J Plasma / Renuvion

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

1-2 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

3  night

Skin sagging and deformity of subcutaneous structures are one of the signs of aging. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity by drying out due to multiple physiological reasons and external factors. J Plasma or Renuvion is an innovative technology in cosmetic surgery specifically to treat sagging skin in certain body parts.

Renuvion, approved by the FDA and also called the J plasma technique, is a new microsurgical approach that corrects skin laxity by avoiding scalpels, stitches, and scars. It is a real revolution in treating sagging skin, which is often requested today. It combines helium gas’s properties with radio frequency energy’s efficiency to create a double thermal effect. The combination will make a visible retraction of the skin immediately after the end of treatment for remodeling purposes. This will tighten your skin.

J Plasma is a modern and revolutionary new procedure in plastic surgery. This is a very effective procedure, but many people still don’t understand what it is and how it can improve their appearance; this is a relatively new technology. However, most people have heard of laser treatments to correct blemishes, wrinkles, and sagging skin. J Plasma is a modern alternative to laser therapy and uses energy from ionized gas instead of energy from light. J Plasma has proven to deliver faster results than laser procedures. This treatment is rapidly becoming an alternative to face lift treatments and can provide a much quicker and easier recovery process than the old methods. J Plasma is a non-surgical option that can give you excellent results for a wide variety of patients and many skin conditions.

To explain the procedure, defining what constitutes J Plasma is essential. Plasma is the fourth state of matter; remember that the three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas. The procedure uses radio waves and helium to create plasma. Depending on the patient’s needs and the design, surgeons can use it on the surface or under the skin. When using facial plasma, the process does on the skin’s surface. After the plasma removes, younger, tighter-looking skin reveals. This procedure can improve wrinkles, remove discolorations and tighten a double chin. In addition, J Plasma can be used on the face and many parts of the body. The abdomen is the second most popular area for this treatment. When this technique uses for body parts other than the face, plasma is placed under the skin through small incisions, and the results are sometimes impressive enough to replace liposuction.

Our surgeon can use J Plasma on your underchin, jaws, arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, back, breasts, and neck. They place strategically when our surgeon needs small incisions and are small enough to be challenging to find after healing. You can immediately see the results of this procedure.

Much like laser treatments, J Plasma removes a layer of your skin, encouraging the growth of healthy new skin. This procedure can even stimulate natural collagen production. Natural collagen production can help tighten loose skin. Plasma is gentle on the skin as it doesn’t use high heat to heal the skin. Plasma energy helps to remove the top layer of your skin. Thus, the skin isn’t burned or injured during the procedure. Therefore, J Plasma in Turkey has a much faster recovery time than other methods, and usually, a single treatment is sufficient for a noticeable improvement in your face.

What is J Plasma?

J Plasma is an innovative and minimally invasive cosmetic technology that aims to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. It combines helium gas and radio frequency to tighten the neck and body’s sagging skin, thanks to a thermal effect. This technique, particularly effective in tightening the skin, can be used independently or in conjunction with liposuction treatments associated with excess fat. The concept is based on the principle of targeted heat application, which is the most effective way to improve skin elasticity and appearance. J Plasma can tighten the skin in almost any part of the body. Its aim at the following areas:

  • Inner sides of the arms
  • Abdominal belt
  • Inner thighs and knees
  • Side of thighs
  • Lower face, underchin and neck
  • Love handles
  • Chest (also in men!)

The doctor can treat all problem areas to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, including the neck, face, arms, thighs, and stomach. You can also choose to treat various parts of your body. J Plasma treatment is particularly effective for achieving a flatter stomach, smoother thighs, firmer arms, and smoothing facial skin.

A treatment with J Plasma contributes to skin tightening for both face and body. However, the results can be exciting when the relaxation of the skin is mild or moderate. Our surgeon can advise you on the most suitable method to achieve the expected results.

Who are Ideal Candidates for J Plasma?

Ideal candidates for J Plasma in Turkey are those affected by a lack of firmness in the face, sagging skin in certain parts of the body (such as the neck, arms, thighs, and abdomen), and lubrication in certain parts of the body. This new technology can help you. You’re an ideal candidate if you’re healthy, physically fit, and at a healthy weight (or stable after losing weight for a while).

