Breast Lift For Men (Nipple Position)

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Plastic surgery for men is an increasing reality. With breast lift for men, the nipple position procedure aims to give the patient a more influential position and lift to the chest. Such an operation consists of lifting each breast in the correct position. These aren’t the same breast lift used for women, but a procedure designed specifically for the male anatomy.

Breast lift for men may also be suitable for bodybuilders who cannot achieve optimal shape and form despite tough training. But it is also ideal for men who want an improvement in the appearance of their upper body but don’t have time for intense training. Said treatment may also be suitable for men with permanent damage to the pectoral muscle or without a pectoral muscle (Polish syndrome). The shape and size of the procedure can vary, allowing for an individual adaptation to the patient’s needs.

All men have some gland in their chest. Some men start growing for various reasons. This abnormal development in male breasts leads to changes in the nipple and drooping.

In men, this problem occurs in all age groups and often hinders the person greatly. Many people think they are alone with the problem, but it is one of men’s most common plastic surgeries. It usually occurs on both sides but can differ from one side to the other. If only one nipple looks different, you should examine by our doctor for possible conditions. You can have surgery with us before you get sick. Sometimes changes in the nipple can be caused by an imbalance between male and female sex hormones. It can directly result from your hormone production or side effects of various medications. Breast lift for men in Turkey is just for you!

Breast lift for men works perfectly for places where the breasts have changed during puberty, the breasts have sagged after losing weight, or the nipple has wholly changed for an unknown reason. Breast change in men may also be due to increased fat content, glandular formation, or often a combination. Before breast lift for men treatment, you should always examine by your doctor to rule out a medical cause of breast development, such as a hormonal disorder.

Before breast lift for men, the surgeon will support you in ruling out other causes of the condition. If you are overweight, we recommend that you lose weight before surgery. The procedure performs by liposuction and removal of glandular tissue through the nipple. If there is an excess of the skin simultaneously, this takes as in women.

The shelf life of the result depends on genetic conditions, tissue conditions, external conditions, lifestyle, fluctuating weight, etc. Please note that it varies significantly from patient to patient, especially with alcohol intake, anabolic steroids, excess weight, some drugs, and hormonal disorders, mammary gland tissue may increase again. Ignoring the above, the expected duration of treatment outcome is usually the rest of life.

What is Breast Lift for Men?

Breast lift for men is a surgical procedure used to treat sagging breasts. As a rule, the surgeon makes the changes on both sides. However, sometimes unilateral operations may be required. Nipple changes and sagging may develop in many men, especially during adolescence. This problem isn’t always pathological. It affects almost every second teenager.

Sagging breasts are also common in adult men. Often the cause remains unexplained. Possible causes include abnormal liver function, and the use of estrogen-containing drugs, resulting in a disruption of the balance between male and female hormones. In severe weight loss, sagging breasts and nipple changes may occur. Excessive alcohol or marijuana consumption or anabolic steroids to change shape can also cause this problem. In any case, it recommends clarifying the causes of these problems beforehand.

With breast lift for men, the glands increase in volume only due to adding a mass of adipose tissue. The chest is soft on palpation; there is no seal or pain when pressed. The level of growth can vary. In some cases, the volume of the nipples changes slightly (about 1 cm), but the breast size can vary by 10 cm or more. If the degree of sagging is significant, the nipple with the areola will descend relative to the physiological position. This is due to the stretching of the skin under the weight of the resulting volume.

Men begin to feel uncomfortable when the reshaped mammary glands become visible under tight or sheer clothing, for example, if it is necessary to expose the body in a bath or on the beach. They feel this discomfort in connection with not being able to associate themselves with the concept of masculinity.

Breast sagging spoils this image and causes a feeling of embarrassment, and awkwardness is the reason for the appearance of indecision. When referring to a plastic surgeon, the main reason is the psychological criterion. However, breast lift for men procedure in Turkey eliminates all these problems.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Lift for Men?

