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Brilliant white teeth belong to Hollywood stars like luxury homes and the latest cars. But often, it’s not just whitening that’s behind them. Many people widely use many more invasive methods to achieve a perfect smile. When you look at their red carpet photos, you’ll see that all celebrities have one thing in common: A bright white smile and perfectly straight teeth. Perfect teeth belong to actors. But if you think it’s just in-office whitening, that’s often not the case. There are many ways to achieve a beautiful smile. One of the most common is whitening. But sometimes, whitening isn’t enough to achieve great results, so more radical tooth changes come into play. All these procedures are known as Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey is a preferred range of dental treatments for perfect smiles. This procedure is a treatment that offers proportional, bright, and white smiles like Hollywood celebrities. If it is necessary to examine the structure of the teeth, unfortunately, it would be correct to say that they have systems that can be damaged. For this reason, the Hollywood Smile treatment can treat damaged and bad-looking teeth.

Do you dream of having that coveted Hollywood Smile? Then you aren’t alone. Many people dream of showing a pair of chalk white pearls to the outside world when they smile. Few people naturally bless with snow-white teeth. That’s why the Hollywood Smile is something you need to make an active effort to achieve. It is also quite possible to have a red carpet-worthy smile. For example, many opt for teeth whitening to make their teeth a few shades lighter. However, as the effect of teeth whitening will decrease after a while, not everyone can achieve the desired result after treatment. Not least, teeth whitening can cause temporary pain and other side effects.

On the other hand, a dental veneer is a treatment method that gives gorgeous and bright teeth and offers longer-lasting results. The treatment widely uses, as is known from the Hollywood Smile of movie and television stars. The treatment is permanent; therefore, it isn’t a procedure that needs to repeat after 2-3 years, as in teeth whitening.

The Hollywood Smile in Turkey is a complete change in your smile, namely the complete restructuring of jaw prostheses using caps, veneers, and dental implants. The Hollywood Smile also includes the aesthetic placement of dental crowns on all teeth. This means that the premolars are between them. The term uses to refer to the whitened teeth of Hollywood celebrities.

The importance of smiles is paramount in reflecting your personality and highlighting your charisma. Contrary to many of the trends society imposes on us, having a complete set of teeth affects our lives. Teeth are indicators of our general physical and mental health and their functions. Due to the importance of our teeth in our social life, the popularity of aesthetic dentistry and Hollywood Smile has increased dramatically in recent years.

The dazzling effect of the Hollywood Smile on the red carpet has become one of the hallmarks of Hollywood. Celebrities of all walks and ages dominate the movie screen and stage with their gorgeous pearly whites and dazzling smiles. The lens in which the media focused on the Hollywood Smile showed great interest in the effect of teeth.

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What is the Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile refers to the ideal smile seen primarily on celebrities and models. A Hollywood Smile means pearly white teeth, bright, aligned, and gap-free. In this method, the dentist will eliminate various dental ailments. This smile aims to get an ideal set of beautiful, shiny teeth.

We prefer many different methods for Hollywood Smile in Turkey. This technology mainly bases on structures made of various materials applied to the tooth surface. The Hollywood Smile function is to overshadow the current unfortunate events and rebuild the smile.

For example, the dental problems that the Hollywood Smile method can correct are discoloration, staining, and broken or cracked teeth. All of the above issues can have negative consequences on your self-esteem.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile process includes the treatment of all the teeth of the patient. For this reason, patients may need rasping or root canal treatment in their teeth. In this case, of course, the patients must be over the age of 18. Anyone with fully developed teeth is an ideal candidate for the Hollywood smile in Turkey. In addition, the fact that the patients don’t have severe health problems is necessary for treating Hollywood Smile. For this reason, it is also essential for patients to receive dental treatment consultations.

With polishing and discoloration removal, regular dental cleaning can be done on anyone, regardless of age. Smoking, in particular, causes discoloration. However, tea and coffee can also settle as dark shadows and make your smile look whiter. For example, a dental implant may be the solution if you have a missing tooth. This treatment requires total growth of the chin.