You may have localized or sagging skin, not necessarily with excess fat in that area. Your genetics, pregnancy, weight loss, and age can all be the cause of sagging skin. Then the skin needs to be tightened. If the skin isn’t excessive, treatment with J Plasma is an exciting option. Our plastic surgeon is there to help you determine if this treatment is truly proper for you.

Overall, J Plasma is a fascinating new procedure that can offer results comparable to more expensive and invasive treatments for a fraction of the cost and a speedy recovery. Many people would be suitable candidates for this type of treatment even if their condition doesn’t allow for more complex treatments because the recovery time is so short.

In addition, the results of the J Plasma procedure are immediately visible. This is a feature that many patients love because laser treatments and treatments involving surgery take time to heal before changes occur to the face or body. You are a good candidate for this procedure if you have mild or moderate loosening of certain skin areas on your body.

J Plasma / Renuvion
starting from €1500

What Happens During J Plasma Consultation?

If you are showing signs of aging or are dissatisfied with the appearance of your skin, contact our friendly team to talk to our surgeon, who specializes in J Plasma, and learn how the treatment can benefit you. Our agency’s highly trained and experienced staff understand the delicate nature of aging and will give you complete peace of mind in a pressure-free environment.

The first point is that you trust our plastic surgeon. A well-prepared intervention should be the subject of at least one consultation for J Plasma. During J Plasma consultations, you should state in detail what you want. You should not regret it and explain what you want to your surgeon. Most misunderstandings between patient and surgeon stem from a lack of explanation. First, don’t be afraid to receive special requests and detailed descriptions. The duration of these consultations is a guarantee of quality. Sometimes we hear patients say to their surgeon: ‘I trust you, do me something nice.’ This is a terrible way to approach an intervention because the concept of beauty can vary depending on the patient.

You should know precisely how to define the result you want to achieve, and your surgeon should know how to tell you clearly what is possible or what cannot be reached, depending on the detailed examination. Since the body isn’t a machine and medicine isn’t mathematical, we should mention the resultant randomness and uncertainty. These different points should always discuss, and you should make your decision in J Plasma consultation and complete agreement with your surgeon. The slightest question, doubt, and fear must be able to find a benevolent answer.

You need to take care of everything so that the intervention occurs correctly. Aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery are a memory for oneself. You must have set up an adequate time off (on leave for aesthetic intervention or in illness when the intervention is supported). The results are as important as the action, and poor postoperative conditions can affect the J Plasma final result. You have to take time to heal. This period should not include additional stress to the intervention. Sports activity stop for two months following the intervention. Therefore, you must have planned to suspend your subscription for your average sports activity. Most procedures must do at an ideal weight for a variety of reasons.

Being overweight is contraindicated in most interventions because it increases the risk of complications. Excess adipose tissue doesn’t allow for an excellent morphological result and is often disappointed after the intervention. A cosmetic surgical intervention has never made weight loss possible. Plastic surgery intervenes to repair the sequelae of weight loss or to remove areas that resist a well-managed diet. An ideal weight makes it possible to maintain the result of the intervention over time. Significant weight loss, such as weight gain after an intervention, significantly undermines the outcome. Therefore, it is always necessary to lose weight first.

What are the J Plasma Risks?

After the J Plasma, edema (swelling), mild pain, and bruising may occur in the treated areas. These symptoms are only temporary, and simple analgesics may prescribe to reduce pain. As with any surgery, the main complication of this treatment is infection. However, since it is a non-invasive procedure and the incisions are small, the risk is much lower than in other surgical techniques. Hyperpigmentation can appear on the treated parts. Dark-skinned people are at greater risk of developing this disorder.

Recovery after the J Plasma in Turkey can take two to three weeks, depending on the extent of the process and the targeted area. Large body parts often require more recovery time and patients experience more symptoms than small target areas. Patients should expect to experience symptoms for up to three weeks after J Plasma. These may include:

  • Dry skin
  • Skin peeling
  • A slight pain
  • Redness
  • Inflatable
  • Itching
  • Bruises

If at any time you feel unwell, you can take medicine to relieve the symptoms. However, the symptoms are rarely severe, and patients can usually resume light activities soon after. It is common for patients to feel a feeling of tightness in the treated area, as the sensation felt after treatment is different from before.

Additionally, compression bandages may be worn day and night during the emergency recovery phase to aid the healing process and provide a more comfortable state of rest or sleep. However, every patient is different, and no one is alike. Therefore, if you feel you are experiencing more symptoms than you should, you can consult our surgeon for help and advice.

