach or to be able to see your hips more. You may feel uncomfortable enough to be ashamed of showing yourself naked or in a bikini.

Some people may also develop eczema or other skin problems in the folds that occur after pregnancy or weight loss. In addition, the rectus abdominis muscles in the anterior part of the stomach may slip from each other. This way, your hips disappear, your stomach swells outward, and as your abdominal muscles relax, the area around your intestines becomes looser. It can affect bowel function and cause constipation and poor posture, among other things.

The Brazilian butt lift is suitable for patients who want to correct their shape and those who face stretching, sagging, loss of elasticity in the skin after sudden weight loss, or other reasons. Candidates for this procedure are women with high skin elasticity and a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat on the sides, hips, and abdomen. In addition, people who strive for a figure with an S line, people who feel that there is too much fat in the sides and stomach, and those who have a voluminous butt are also ideal candidates.

Brazilian Butt Lift (Safe BBL)
starting from €3900

What Happens During the Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation?

Before making an appointment for a safe BBL in Turkey, you must have a preliminary examination with our plastic surgeon. Here, the surgeon will evaluate whether you are suitable for the operation, and you will talk about your wishes and expectations about the process.

We recommend that you read something about the Brazilian butt lift and write down any questions you may have before you come for the pre-examination. Thus, you can ask our surgeon all the questions you have in mind. Our surgeon will sincerely answer all your questions.

What are the Risks of Brazilian Butt Lift?

Like all other operations and interventions, Brazilian butt lift surgery has potential side effects. However, side effects are minimal and relatively rare since this surgery usually uses your fat. In addition to bruising and fluid retention, scarring and swelling may occur, and some have experienced allergic reactions. Another well-known phenomenon is that the hips cannot accept new fat stores when a certain amount of transferred fat is broken down and absorbed by the body. We sometimes recommend repeating the procedure several times to achieve the desired result.

You must come to an experienced and certified specialist so you don’t experience risks with performing your butt shaping. Our skilled surgeon estimates how much fat should be removed from your problem areas and then applied to the buttocks. In addition, our surgeon has sufficient experience and perfectly controls the given technique. Otherwise, there is a higher risk of complications associated with incorrect injection of fat into a large blood vessel, which can lead to an embolism. Don’t fear the risks of safe BBL; nothing will happen. Because unlike the standard method, we use ultrasound in this process and thus inject your fats without the risk of embolism.

How do you Prepare for the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

To achieve the best results, every patient should consider a few things before undergoing the Brazilian butt lift procedure. First of all, you should consult our surgeon and discuss whether surgery is the only way to eliminate the problem and whether there are non-surgical methods that will meet your needs. Then you should plan the operation and start preparing for it.

Before the surgery, you must pass specific laboratory (blood test, EKG, etc.) tests. The doctor then evaluates your medical history and laboratory tests and discusses the surgical plan and expected results.

We strongly recommend not smoking or drinking alcohol for four weeks before and after the Brazilian butt lift procedure. These habits significantly inhibit wound healing, prolong your healing process and increase your risk of infection.

Our doctors also recommend that patients eat a high-nutrient diet, drink enough water, and exercise daily. Avoiding fatty foods (steaks, fried foods, and sweets) is better as they negatively affect the healing process by increasing inflammation. You may not need to eat or drink for about six hours before the surgery. This helps prevent possible vomiting during surgery. Our surgeon will explain everything to you during the safe BBL preparation process.

