High def Lipo

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

High def Lipo is known as high definition liposuction. High def Lipo is a revolutionary technology that uses different liposuction processes to effectively remove fat to give more definition to the underlying muscles. High def Lipo has recently become one of the most popular cosmetic surgery techniques for women and men. It is a moderately invasive technique capable of removing pockets of unwanted fat, toning, and shaping the silhouette.

High def Lipo is an advanced liposuction procedure that strategically shapes the body by removing fat from problem areas while revealing and highlighting key muscle groups in the body to create natural contours. While traditional liposuction uses to remove fat from specific areas of the body evenly, newer techniques such as High def Lipo create a realistic three-dimensional shape in the affected areas. High definition liposuction treats the superficial and deep layers while treating the intermediate layers for a more natural appearance, emphasizing the underlying muscle. This state-of-the-art technique relies on guides and special cannulas to dislodge the fat cells to remove.

Fat cells in the body are connected by connective tissue. The surgery uses methods that will cause local destruction of fat cells. This process helps reduce trauma, resulting in less bruising and swelling in the treated areas. High definition liposuction doesn’t focus solely on treating specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen or flanks. It also treats the body as a whole to create a holistic and natural look.

In High def Lipo in Turkey, the most common areas treated are the arms, chest, abdomen, back, flanks and thighs. This method can remove fat in specific places to shape the underlying muscles. The abdominal, pectoral, biceps, triceps, deltoid, and latissimus dorsi are muscles that surgeons can emphasize, thanks to High def Lipo. This advanced liposculpture technique also creates notable highlights and shadows on the skin. For this reason, it combines with autologous fat transfer. Thus, fat can be transferred to the shoulders, chest, and hips to create a more muscular appearance in men. In women, fat transfer is often performed to the hips and sometimes the chest to increase volume and reshape the area. With High def Lipo, women often choose to have simultaneous breast augmentation, breast lift, or tummy tuck surgery.

Compared to traditional liposuction, High def Lipo offers numerous other advantages as it removes fat from the superficial and subcutaneous layers and deep layers of fat. In other words, fat pockets between the skin and muscles can reach and removed. This is a significant factor in how this technique sculpts the body, rather than just removing the deep layers of fat.

High def Lipo procedure in Turkey allows for more excellent definition and tightening of the skin around the contours. This is why High def Lipo goes further than traditional liposuction. Very precisely, the fat around the muscles minimizes, significantly improving the muscles’ shape. This intervention aims to redefine and enhance the silhouette of different body parts without leaving apparent scars. This procedure helps prevent excessive subcutaneous fat accumulation in the treated area by reducing the total number of fat cells in the body. High definition liposuction also allows the contour of the muscles to be well defined, which gives the liposuction area an athletic appearance.

What is High def Lipo?

High def Lipo is an advanced technique of classical liposculpture. It calls high resolution because it highlights the shape of the muscles and underlying anatomical structures. This liposuction is almost always accompanied by lipofilling that can apply to the hips, chest, and face.

The high definition liposculpture technique can use in overweight and average body mass patients. It eliminates small and large fat deposits and increases the definition of treated areas, providing a permanent remodeling of the body.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for High def Lipo?

Ideal candidates for High def Lipo in Turkey are healthy, physically fit, and at a healthy weight (Body Mass Index of 24 or less). Any liposuction will not correct your excess weight. Good elasticity of the skin is also preferred to define contours well. In other words, you have quality skin with well-localized and defined fat deposits.

People with significant skin folds (for example, after consequential weight loss) cannot achieve the expected result with liposuction alone because this intervention doesn’t correct sagging skin or excess skin. Then surgeons may prefer another type of intervention. Our surgeon can advise you on the most suitable method to achieve the expected results. Similarly, surgeons may not recommend this surgery if your skin is problematic due to pregnancy or has many stretch marks.

High definition liposuction aims to shape the body in specific areas resistant to a healthy lifestyle (regular sports activity and a balanced diet).

Tip: The quality of skin elasticity in the treated areas is essential; the presence of stretch marks may prevent this surgical procedure from being performed. You will have a pre-operative consultation with our surgeon to determine the areas to be treated.

In men and women, depending on their countenance, High def Lipo can treat many problems, including:

  • Breast (gynecomastia) to shape the breasts.
  • Arms to shape the biceps and triceps or reduce the volume of the back of the arm, which can be awkward on an athlete in the summer.
  • The back area, especially the lower lumbar region, is above the hips or love handles.
  • The area that exposes the abdomen, also known as abdominal engraving (inner thighs and outer thighs)
  • Calves and ankles
High def Lipo
starting from €3500

What happens at the High def Lipo Consultation?