In short, anyone can get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey. Getting your perfect new smile is a one-step process. Therefore, it is highly likely that it will also apply to you. No matter the condition or structure of your teeth or whether you have any dental problems, we assure you that the best Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey will suit you. We will also help you by changing your teeth for the best. Increase your self-confidence significantly with a unique smile in the new aesthetic white. Since a Hollywood Smile in Turkey costs meager, it creates opportunities for many more people to receive dental services.

If you have broken teeth, deterioration of teeth, staining, or deformity of teeth, we can solve these problems with Hollywood smile in Turkey.

Hollywood Smile
starting from €3500

Hollywood Smile Consultation

Hollywood Smile consultation in Turkey is an organizational stage for the patient and the doctor. Dental treatment is a lengthy procedure, sometimes in which it is impossible to solve all existing dental problems in one visit to the dentist. In this context, our dentist prepares a comprehensive treatment plan during the Hollywood Smile consultation. Our specialist agrees with the patient on an approximate schedule for all procedures. During the consultation, the patient receives all the information about how the treatment will carry out. Planning treatment procedures with a doctor allow you to calculate all financial costs accurately.

You can save a tooth at an early stage of caries when there is no unpleasant feeling yet. The disease is diagnosed with the help of spot X-rays or during Hollywood Smile consultation. Therefore, it is better to consult our dentist when nothing else is bothering you. In this case, you will not only keep your teeth intact but also save your nerves and money.

What are the Risks of the Hollywood Smile?

As with any procedure, there are risks to Hollywood Smile. These risks depend on the methods you choose for Hollywood Smile. This treatment method isn’t painful. However, there are a few things you should know. Some will experience tenderness or tingling during treatment. It disappears again within the day it appears and isn’t dangerous.

During the procedure, the teeth become more prone to discoloration. For this reason, you should be careful not to consume foods and drinks with high dye content. However, your teeth may be even more sensitive as there will be abrasion on the teeth.

Also, regardless of the Hollywood Smile advantages, there are times when they contraindicate, or it is necessary to delay the process for a while. These are the following problems:

  • Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity
  • Severe dental caries, large external fillings
  • Teeth grinding that destroys tooth enamel
  • Doing dangerous sports
  • Presence of bad habits: nail biting, opening bottles with teeth
  • Serious anomalies and malocclusion
  • Absence of teeth: structures can only be attached to their teeth
  • Very dark spots on enamel: The plates are thin, so spots can be seen from the coatings when light reflects.

How to Prepare for the Hollywood Smile Procedure?

Our experts work with each patient individually when creating a Hollywood Smile. Our dentists consider age, gender, social status, smile type (open or closed), and whether teeth need to be adjusted. In addition, specialists will look at the soft tissues of your face to see if treatment is necessary. For some, to improve career growth, doctors recommend slightly increasing the size of the teeth because research has shown that a person with such teeth perceives as more severe and self-confident.

After all the procedures are complete, the dentist uses a unique color scale to determine what color tooth the patient wants to see. Doctors use a particular computer program to choose the best smile option for a specific person. It designs a tooth model for a future smile and combines it with a photograph of the patient’s face. If patients approve of the resulting image, dentists begin their work.

The design of the Hollywood Smile includes many different individuals or combined processes for changing dental tissues. A holistic approach is essential when planning such procedures. In some cases, it may be necessary to consult doctors from different fields and make a joint decision to treat more than one doctor to preserve tissue health and ensure long-term treatment results. Since the dental structure, health status, functional habits and needs, facial profile, and aesthetic expectations of the patients may change, it is necessary to consider that the proposed treatment options and results may differ for each individual.

To achieve more sustainable treatment results, the continuity of dental health is the priority when choosing the treatment option. For example, teeth whitening and gingival rejuvenation for patients with healthy teeth are sometimes sufficient to create the perfect smile design and preserve healthy tissue without any loss of dental tissue.

Our doctor evaluates various parameters in detail while planning the appropriate treatment for the patient. The functional habits of the patient, the amount of stress to which the teeth are exposed, and the desired coloration of the teeth are of great importance in determining the materials to be used. During the design process, parameters such as the expected changes in the aesthetic plan and the characteristic features of the profile take into account.