What is the procedure for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Before the safe BBL in Turkey, our surgeon determines the ideal method to be applied by your general health status and expectations. During the surgery, the doctor listens to your expectations and explains how the surgeon will meet your expectations due to the application. Regardless of the surgical technique, we will use general anesthesia during the operation. We prefer a fully equipped hospital for a successful operation. We also take into account your public health. If there is no obstacle to your health, we operate successfully. As a result of this operation, which performs to achieve full, straight, and aesthetic hips, you will have hips in line with your expectations in a short time. This way, we reach your expectations and prevent you from experiencing dissatisfaction. For Brazilian butt lift steps in Turkey, follow:

  • Anesthesia

You will not feel pain or ache during this operation performed under general anesthesia. After the effect of the anesthesia wears off, your pain will be mild and relieved with the help of painkillers. Our surgeon will operate by taking the fat from your abdomen, waist, and legs with the help of an ultrasound device and injecting it into your buttocks. Thus, you will destroy the fat in your belly and butt areas without any risk. Your waistline will have a straighter and more pleasing appearance. The fat in your legs (thigh area) also causes you to be dissatisfied with your appearance. Since our surgeon will remove the fat in this area, it will also ensure that you have a charming appearance. As a result, you will eliminate the fat on your waist, hips, and legs and have full and upright hips that meet expectations. Turkey Brazilian butt lift can be performed together with all surgeries.

  • Incision and process

The Brazilian butt lift increases butt volume to improve the result of an upper butt lift. The doctor will inject fat from liposuction into the buttocks to increase their volume and improve their shape. Lifting the buttocks with complex liposuction allows you to create harmonious body curves. This procedure works very well if you want to enhance your figure and prevent scarring.

A possible alternative to the Brazilian butt lift is the placement of butt implants. Implants improve the shape and size of the hips, making them appear larger and more prominent. It may be a good option for patients with low fat for implant selection and transfer. There is also a wide choice of implant sizes, as long as the operation performs safely.

Since the surgeon uses your fat tissue in safe BBL, your body can’t reject it. In addition, our surgeon performs this procedure using a thin cannula and ultrasound. Therefore, only a few small incisions are required for fat grafting and are unlikely to be seen during recovery.

Brazilian butt lift uses for reasons such as dissatisfaction with the appearance of the thighs and the desire to have a more upright and fuller impression of the thighs. This surgery allows people to have the most aesthetically pleasing Latin thighs. People with a fuller butt shape are also more self-confident. An aesthetic safe BBL is essential to eliminate people’s dissatisfaction with their hips and provide a hip appearance that meets expectations. Today, this operation is frequently preferred in terms of very successful techniques, and as a result of the process, it offers the ideal appearance for people. After the procedure, you will have full and straight hips. You will also eliminate the fat in your abdomen, waist, and legs.

How is the recovery of Brazilian Butt Lift?

You will spend the first day of the surgery resting in the hospital. During this rest period, we will control your pain and take precautions against possible complications. Since the safe BBL procedure in Turkey perform under general anesthesia, you will not have any pain during the operation. Postoperative pain doesn’t affect your daily life in any way. These pains are usually relieved with painkillers recommended by our doctor. Oral analgesics are sufficient to relieve these pains:

  • You can perform light daily activities one week after the Brazilian butt lift. But it is necessary to adapt your daily routine to a specific time. For example, sitting or lying on the hip should not do for at least three weeks unless our surgeon tells you otherwise. Most activities you do during this time should be standing, or face down. You’ll need to adjust your sitting posture for a few more weeks to avoid putting too much pressure on your butt before it’s fully healed.
  • In the first period after the safe BBL, you should get plenty of rest and allow the body to use energy for recovery. You can drink and eat as usual. But feel free to add little extra calories for the first four weeks, as research has shown that this increases fat’s chances of survival.
  • Most of our patients return to work within a few weeks after Turkey’s Brazilian butt lift procedure. The recovery process after safe BBL in Turkey is similar to liposuction. We recommend wearing compression garments for the first 6-12 weeks after surgery. This is to reduce swelling and help tighten the skin. It is common for most to experience fluid retention, bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness in the treated area.
  • For the first three weeks after the surgery, you should lie on your face, not your back or side. We also recommend that for the first time, you only sit on your back for short periods and sit with a straight back to reduce the load on the back.
  • You should prepare to spend some time after the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Although not much time, this is an intervention and an operation. Therefore, the body must have time to heal. You can always catch our surgeon performing the procedure in the postoperative period. This way, you can feel safe and get answers to all your questions.
  • It would be best if you didn’t take a shower, especially for the first few days after the surgery. It is also essential that you avoid vigorous physical activities in the first weeks. Walking won’t hurt. It would be best if you avoided all strenuous physical activities.
  • You can exercise a few weeks after surgery. The bruises and swellings that may occur after the surgery disappear spontaneously within a month. Therefore, you don’t need to apply for any treatment or use medication for bruising and swelling.