In the first consultation for High def Lipo, patients can get to know us and discuss their ideas, wishes, and questions peacefully with us. We can answer all your questions comprehensively, as we have extensive experience in liposuction.

We ensure that High def Lipo is a treatment that can meet your expectations. High definition liposuction in Turkey applies to patients who regularly do sports, have good skin quality, and aren’t overweight.

During this consultation, we measure your body weight, height, fat percentage, and thickness of your subcutaneous fat layer. During the first consultation, our surgeon will draw the areas to treat in a standing position. Ideally, it would be best to quit smoking three weeks before and three weeks after the High def Lipo operation. At the end of the session, we will create a treatment plan that meets your needs and expectations.

What are the Risks of High def Lipo?

The touch sensitivity of the skin may decrease slightly after High def Lipo. You may regularly see bruising, redness, and mild swelling after the surgery. However, these all reduce significantly over time. Slight dents and asymmetries are also possible. The risk of postoperative swelling or asymmetry is low, as we perform regular checks during the intervention. Infections, hematomas, and necrosis are sporadic after high def Lipo.

As with any surgery, some complications can occur. However, the probability of these complications arising will decrease in the hands of our skilled plastic surgeon and the presence of our competent anesthesiologist. It is also crucial that you follow the instructions given by our surgeon. It would be best to quit smoking, especially before and after High def Lipo. This will significantly reduce all risks. The real complications after a well-indicated high-quality, high definition liposuction are extraordinary. In the infrequent event that a complication occurs, we will apply appropriate care.

How to prepare for High def Lipo?

Before proceeding with High def Lipo, you will undergo a complete physical examination (including blood tests) in which our surgeon will evaluate your state of health (both physical and psychological), the elasticity of your skin, and the position of your fatcells.

If our doctor decides that you are an acceptable candidate for High def Lipo, they will explain the details of the surgery to you. As nicotine does, you should avoid smoking for about two months before surgery. This nasty substance interferes with circulation and can cause tissue elasticity to be lost.

It would be best to stop pain relievers such as aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen or naproxen) at least seven days before surgery. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infections after surgery.

What is the procedure for High def Lipo?

Take a closer look at the steps of the High def Lipo procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

For your comfort and convenience, you will receive general anesthesia so you will not have aches or pains.

  • Incision and process

For a harmonious and natural result, the surgeon marks your problem areas with standing and contraction of the muscles to be treated. The specialist disinfects the surgical site and covers it sterile in the supine position. Our specialist then passes a swelling solution through small (only 3-4 mm) incisions in the marked areas. It contains painkillers and medications to remove subsequent bruises. This will allow it to absorb the fat deposits in the predetermined locations and precisely remove the fat around the muscles.

  • Final

High def Lipo performs using a micro-cannula. The doctor will check you several times while standing to achieve an optimal result. This process helps prevent irregularities. For example, the stomach looks completely different when lying down than when standing. Small bumps are usually only visible when standing.

The duration of the surgery depends on the amount of fat to be removed and the type of anesthesia. A period of 2-3 hours is typical. Getting rid of 1 to 4 liters of fat in a single session is possible. Regarding health, we don’t recommend taking more than a certain amount of fat per session during the procedure. The surgeon finally sutures the incisions with absorbable sutures, and the process is over.

How is the recovery after the High def Lipo?

The specialist places dressing on the High def Lipo areas. The first dressing do sometime after the intervention:

  • You may need to use prophylactic antibiotics for seven days after High Def Lipo in Turkey.
  • One week after the procedure, the treated area usually swells and hardens. Swelling and hardening will decrease after 2 to 3 weeks and 3 to 6 months. We strongly recommend avoiding irregularities and hardening of the treated areas due to soft tissue scarring or lymph massage after one week of High def Lipo in Turkey.
  • Constant weight is an important measure to achieve an optimal result. With this procedure, the fat cells taken from you by the surgeon cannot grow back. Only with solid weight gain can your remaining fat cells grow more prominent. You can evaluate the final result only a few weeks to three months after the intervention. During the first six weeks after the High def Lipo procedure, you should avoid sports, sauna, full bath and sun, and solarium.
  • Bruising and edema resolve in about three weeks and are typical surgery results. It would be best if you adopted the drug treatments and lifestyle given by our plastic surgeon after the surgery. You must carefully and accurately follow all indications regarding dos and don’ts, drugs, and postoperative checkups.
  • You can still feel the effects of the anesthesia and the operation itself for the first few days of the recovery period. You may also experience nausea and appetite loss during High def Lipo. However, staying hydrated and eating healthy, light meals is imperative.
  • It would be best to avoid excessively demanding and strenuous physical activities. Don’t strain and wait a few weeks before returning to exercise. With this in mind, listening to the messages the body sends us is essential. If you are tired or feel pain, you should stop and gradually increase the intensity of exercise and physical activity.
  • Limiting sugar and salt intake, getting plenty of protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and drinking plenty of fluids are good. Finally, avoid foods that are excessively rich in sodium, which may increase swelling at the operation site.

