Brow Bone Reduction

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Brow bone reduction procedure has become very popular lately. A protruding forehead is an essential masculine feature on a man’s face. For this reason, most women and a small number of men with a prominent forehead opt for remedies that can help reduce or eliminate this feature. The best method you can apply in such cases is brow bone reduction.

In this method, experts make an incision just in the hairline, which effectively conceals or allows further hairline correction. Scars from hairline incisions are often difficult to notice after a few months. But it can be pretty obvious at first.

With this incision, surgeons reduce the brow bone and orbital edges. Experts can soften and round the protruding brow bone, making the eyes appear brighter and more open. You can also get a more feminine eyebrow fold by lifting and shaping the eyebrows.

Brow bone reduction is also an effective procedure that can transform a protruding male forehead into an average female range. This approach is one of the leading facial feminization surgery procedures. In most cases, surgeons perform forehead contouring in conjunction with hairline reduction or brow lift due to the location of the surgical site. In this way, you get a perfect aesthetic appearance.

The upper part of the face has the most significant impact on beauty and femininity. The brow bone reduction in Turkey aims to shape the bone above the eyes so that the light can emphasize the upper part of the face. Usually, bone work does in conjunction with brow lift and hairline reduction. Because protruding brow ridges can make people look masculine, many consider this procedure to reduce the roughness or protrusion of protruding bones, soften the contour of the brows, and make the forehead appear fuller and rounder. It can also cause the eye sockets to appear deeply sunken.

Depending on the protrusion of the brow bone, the thickness of the anterior sinus wall, the size of the sinuses, and the general forehead, there are several different brow bone reduction methods that surgeons often use. Typically, our specialists determine the most suitable type according to the width of the frontal sinus wall, which is the projection of the brow bone. This also includes the overall size of the forehead and frontal sinus.

Specialists may also combine the surgery with a hairline advancement or reduction surgery. Surgeons determine the location of the incision or scar based on the anatomy of your forehead, your hairline, and whether you have had additional treatment. Addressing the frontal sinus is critical to achieving the best results with this treatment. This sinus is an air pocket that extends from the top of the nose to the forehead. Most people need more than just bone remodeling.

What is Brow Bone Reduction?

Brow bone reduction is one of the facial plastic surgery applications. This process aims to reduce the size of the brow bone (forehead bone). Specialists usually perform this procedure for reasons such as the forehead bone being too prominent, disrupting facial symmetry, or having an undesirable appearance. You will recover within a few days after this procedure, and your results are usually permanent.

The prominence of the brow bone increases the facial intensity, reducing your face’s elegance and making a face appear masculine, especially for some women. One of the indicators of eyebrow protrusion is swelling in the upper eyelid. Although there are other causes of upper eyelid swelling that a doctor can diagnose, specialists may also combine this surgery with a brow lift.

If you have much puffiness on your upper eyelid, or if you’re from a group of people whose face looks sad and angry, or if you have a rough beginning and feel a bulge in the area above your eyebrow, you’re probably among those who need brow bone correction. If you are from a group of people with a large face and have much swelling in the area above the eyelid, and this swelling hasn’t improved as much as you would like with the eyelid surgery you have had, you may have a bone protrusion on your eyelid.

A person’s forehead makes up almost 40% of the facial surface area. This condition aesthetically controls and affects all other facial features. Therefore, your entire face shape will be affected if it becomes unbalanced. As a result, you may feel that your forehead is too large or prominent. This causes a drooping effect on the eyes. In general, the shape of the forehead can be asymmetrical and appear too masculine or feminine for your gender identity. It may also be disproportionate to all other facial factors.

In trans women, the brow bone reduction procedure corrects the facial contour. This gives it a feminist flexibility that is more in line with the way the eyebrow relates to other features aesthetically. The operation also reshapes the fragile bones in the forehead and orbit. This reduces the bony prominence around the overly protruding forehead. Remodeling and shrinking the forehead bone tend to release the skin, transforming and feminizing the upper facial region.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for the Brow Bone Reduction Procedure?