The safe BBL effect lasts for long periods. With such an operation, you make a permanent change in your body. A small portion of the fat may be lost over time. Several factors, such as weight changes and age, can affect the lasting result. If you lose much weight after surgery, your butt may shrink, just as aging can slightly change its size and firmness.

What are the Differences Between Safe BBL and Traditional BBL?

Safe BBL is much more advanced and reliable than the traditional BBL method. In the past, many different surgeons injected the patient’s fat into the gluteus maximus muscle in the hip. This procedure would provide much greater hip projection and was also intended to increase survival time by moving the patient’s fat to a beautiful vascular environment such as the hip. However, the risk that surgeons could accidentally inject the fat into the deep veins of the patient’s pelvis when injecting the fat inside or below this muscle was undeniable.

However, in the safe BBL method, the surgeon injects the patient’s fat into the safest area between the subcutaneous and muscle, as it uses ultrasound. This significantly reduces the risk of serious complications such as fat embolism.

What are the Advantages of Safe BBL?

The safe BBL in Turkey showed high efficiency in proptosis conditions. The surgeon removes the subcutaneous fat layer, creates a volume in the upper part, and prevents tissue sagging and stretching. The safe BBL procedure has undeniable advantages. It lifts and accentuates your curves. Also, not only the hips but also the waist, hips make the figure more feminine. After the procedure, your hips look and feel natural. This treatment gives fast results.

In the Safe BBL method, the surgeon uses a proprietary fat transfer cannula that can easily view under ultrasound guidance. The surgeon can easily limit this transfer to the superficial fat layer when the fat transfer performs under ultrasound guidance. As a result, the specialist can only restrict the fat transfer to the superficial fat layers. In this way, your chance of experiencing the risk of fat embolism, which can be very dangerous, is also minimized.

When will you see Brazilian Butt Lift Results in Turkey?

It will take some time to see your Brazilian butt lift results in Turkey. During the first week, there will undoubtedly be significant swelling in the buttocks and the donor areas, but from the third day, it already subsides. There may also be bruises in the donor area. However, it very rarely occurs in the hips. During the first six months, the insertions will be red and perhaps a little swollen and painful. You can evaluate the first safe BBL results in Turkey only after 2-3 months.

The fat cells removed by the doctor don’t return to the same place in the body, and those that survive the transfer to the hips remain. In the long run, significant fluctuations in your body weight can pose a risk here, as they can see in modified parts. That’s why we recommend that you maintain a stable weight after completing Brazilian modeling so that the results last as long as possible.

What are the costs for Brazil Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian butt lift costs in Turkey vary according to the surgeon’s experience, materials, techniques, and anesthesia. But remember that safe BBL prices in Turkey are very affordable and give excellent results.

Modeling of the hips using the Brazilian method is becoming more popular worldwide. This isn’t only because of the possibility of correcting several body parts at once in one procedure but also because of the natural-looking result that, if done correctly, will be permanent. Therefore, never forget to reach out to our experienced doctor, who will talk openly with you about all the advantages of modeling the buttocks using the safe BBL method and the possible complications and risks of this operation.

We recommend butt modeling with the Brazilian butt lift method, especially for women who want to achieve a smaller volume. Implants are probably better suited if you wish to have significantly larger hips. Thanks to them, you will gain significant importance in one procedure. We consider our expert surgeons to be the pioneers of this procedure. We believe that beauty is absolutely the right of every woman. If you are considering the safe BBL procedure in Turkey, you can contact us immediately. You can call our agency directly or use our other communication channels.

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