To complete the Hollywood Smile treatment in a shorter time than the patient’s expectations, the patient should convey to the doctor all requests regarding design features while developing the treatment. As long as the design doesn’t interfere with creating a healthy oral environment, it can include aesthetic changes that meet the patient’s expectations.

If there are specific problems and diseases in the mouth, it is imperative to start treatment by eliminating them. Existing diseases of the mouth and teeth are factors that can significantly reduce the life of an aesthetic smile design and threaten the health of teeth and gum tissue.

What Methods are There for a Hollywood Smile?

In people with ideally positioned and healthy teeth, tooth size, shape, the shade of tooth color, gingival asymmetry, or appearance may cause aesthetic problems. If the problem is just the color tone and a few shades of lightening are required, the dentist can achieve treatment with teeth whitening alone. If the patient wishes to change the color tone of their teeth significantly or plans to change the shape or size of the teeth, bonding or veneers may be the treatment of choice, depending on the extent of the change and the condition of the adjacent teeth.

If the level and condition of the gums aren’t ideal, it is possible to apply gum aesthetics, including removal and correction of the gums. The expert can use these treatments individually, or combined treatments can plan when necessary.

The preferred treatment options in patients whose dental tissue is damaged or lost for various reasons differ according to the existing dental problems. In the presence of caries or cracks in the teeth, the application of fillings or other veneers may be the preferred treatment to restore the aesthetic appearance, depending on the loss of tissue, the durability required for the tooth, and the aesthetic expectations. Veneers may be necessary if there is excessive wear on the teeth. Treatment for problems such as gingival enlargement or recession involves removing or straightening the gingiva. The doctor may include dental implants or bridges in the treatment plan without teeth.

Suppose the problem of dental crowding causes aesthetic discomfort; the appropriate treatment method selects according to the degree of crowding in the teeth. Teeth bonding or lamination often use when patient wants to reposition their teeth with minimal crowding. This ensures significant preservation of healthy dental tissues. Depending on the durability required, different veneers can plan if it is necessary to provide better teeth protection with more substantial crowding. If crowding exceeds a certain level, the dentist may need orthodontic treatment to correct the defect. In summary, there are several ways to have a Hollywood Smile; we will list them below:

  • Teeth whitening: One of the most critical principles to having a beautiful Hollywood Smile is to have white teeth while smiling.
  • Dental implants: Losing a tooth for any reason significantly reduces one’s self-confidence and makes one’s smile look unpleasant. Fortunately, nowadays, a person can replace their lost tooth and have a beautiful smile due to the advancement of dental science. Dental implants perform Hollywood Smile process.
  • Orthodontic treatments: Let’s start with the fact that bite anomalies directly affect how a person’s face looks and smile. The doctor cannot fix such problems with bridges or crowns. Here it would be best if you had treatment with braces. Therefore, you may require braces treatment to achieve a Hollywood Smile.
  • Dental crowns and bridges: You can also achieve a Hollywood Smile by placing a crown or bridge. This method mainly uses for natural teeth with an average level of complexity. This means that at least half of the patient’s teeth are healthy, and the other half have healthy roots and sufficient volume to place with veneers. A bridge can place where one or two teeth are missing without significant complications, but you should have an implant if more teeth are missing.
  • Tooth-colored filling: People often fill teeth with old metal when damaged. This filling turns the teeth black and contrasts with the color of the teeth. Of course, we use white composite materials to fill the teeth, which makes the teeth look more beautiful.
  • Gum smile correction: The appearance of a large number of gums while smiling disrupts the aesthetics. For this, we recommend gingival aesthetics.

What is the Hollywood Smile Procedure?

To have the Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey, you must follow the steps below:

  • Tests

First, our surgeon will examine your teeth, check the condition of your teeth while your mouth is closed, and see if they need a Hollywood Smile. It would be best if you told our dentist about your gum disease and any cavities in the first session. If you have a terrible habit of grinding your teeth, you should use different teeth whitening methods.

In the next step, our specialist will look at the condition of your mouth to determine if you have the requirements to have a Hollywood Smile. With the test smile, you can choose the most suitable smile type for you and see the result. The smile line has different models, such as youth, nature, and Hollywood. You will choose our dentist for your smile line.