The upper part of the face has the most significant impact on the attractiveness of the face. The purpose of reducing the bone around the eyebrow is to contour the bone above the eye so that the eye socket appears smaller. This surgery usually combines with eyebrow and forehead lift. People with swelling or unevenness in the forehead and around the eyes and those with larger eye sockets are ideal candidates for brow bone reduction in Turkey.

The main difference between male and female foreheads is that males usually have a bony ridge on the upper edge of their eye sockets, which we call the brow or forehead ridge. Some women may also have less protrusion on their foreheads. In some people, there may be a flat area between the two brows and the bows of the two eye sockets. Bony prominences cause this on both sides of the eyebrow and under the brows. Because of the prominent brows, the angle between the forehead and the nose is sharper in men. We see brow protrusion less in women, and when we look from the side, the forehead has a more upright appearance. A wider angle between the nose and forehead creates more beauty for women.

If you are a generally healthy adult who believes that your forehead and brows spoil your appearance, you are an excellent candidate for brow bone reduction. In general, check out the ideal candidates for brow bone reduction in Turkey:

  • Adults
  • Those who want to change their masculine features and take on a feminine look
  • Excessively protruding brows or forehead that make you look more masculine
  • Those with rough surfaces or protruding regional bones on their forehead
  • Those with limp brow tails due to sunken or crooked eye sockets or protruding brow ridges
  • Those who need facial reconstruction surgery
Brow Bone Reduction
starting from €3500

What Happens at the Brow Bone Reduction Consultation?

Consultation for brow bone reduction surgery in Turkey is an interview with our doctor. In this meeting, the doctor will check your health, evaluate whether you are suitable for surgery, and give information about the surgery. In the consultation, your doctor will inform you about the details of the surgery, the recovery time, and the risks. You will also receive information about what to do before and after the surgery. Your doctor will choose the most suitable method for you and ensure you achieve the best results to meet your expectations.

During the consultation, if the surgeons determine that you are suitable for surgery, they will inform you about the surgery date and pre-operative preparations. In addition, information about the post-operative process is also essential. For example, you should have a good understanding of the recovery process, what you need to do after the procedure, and the risks of the system.

You can also share your questions and concerns with our surgeon. Your doctor will show you the best way to meet realistic expectations. It is essential for people who want to have surgery to be in a healthy emotional and psychological state.

What is the Brow Bone Reduction Risks?

The brow bone reduction procedure is one of the most critical plastic surgery applications and has some risks. Check out the brow bone reduction risks in general:

  • Pain and swelling: Post-operative pain and swelling are normal and usually go away within a few days.
  • Bleeding: This problem may occur during and after surgery, albeit very rarely. However, this risk is usually small.
  • Infection: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection. However, this risk is also shallow, and in case of a possible problem, our surgeon can quickly treat this problem.
  • Healing problems: Some patients may experience problems during the healing process. However, this also occurs very rarely.
  • Results outside of expectations: Some patients may complain that the surgery results are outside their expectations.

In addition, side effects such as taste disturbance, painful sensitivity, redness, and prolongation of the healing period may be present in the post-operative period. That’s why it’s essential to talk to your doctor before having surgery and understand all the risks and side effects.

How to Prepare for Brow Bone Reduction Procedure?

Preparing for surgical procedures directly affects the results and increases your chances of success. Preparation for brow bone reduction surgery in Turkey may include the following steps:

  • Check your health: The doctor will collect the information necessary to prevent reactions that may occur in your general health, especially in the face area. The doctor will explain your reasons for using this treatment, goals, and your expectations.
  • Learn the surgery details: Your doctor will give you information about how the surgery will perform, recovery time, and risks. You will also receive information about what to do before and after the surgery.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol: It is essential not to smoke and drink alcohol before and after surgery because these substances can negatively affect healing.
  • Discontinue medications: Your doctor may tell you to stop taking some medicines before surgery.

These preparation steps may vary within your doctor’s specific instructions and may differ for each patient. That’s why you must talk to your doctor and follow their instructions.

What is the Procedure for Brow Bone Reduction?