In cases where the nipple and areola enlarge significantly, they slide down from their regular positions under gravity and as a result of stretching of the skin. Men feel incredibly uncomfortable when enlarged mammary glands appear under tight clothes or clothes made of thin fabrics, when they need to undress on the beach, in the sauna, and the like. This discomfort link to a man’s ideas about masculinity and femininity. Breast lift for men destroys a holistic image as a man, causes feelings of shame and embarrassment, and causes self-doubt. Ideal candidates for breast lift for men in Turkey are all healthy men with sagging breasts. In patients with one or more of the following restrictions, it is necessary to talk to our surgeon for breast lift for men:

  • Chronic diseases of internal organs
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Diabetes
  • Problems with the functioning of the blood coagulation system
  • Obesity
  • Oncological diseases

The surgeon will give you more information about the restrictions at the initial breast lift for men consultation. If the patient has any temporary contraindications, it recommends waiting until it is over. For example, with an infectious disease, you must first treat it and contact the surgeon again; with excess body weight, you need to lose weight before the operation.

Breast Lift for Men (Nipple Position)
starting from €3400

What to expect of Breast Lift for Men Consultation?

You can tell us in detail what kind of result you want to achieve in the first meeting. The doctor will determine the indications, select the appropriate method of operation and calculate the cost of a breast lift for men in a particular case. Also, before a breast lift for men, a plastic surgeon will recommend a series of examinations without fail. For this, you can undergo many tests, such as general and biochemical blood tests, ultrasound of the mammary glands, electrocardiogram, and blood coagulation tests.

Before the breast lift for men, our anesthesiologist will also talk to you: The expert will give information about the drugs used, choose the type of anesthesia you want, and answer all your questions. If you have allergies or have experienced anaphylactic reactions in the past, you should report them to our specialist. In addition, if there is a tendency to create a keloid scar, you should convey this information to the surgeon.

What are the Risks of Breast Lift for Men?

Like any surgery, breast lift for men in Turkey can cause complications. For example, infection, allergy, thrombosis, loss of breast tenderness, asymmetry, and the like. Depending on the education level of the doctor and the clinic, the chance of developing complications reduces. The operation performed by a low-skilled specialist carries a high risk of complications.

However, these risks are very low with our most experienced surgeon. In some cases, an individual reaction of the body may occur. Fortunately, such cases are sporadic. In most patients, a correction occurs without complications and consequences, except for postoperative bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort, except those that are natural for any operation. The risks associated with the process are postoperative bleeding, sensory disturbances, irregularity, and common complications that can occur with any surgical procedure.

Overall, surgical correction of a breast lift for men in Turkey rarely causes complications and characterizes by a high degree of efficacy and safety. However, in every operation, there are risks associated with the process itself and specific complications related to the invasive nature of the procedure, deformities of the chest, and even the nipples. These negative changes can usually be well-balanced and corrected during the correction.

Adverse reactions to anesthesia are rare these days, but they can occur. Therefore, the anesthesia itself can cause an incompatibility reaction. But as a rule, this is easily controllable. There is a high probability of bleeding due to injury to the tissues in a large area. Men usually worry much less about enlarged mammary glands. It recommends tightening the edges of the skin on the sides of the wounds with a special plaster for three more months after the operation so that the scars are difficult to notice. In general, you can examine the risks of a breast lift for men:

  • Funnel-shaped depressions in the area of ​​the removed mammary glands: Such indentations may be especially noticeable in men undergoing a breast lift because the tissues are newly fixed when the nipple and areola move. The chest looks perfect in a standing position, with the arms relaxed. When moving and lifting the arms, depressions may appear in the area of ​​​​the operated mammary glands.
  • Infection of the postoperative wound: This is possible but extremely rare as the patient prescribes broad-spectrum antibiotics.
  • Sensory disturbances: After breast lift for men, there are often sensory disturbances at the operative site, possibly with the reduced touch sensation at the nipple. Sensory disorders usually disappear after 3-6 months but may be permanent in some people.
  • Infection can occur in all surgeries, although rare (less than 1%), and can happen in the breast lift for men. Requires treatment with antibiotics.
  • Postoperative tissue death is rare but can occur with this procedure in which the skin and the nipple move.

