Face Lipofilling

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

1-2 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

3  night

Every year we get more intelligent, our knowledge deepens, our circle of friends widens, and beautiful moments add – all this can only please us. However, the wrinkles around the eyes, the corners of the lips, and the lowering of the cheeks that have lost their elasticity often cause us to think about whether this wisdom should be reflected on our faces.

Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity, and the fatty tissue regenerates. Some fat cells are lost and migrate to other places (for example, the cheeks, which are elastic in youth, where adipose tissue forms in the lateral area). All this causes the lower eyelids to droop, as in old age, and give the face an expression of fatigue.

Facial rejuvenation with face lipofilling (a method accepted and approved worldwide) has become very popular in Turkey in recent years. Due to the relatively minor intervention, this procedure refers to as fat injections. It uses the patient’s fat cells as a safe procedure. The body doesn’t reject them; there is no allergic or immune reaction. The natural aesthetic result is the most significant and most impressive advantage. Scientific studies have proven that adipose tissue contains many stem cells, with which even the skin of the face restores.

Face lipofilling is an intervention in which your unwanted fat deposits minimize by first performing liposuction. The fat uses to shape and create fullness in areas with a loss of volume. In addition to the added volume, the fat has the positive side benefit of increasing tissue nutrition. This provides a healthier and more vibrant skin quality in the treated area.

During this process, not only the critical areas of the face (wrinkles around the eyes, sagging on the cheeks, sunken under-eyes, deep tear ducts under the eyes, etc.) are corrected, but also the contours of these parts of the body. It also improves in the places where the fat cells take (usually the abdomen, waist, and hips).

This procedure is performed by our specialists, again using anesthesia, and takes about 1-2 hours. Hypercorrection performs during the face lipofilling. Only a portion of the transplanted fat survives. In the first week, it is possible to have significant swelling, bruises, and pain in both the face and donor areas.

For this reason, we recommend resting after the face lipofilling. In the second week, swelling goes down faster, and bruises and pain disappear. Active physical activity is possible no earlier than in 1-3 weeks.

Face lipofilling in Turkey is a technique in which the patient’s natural fatty tissue uses to correct areas with fullness or deficiencies or to correct unsightly scars or some age-related changes in the skin. This procedure can also be used in breast augmentation surgery or to correct irregular breast size or shape. The technique provides lasting results. Face lipofilling can be performed as a standalone treatment to reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality and can also use in conjunction with a facelift.

What is Face Lipofilling?

Face lipofilling is a very effective method in which the body’s natural fatty tissue uses as a living filler. The principle is to move your own completely natural fatty tissue from one area to another. Your adipose tissue contains mature fat cells, stem cells, and growth factors that partially increase fullness (filling effect) and partially reconstruct or revitalize the skin.

The natural filling of the subcutaneous tissue immediately and your wrinkles will decrease over time. You can see the full effect only after 6-12 months. But then it takes years. Therefore, with the method, you experience skin filling, rejuvenation, and better skin quality.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Face Lipofilling?

Not all women and men are suitable for face lipofilling in Turkey. To assess whether the technique is ideal for you, it is essential to have an individual evaluation and discussion with our specialist surgeon, who can evaluate your options, meet your expectations, and plan the best treatment for you.

Most patients with face lipofilling are between the ages of 20 and 60. However, this method is also successfully applied to people between 60 and 80. Younger patients may require surgery to increase the volume of some regions of the face, such as the lip and cheekbone area. From the age of 40, the aim is to improve skin quality and the fullness of facial volumes thanks to the richness of the adipose tissue stem cells.

The most suitable candidates for facial lipofilling in Turkey are men and women with defects due to deepening grooves and wrinkles, volumetric defects mainly in the periorbital region and cheeks, and reduced definition of the mandibular profile or mental region.

At the level of the lips and cheekbones, the volume increase achieved with this method provides a valid alternative to fillers with absorbable materials, resulting in a more stable and natural result. If you smoke, we recommend that you stop using tobacco at least two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Our face lipofilling specialist may choose it as a standalone treatment to increase fullness, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin quality.

Check out the usage areas of face lipofilling:

  • Correction of mid-face and under-eye age changes
  • Wrinkle treatment and modification of the skin around the mouth
  • Lip augmentation
  • Reducing the grooves between the nose and mouth
  • Correction of mayonnaise lines
  • Wrinkle reduction and skin correction in the forehead and temple area
  • Increased fullness in cheekbones
  • Correction of earlobes
  • Age changes in hands
  • Correction of scar tissue formation and lack of fullness in the skin and subcutaneous tissue

Age changes on the face are partly due to fullness and partly to the skin’s loss of elasticity. Many lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep, smoking, and sunbathing are essential for age changes and wrinkle formation. Different types of wrinkle treatments can be used alone or in combination, depending on the location and type of wrinkles and your skin quality in general.