This process includes reshaping your forehead and brow lines. While the process may vary depending on the type of forehead augmentation you have, there are a few steps in general. Check out the brow bone reduction procedure steps in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

Our specialists perform the brow bone reduction procedure using general anesthesia. This means you will not feel any pain or discomfort as you will be completely asleep during the process.

  • Incision technique

Along with our high-tech devices, our experts perform this method endoscopically. The exact technique the surgeon will choose depends on the type of surgery you have. However, most processes involve some common steps. Generally, in this aesthetic, the doctor makes an incision along the hairline in the eyebrow to reach the brow bone because the specialist can cover the scar with hair on the front of the head. Then our specialist corrects the brow shape and removes the bone mass necessary to change the forehead shape.

  • Final

Finally, the specialist closes the incisions with aesthetic angles and completes the procedure without problems.

How is the Recovery After Brow Bone Reduction Surgery?

Brow bone reduction in Turkey is a relatively straightforward procedure with a very relaxing and short recovery time. The recovery time for this procedure varies greatly from person to person, of course. But most patients may experience mild pain for 3 to 4 days, which they can control well with medication. To spend this period as well and comfortably as possible, our specialist can prescribe painkillers, antipyretics, anti-nausea drugs, and antibiotics. In general, take a look at the recovery process after brow bone reduction in Turkey:

  • Swelling and bleeding are typical side effects that can last 1-2 weeks. There is moderate swelling that lasts for 2 months. Also, forehead bone pain is normal among patients. You can easily manage and control this problem with appropriate post-treatment care. You can return to your regular schedule after a short time. However, you should avoid some strenuous activities for up to 1 month.
  • Our surgeon curls the hairline trace at an irregular angle for a more natural effect. It will be red and prominent at first, but after about 5-6 weeks, it will become less noticeable as the hair begins to grow over the thin scar. It will take about 1-2 years for the wound to heal.
  • Trace visibility will depend on hair density behind the hairline. Since the hair follicles pressed under the scar grow into the spot, you will not quickly notice the fault if the hair is dense. If you are sparse-haired, the scar may become more apparent when you pull your hair back.
  • Temporary numbness can occur in any area where the surgeon does bone work. Depending on where the surgery performs, these areas may be the forehead, scalp, chin, or cheeks. This occurs when soft tissue separates from the bony area.

When Will You See Brow Bone Reduction Results?

The brow bone reduction results in Turkey are usually permanent, but in some cases, they may change over time. Swelling and pain may occur within a few days after surgery. However, this is usually temporary.

The results may be beyond expectations. For this reason, you must discuss your expectations and post-operative goals with our doctor before the surgery.

After the surgery, you can see that the balance and symmetry on your face are better, the forehead bone is less prominent, and you have a softer appearance. In addition, you must carefully follow the instructions given by your doctor after surgery and monitor the healing process. This is important to prevent infection or other complications from occurring.

Finally, brow bone reduction surgery in Turkey is a surgical procedure to achieve a better appearance, but it doesn’t improve emotional and psychological factors. Therefore, it is crucial for people who want to have surgery to be in a healthy emotional and psychological state.

How Much Does a Brow Bone Reduction Cost?

Brow bone reduction cost in Turkey usually varies according to the situation and the extent of the changes surgeons will make to achieve a satisfactory result. The average financial price, including surgical consultation, is nearly impossible to predict. However, if you are considering the cost of the surgery, these key factors will come in handy:

  • Available features, including the extent to which you may need forehead reduction, reshaping, or contouring
  • Additional surgical procedures that may be necessary, such as lowering the hairline or raising the eyebrows
  • Other pre-existing medical problems that may affect the surgical operation
  • Hospital-specific fees

We offer unique methods for brow bone reduction in Turkey. With the latest technological devices and our experienced team, we enable you to reduce the size of the brow bone. This procedure does for reasons such as the forehead bone being too prominent, disrupting facial symmetry, or having an undesirable appearance.

After the surgery, you can see that the balance and symmetry on your face are better, the forehead bone is less prominent, and you have a softer appearance. When you work with us, we use the best methods to facilitate the post-operative recovery process and ensure that your results meet your expectations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment and learn detailed information about the procedure!

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