How to prepare for Breast Lift for Men surgery?

During the first breast lift for men consultation, the doctor conducts an examination and determines the indications and scope of surgical intervention. A comprehensive survey helps to identify the causes of the current condition to choose the best option for plastic surgery. It is also necessary to exclude contraindications such as age, severe chronic diseases, blood coagulation disorders, keloid scars, neoplasms and acute infections. If you have an allergic reaction to any medication, tell your doctor what drugs you are constantly using and what kind of pain you have had in the last few weeks.

You will give an additional examination to assess your health and ensure the operation didn’t cause harm. It usually includes laboratory tests (such as detailed general blood and urine tests) and instrumental studies (such as electrocardiography). If necessary, the surgeon can expand this list. It is convenient for the plastic surgery department to be part of a large clinic.

If the examination is successful, we will determine the breast lift for men day. Our surgeon will tell you how the operation will take place, what it consists of and how to prepare it. In most cases, we recommend you stop taking hormonal drugs, including blood thinners such as aspirin, two weeks before the fix. It would be best to quit bad habits like smoking, alcohol and illegal substances, at least for a while.

Correction of the areola and nipple is full-fledged plastic surgery. Therefore, you should prepare carefully before the breast lift for men. The first stage of preparation is consultation with a plastic surgeon who will perform breast surgery. It would be best if you stopped taking medications that affect blood clotting two weeks before breast lift for men. You can also not use hormonal drugs.

During the preliminary examination, our plastic surgeon examines your health information. You should also not consume products containing ginseng and fish oil. It’s also important to note if you’re allergic to certain medications, patches, or food. You must also tell your plastic surgeon if you have had scarring and similar problems before and if you have diseases and disorders. On the day of surgery, it is crucial to take a shower and wash your face and hair thoroughly with soap to reduce the risk of infection.

What is the procedure for Breast Lift for Men?

Breast lift for men in Turkey can take approximately 1-2 hours. The operation performs under complete anesthesia depending on its size. We have more than many years of experience in breast lift for men treatment in Turkey, and we have specialized in a technique where there are small scars on the nipple. It gives a beautiful result without the large visible scars you usually see with other methods.

For this reason, we perform operations that leave as few traces as possible. Sometimes you can expect the skin to shrink, resulting in a scar around the nipple. In case of excess skin, the skin removes, as in women. You can generally manage excess skin, spots around the nipple, and the scars in the fold under the breast.

Techniques and process

Our surgeons may prefer different techniques for breast lift for men procedure in Turkey:

  • Nipple lift for low nipples

One of the leading cosmetic problems men face with their breasts is very low nipples, clinically known as ptosis. This phenomenon is usually seen in patients with enlarged breasts or can develop over time as the skin ages and the nipples appear to be drooping or pointing down. Breast lift for men, which raises the nipples to a more aesthetic position, can also change the position of very wide or very narrow nipples.

Any surgical procedure that involves moving the nipple will result in a scar around the areola. Protecting the nerves and blood vessels that feed the nipples during surgery is essential to maintain nipple sensitivity. Breast lift for men can be done on both breasts, gives immediate results, and can improve symmetry in patients with different levels of nipples.

  • Correction of inverted nipples

Inverted nipples occur when the nipples are positioned below the skin surface and don’t have a normal protrusion. This condition can occur in early childhood, during breast development, or later in adulthood.

There are several conditions, from mild to more severe nipple inversion. In mild cases, the nipples invert. A breast lift for men involves a procedure to release the underlying tissues. Results are immediate, and patient satisfaction is high.