Face Lipofilling
starting from €1750

What Happens at the Face Lipofilling Consultation?

Before the face lipofilling, you must consult with our specialist physician. Our specialist will examine and inform you about your treatment options, process, late effects, and possible complications.

In line with your expectations and recommendations, our doctor plans the treatment process and agrees with you on the areas to treat.

What are the Risks of Face Lipofilling?

The risks of face lipofilling are almost non-existent and don’t cause complications. Fat is autologous, and our specialist will take it from you. This means it is 100% biocompatible, eliminating the need for hypersensitivity and allergy testing. Check out the risks of face lipofilling in Turkey:

  • A hematoma can delay the healing process.
  • You can treat post-treatment infection with a course of antibiotics.
  • Sometimes, the fat doesn’t grow equally on both sides, causing a lack of symmetry that you can quickly correct with a second treatment.
  • Lipofilling face adds volume to soft tissues that have been emptied over time. Sometimes there may be changes in volume.
  • The treated area will have individual, top-secret scars of 4-5 mm. In the place where the fat is injected, the scars are so small that they are almost invisible. In some patients, spots may become enlarged and disfigured (hypertrophic scar or keloid).
  • There may be sensory disturbances in the areas. These disorders usually disappear within 2-6 months but may be persistent (less than 1%) in individual patients.
  • There will be blue-red discoloration and swelling in the areas where fat grafting is applied. This goes away on its own.
  • Mild bleeding may occur within the first hours after surgery and accompany by increased swelling and pain but rarely requires surgical treatment.
  • In rare cases, there may be fluid accumulation or irregularity in the skin. Our specialist compresses these places and eliminates the risk.
  • Infection is rare (less than 1%). However, you should contact the specialist if you feel fever, redness, swelling, warmth, or pain in the surgical area.
  • The transplanted fat cells must survive by oxygenation and blood supply from the surrounding tissue. Some transplanted fat cells cannot survive and can form fat cysts. You may sometimes feel a small sebaceous cyst, which you can see on an ultrasound scan.

How do you prepare for a Face Lipofilling?

It would help if you prepared for the face lipofilling. Your weight should be close to an average BMI of 20-25. It is the leading cause of complications such as smoking, and therefore you should stop smoking at least four weeks before the surgery and start again no later than four weeks after the surgery.

Different types of drugs can affect the operation and cause bleeding problems. Therefore, in conjunction with the preliminary examination, you will talk to the specialist about how to deal with the drugs you are taking. Our doctor will tell you about your diet if you operate under general anesthesia.

You will see our anesthesiologist, who will explain the anesthesia. Finally, your plastic surgeon comes, and the necessary recording is made on the skin, ensuring you have no further questions. Then you are ready to go to the operating room, where the room nurse and anesthesia nurse are waiting for you.

The operation usually takes about two hours. Small holes in the skin where the fat injected will not be visible. Standard liposuction applies to the agreed areas during the operation. The fat is then purified to be suitable for injection into the face with a fine needle. It would be best to use a tight bandage on the areas where liposuction performs for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

After the face lipofilling, there may be small scars in your problem areas. These will initially be red and may swoll. It usually takes one to two years for spots to take their final appearance.

What is the procedure for Face Lipofilling?

Follow the steps of the face lipofilling procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

You will receive general anesthesia for convenience and comfort in the facial lipofilling procedure. Although it varies according to the area to treat, the treatment takes about 2 hours. Both donor and recipient sites treat with an anesthetic that prevents bleeding.

  • Removal of fat

The fat is sucked in with a cannula (specially designed for this purpose) connected to the vacuum pump.

The doctor makes one or more small incisions in the skin in the donor area to allow aspiration. This technique guarantees the least possible damage to the collected fat cells (an essential factor for the final result).

  • Fat treatment

At this point, the doctor will put the collected fat into a centrifuge. After that, the purified and processed fat will divide into several small sterile syringes.

  • Fat transfer

The doctor pierces the skin in the area to treat. The doctor then carefully injects tiny amounts of the fat. The fat cells transplanted this way provide maximum contact with all surrounding tissues such as skin, muscles, and cartilage. The surrounding tissues provide the transplanted fat cells with all the nutrients and oxygen for optimal growth.