  • Process

Our specialist will choose the procedure you will need for a Hollywood Smile. In this process, the dentist will take measurements and make trials. All of the designs are painless and extremely easy. You will gain an aesthetic smile in a short time. You will use general anesthesia during the procedure.

  • Final

After your procedures are complete, our dentist will give you care instructions. Accordingly, you should care for your teeth and protect your aesthetic smile.

How is the Recovery After Hollywood Smile?

As with every procedure, you should pay attention to some elements after the Hollywood Smile:

  • You should refuse food for the first three hours regardless of the Hollywood Smile procedure. After Hollywood Smile process, you can eat. For this, choose soft and warm foods.
  • In the following hours, exclude hot and cold foods and spicy, acidic foods from the diet.
  • If you have stitches in your mouth, chew food on the side without stitches.
  • It would be best if you varied your diet. Ensure the foods you consume contain all the essential nutrients, especially calcium.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and smoke.
  • We also don’t recommend drinking coffee and black tea. It is better to prefer herbal tea or dried fruit compote instead.
  • Don’t eat solid foods after the Hollywood Smile.
  • Drinking as much water as possible (up to 1.5-2 liters) is essential after the Hollywood Smile.
  • You can buy soft cottage cheese, various yogurts, and baby food in jars. If you have had an implant, consume only liquid and pureed foods for some time.
  • Limit yourself to mouthwashes for the first 3-4 days (keep the solution/water in the mouth); then, you can do a careful rinsing.
  • After 3-5 days, that is, after the inflammatory process and edema subside, you need to start using a toothbrush. The recommended stiffness of the bristles should be soft or ultra-soft so as not to damage the gum tissue and the area of ​​the applied stitches.
  • Apply the toothpaste at the same time you start using the brush. These pastes provide effective prevention of gingivitis.
  • Don’t forget cold compresses to reduce the chance of swelling. The compression time is 5-10 minutes; the intervals are 3-5 minutes. Compresses begin immediately after returning home after the Hollywood Smile and can be repeated periodically during the first day.
  • Your doctor will prescribe pain medication for you. Monitor your condition; if necessary, you can take painkillers at night or after you stop feeling the effect of the anesthetic.
  • The list of care for each patient is individual and indicated in the recommendations given by the doctor. However, in general, the doctor may prescribe ointments to the suture area, antibiotics, antihistamines to reduce tissue swelling, and drugs containing high amounts of vitamins.
  • Avoid physical exertion, don’t lift weights.
  • Avoid hypothermia and overheating. We recommend you refrain from visiting baths, saunas, swimming pools, and swimming in the sea for one month.
  • If you have had upper jaw implant, including a sinus lift procedure (replacement of the maxillary sinus), don’t cough hard, sneeze and use your nose very carefully.
  • Also, if you have had an implant, you should not floss for a while. After implant, the gums become less sensitive, and you may not feel the time to stop while using the thread. This can damage the tissues, causing bacteria to enter the area around the inserted implants.
  • Stay away from complex objects. If you bite hard things with your teeth, chew pens, or crack open nuts, your teeth may be damaged. Of course, dentists can restore it, but it is better not to allow such situations to develop.

When will you see Hollywood Smile Results?

Hollywood Smile results in Turkey are immediate and natural. You will notice a drastic transformation in various aspects of your smile, from the alignment of your teeth to their pearly shine and perfect size.

If you take care of your Hollywood Smile, the results can last for many years. However, the most critical condition is regular maintenance and hygiene.

How Much Does Hollywood Smile Cost?

It is impossible to determine an exact price for a Hollywood Smile in Turkey, as it depends on many factors. Indeed, the longer the treatment period of the teeth, the more money you have to pay to correct the smile design. The dentist’s expertise and location also affect the price of smile correction. To know the exact cost, the dentist needs to check your teeth’ condition so they can give a price. However, Hollywood Smile costs in Istanbul are much lower than in other countries.

Our company provides reliable and quality treatment services using high-tech equipment to create the perfect Hollywood Smile. At the same time, we are working to make the treatment process more enjoyable by providing all-inclusive service, especially to our patients from abroad. You can easily make an appointment with our company to meet with specialist doctors and plan your personalized smile design.

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