  • Improvement of irregularity or asymmetry of the areola

Some degree of breast asymmetries, such as a different shape or size, is average. In cases of mild breast asymmetry, only the pigmented areolas are involved. Often there is a slight difference in the diameter or shape of the areola, for example, oval or teardrop shape, which isn’t round. Surgical correction of the areola involves the removal of a portion of the skin adjacent to or within the pigmented areola and a better cosmetic result.

With the breast lift for men procedure, men benefit from having their nipples brought to a more aesthetic level as part of the surgical procedure. The incision used to lift the nipples in these operations can also change the shape and circumference of the nipple.

In men with lumpy breasts, a condition in which the breast tissue narrows, the areolas appear significantly enlarged and somewhat distorted relative to the amount of breast tissue and skin. In these patients, surgical intervention to achieve the best cosmetic result, depending on the deformity’s specificity and degree of symmetry, includes areola reduction with a breast lift for men.

Our surgeon tries to ensure that every patient is satisfied with their appearance. Therefore, the specialist chooses the type of operation individually.


Our surgeon ends the procedure by suturing the incisions at the end of the breast lift for men. Breast lift for men in Turkey is relatively easy and extremely simple.

How is the Recovery After Breast Lift for Men?

The compression you will wear after breast lift for men plays a vital role in the rehabilitation period in Turkey. You should wear compression corset 24 hours a day for three months. Therefore, you should consider whether a spare pair is available in advance. Corset helps fix the breast in a new position, preventing possible displacement. After the first ten days, you can remove it for hygiene procedures. However, it is forbidden to be without corset for the rest of the time:

  • Sleeping in a prone position in the first days after breast lift for men is best. To do this, you can put a high pillow or roller under your back. Sleeping on your side or stomach is strictly prohibited. It is also necessary to give up alcohol and cigarettes, at least for a while. You should be careful with sexual intercourse to avoid chest injuries.
  • During the first ten days, our surgeon will probably not allow showering. It is also forbidden to touch, put pressure on, knead and act on the chest in any other way. It would be best if you didn’t go to the gym, swimming pool, sauna, beach, Turkish bath, and solarium for three months. Protecting the operated area from ultraviolet radiation and stress would be best. Therefore, you will have to give up anything that could affect the surgery’s outcome, even household chores associated with significant physical exertion.
  • If you complain of severe pain, our surgeon will prescribe painkillers. To prevent bacterial infection, the surgeon may also prescribe antibiotics. It is strictly forbidden to self-medicate and use any other method without consulting your surgeon!
  • Recovery after breast lift for men takes about three to five months. During this time, the tissues heal, and a new bust position form. The timing of regeneration is individual and depends on the characteristics of your body. The recovery rate can be affected by age, health status, presence of diseases, hormonal indicators, and the speed of the genetically determined healing processes.
  • To speed up the healing process, you should strictly follow our surgeon’s recommendations and consider the surgeon’s prohibitions. Rehabilitation after breast lift for men in Turkey isn’t complex compared to other types of plastic surgery. However, this doesn’t mean you can be irresponsible about doctor’s prescriptions. You will get the final result after your healing processes are over in 9-12 months. Thus, your breasts will take their final shape and position.

When Will You See Breast Lift for Men Results?

Our plastic surgeon will professionally perform the procedure involving breast lift for men. This will allow you to enjoy your reflection in the mirror for many years and be confident in intimacy, video, and photography.

The doctor will not only remove excess tissue, make the areolar circle symmetrical concerning the neighboring one, but also restore pigmentation, if necessary, apply a dye under the skin. As a result, you will get a beautiful and natural nipple with a precise round shape. You will get a unique nipple position.

You can evaluate the breast lift for men results in the first few weeks in Turkey. However, you should collect the first results within a month or two.

What is the cost for Breast Lift for Men?

The breast lift for men cost in Turkey depends on the type of operation performed by the plastic surgeon. In addition, location, surgeon’s experience, drugs, anesthesia, and many other procedures are practical on breast lift for men prices in Turkey.

If you are considering breast lift for men procedures in Turkey, you are definitely in the right place. You can reach our experts right away and have a unique experience. We look forward to seeing you.

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