  • Final

Minor wounds in the areas where lipofilling perform are sutured and closed with plaster. Tapes place on it. A compressive dressing is applied, which should help shrink the skin and reduce fluid buildup, the doctor says.

You can see the results quickly in a short time. The doctor injects one-quarter more fat than necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. Face lipofilling is needed because about a quarter of the transplanted cells don’t take root, resulting in a physiological loss of volume.

Once the surgery is over, you will be taken to our recovery section, where our recovery nurse will care for you and ensure you are pain-free. You will be ready to be discharged one day after the face lipofilling. Before leaving the hospital, our doctor will recommend painkillers for you to take to the hotel, and you will receive detailed care instructions.

You can start taking short walks in the hotel the day after the surgery. You should wait 2-3 weeks before continuing with exercises such as running and cycling, and you can return to challenging sports activities after 6-8 weeks.

How is the Recovery After Face Lipofilling?

  • You will have relatively less pain for the first 4-6 hours after the operation. After the effect of the anesthetic wears off, our nurse will ensure that you take the necessary painkillers to keep your pain at a minimum. You will already have to get up and walk during hospitalization, which is essential for limiting the risk of blood clots in the legs.
  • In general, listen to your body’s signals. If something is uncomfortable or painful, you should avoid doing it. Whether or not you can drive is your decision, but for safety reasons, you should ensure that you can react optimally in any situation.
  • Fat cells must survive by being oxygenated from the surrounding tissue for the first few days until healing and vessel formation occurs. Smoke consumption reduces oxygen supply and recovery. Smoke use isn’t recommended from 4 weeks to 4 weeks after surgery.

What are the advantage of Face Lipofilling?

There are many advantages of face lipofilling in Turkey. The most significant advantage is that only your fat cells use for transfer. This eliminates the possibility of rejection, allergic reactions, and other complications associated with introducing foreign products into the body. Check out other advantages of lipofilling in Turkey:

  • You will get a stable result (according to statistics, 70-80% of transplanted tissues take root forever) 1.5-2 months after the complete injection of cells.
  • You have a beautifully proportioned contour.
  • You can repeat the process if you want, and there are aesthetic needs.
  • With the transfer technique of your fat cells, you can increase the shape and eliminate excess fat deposits in problem areas.

Face lipofilling combines with plastic surgery. This combination allows you to achieve the most natural result of rejuvenation. It not only returns the volume to the tissues but also significantly improves the quality of the skin. In this case, the procedure not only restores visual appeal to the face but also has a powerful rejuvenating effect at the cellular level.

When will you see Face Lipofilling Results?

You can see the results of face lipofilling in Turkey as soon as possible. This procedure reduces the amount of fatty tissue that can survive the first operation if you have a lot of scar tissue on your face. A more significant amount can inject, and you can achieve a better effect during surgery.

The result is considered the final three months after treatment. However, it is susceptible to changes associated with various biological events and possible weight changes, and aging. Overall, the results are considered very satisfactory by patients, and the duration of treatment effects is consistent. The products range from 12 to 36 months. These are the principles of lipofilling face, a cosmetic surgery technique that can give the face an optimal, youthful, fresh look and redefine its contours with lasting results. But subject to any weight variation. Face lipofilling indicates for anyone who wants to achieve greater volume.

Face lipofilling is always the best choice for a youthful, toned, yet voluminous look. It also heals excess fat found elsewhere, with lasting results and without the possibility of rejection. You can also opt for this surgery when you want to reshape certain parts of your body, especially your hips and breasts, to increase their volume and support their structure. Smoke will significantly reduce the survival of fat cells. For this reason, it is necessary to completely stop smoking at least four weeks before and four weeks after fat cultivation.

Before and After Face Lipofilling Photos

For many, cosmetic surgery can undoubtedly lead to a beautiful transformation. However, face lipofilling in Turkey affects your appearance and can significantly affect your self-confidence and glow. Thanks to the before and after face lipofilling photos, we see significant changes in patients both before and after fat transplant. We’re finally seeing happier patients resting within themselves.

How much is a Facial Lipofilling?

We cannot clearly state the face lipofilling cost in Turkey because to define it; it is necessary to precisely determine the area to be treated, the intensity, complexity, and duration of the surgical session, and the type of anesthesia.

However, you can contact us for the face lipofilling prices in Turkey. We are waiting for your call to support you in all matters.

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