What are the Advantages of High def Lipo?

During the procedure, doctors don’t exert much effort; accordingly, you will not have unnecessary tissue damage. Experts have determined in their studies that using this modern method provides the following advantages:

  • 45% less time for High def Lipo
  • 65% reduction in postoperative swelling and pain in patients
  • 59% less surgeon fatigue
  • 51% increase in the amount of aspirated oil with a high survival rate

These advantages make High def Lipo technology highly effective in removing fat from the most inaccessible areas of the body in men, including the back, lower back, inner thighs, belly, and chest. High def Lipo makes it very easy to process the face and body, giving an athletic shape. Since this procedure takes less time than conventional liposuction, patients are less prone to complications and risks. During this treatment, the surgeon doesn’t use heat. Therefore there are no problems with accidental burns that can occur on some other systems.

After High def Lipo in Turkey, most patients can return to their social lives in a short time. It is also necessary to wear compression underwear to help stabilize the surgery results for 2-4 weeks. Therefore, subject to a balanced diet, it is possible to maintain a good figure forever.

When will you see the High def Lipo Results?

High def Lipo is designed to sculpt the entire body by precisely removing unwanted fat from strategic and sometimes hard-to-reach areas. Results differ from patient to patient. But you can expect a fitter, athletic body shape, straighter arms and shoulders, perfectly defined abs, and even a more voluminous hip. Due to postoperative edema and bruises, the result of the intervention is only apparent after the first month. High def Lipo results in Turkey then improve further for 3 to 6 months.

In the long term, patients are encouraged to exercise regularly to maintain and even improve outcomes by maintaining a stable weight and improving muscle volume. If lipofilling treatment performs during the intervention, the contribution of the growth factors naturally contained in the injected fat will further develop the muscles exposed to physical exercises.

High def Lipo results are best seen after six weeks but are usually permanent after four months. However, it is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced weight after the procedure. Any change in weight, pregnancy, or birth after the system will alter the results. Because adult fat cells cannot multiply, the treated areas should maintain their appearance over time. However, adjacent fat cells in untreated regions may continue to grow with weight gain after the procedure. Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) is essential to maintain results.

Most patients return to their daily activities within days of surgery. It is important not to stay in bed for long periods. Slight bruises and swelling may occur in your problem areas. These will gradually fade, and you can usually enjoy the final result within 12-16 weeks. Massage techniques can help reduce swelling and irregularities in the treated areas.

High def Lipo in Turkey can partially remove your fat cells. The remaining cells will continue to function normally in response to hormonal changes. In addition, in case of weight gain, the remaining cells can store fat and increase in volume. If the fat deposits build up again, you may want to consider the additional procedure. In addition, with high definition liposuction, our plastic surgeon tries to create well-defined muscle lines. In rare cases, you may notice irregularities in the skin.

Is High def Lipo Permanent?

High def Lipo result is always long-lasting. The transferred fat must take root to survive, and the grafting index, on average, ranges from 40% to 50%. As for the breasts, you can achieve excellent results by repeating the operation 3-4 times to perform a specific final increase.

High def Lipo beautifies, softens, and swells the breasts and can delay more invasive interventions such as mastopexy. This procedure leaves the breasts lighter without sacrificing tissue, allowing the surgeon to place smaller implants. Even problematic breasts can be treated with High def Lipo, avoiding invasive interventions.

As for the buttocks, High def Lipo allows them to be lifted, reshaped, and more in tune with the rest of the body. This procedure gives women the natural features of a proportional body. This technique is currently very safe, done with thin cannulas, and gives the butt a permanent, honest, and soft appearance. In most cases, the surgery doesn’t need to repeat. It is much more preferred than placing prostheses on the hips, with a high risk of complications and limited time.

How Much is High def Lipo?

The High def Lipo cost in Turkey depends on the targeted area. At the same time, High def Lipo prices in Turkey also depend on the degree of correction required and the number of areas treated. After your first meeting with our consultants, you will receive an estimate of the cost of treatment.

If you are interested in high definition liposculpture and have long dreamed of finding an ideal figure, we invite you to Turkey for consultation. Our experts will answer all your questions and help you navigate the world of modern aesthetic medicine.

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