How Do You Prepare for the J Plasma Procedure?

It is essential to eliminate the risk factors for complications, and our surgeon will insist on these points before the J Plasma operation. One of the risk factors is smoking. Smoking increases all the difficulties in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Nicotine and its degradation products in cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes, cause problems with skin tissue microvasculature, causing healing delays, necroses, hematomas, and infections. Therefore, you must quit smoking for your property at least one month before the J Plasma.

Investigation of diseases that may prevent healing or cause bleeding during J Plasma surgery carry out systematically. Preventive measures take if it doesn’t prohibit surgery (taking or stopping certain drugs, restriction, prophylactic anticoagulation, allergy prevention). Don’t forget to mention your medical history to the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

.Our surgeon may recommend dieting to reach your ideal weight. Our doctor can prescribe treatment before J Plasma surgery. You must follow this meticulously. By following these guidelines, you will ensure your body is in the best possible condition for J Plasma surgery, minimize risks and complications, and aid in a speedy recovery:

  • Don’t take new drugs without informing your surgeon or anesthesiologist.
  • Quit smoking or reduce tobacco use as much as possible before surgery. Indeed, smoking slows healing, and this causes an increase in the volume of scars.

What is the procedure for J Plasma?

The J Plasma procedure in Turkey is relatively fast and effective. Follow for steps of the J Plasma procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

You will receive general anesthesia during the J Plasma procedure. Thus, you will not feel any pain during the process. You will have a comfortable and relaxed design.

  • Incision and treatment

Our surgeon makes small incisions to allow the cannulas to pass under the skin. The latter will then precisely emit the plasma produced by the Renuvion system at the level of the subcutaneous regions of the areas to treat. The plasma will then instantly tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production.

  • Final

Our surgeon will end the procedure by closing the incisions. The process usually takes less than an hour, and you can see the results immediately. Afterward, your skin will tighten day by day. The final result will be after six to nine months.

How is the Recovery After J Plasma?

Recovery time varies by areas treated but usually takes a few weeks. You will keep dressing for about one week. If necessary, analgesics are effective in relieving pain. There may be swelling and bruising for two weeks. There may also be scaling and redness for two weeks. Return to activities is gradual.

You should rest for the first 48 hours after J Plasma. You will then be able to return to daily activities within two weeks gradually. But it takes two to four weeks to start exercising again after J Plasma surgery. Movement plays a vital role in recovery as well as symptom relief. It also provides better oxygenation of tissues and improves blood circulation, which plays a fundamental role in removing swelling and bruising. Read on for problems that may occur after the J Plasma procedure and ways to avoid them:

  • Bruises are physiological, subcutaneous blood accumulations after any tissue trauma, whether surgical or not. In this case, they cause by the rupture of blood vessels caused by microcannulas. They disappear about three weeks after J Plasma surgery. In terms of color, these bruises turn purplish and then yellowish-green after seven days.
  • Postoperative swelling is also standard. During the J Plasma procedure, there is an increase in fluid stagnation due to trauma to the blood and lymph vessels. This adds to the liquids injected before the procedure.
  • Edema usually subside within about three weeks and are expected after J Plasma surgery. After 15 days, the surgeon recommends full cycle massages or aesthetic medicine treatments on the relevant parts of the body. It suggests walking as soon as possible to promote blood circulation.
  • When you return to the hotel, you should rest and have all the medicines prescribed by the surgeon ready. Antibiotics and pain relievers should prepare for use at the right time. Avoid smoking and using other nicotine products. It would be best if you avoid smoking before and after any surgery. You should stay away from cigarettes for at least eight weeks before J Plasma surgery and even after recovery. Nicotine affects how the body responds during the healing process by constricting blood vessels and reducing the amount of oxygen supplied to the body and healing tissues.
  • Postoperative swelling usually subsides after 8 to 12 weeks. The resulting skin retraction may take several more months.
  • Make smooth movements. Just because you’re resting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move at all. It is essential to perform adequate activities that don’t require much effort for the postoperative recovery phase. It is also important to start walking the next day to promote blood circulation and a quick and efficient recovery.
  • Don’t get dehydrated, and eat well. It is normal to still feel the effects of anesthesia and surgery in the first days of recovery. These effects can cause nausea and loss of appetite. Likewise, we recommend limiting sugar and salt consumption, eating plenty of protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and consuming plenty of fluids. You should be careful and avoid foods containing excessive sodium, as it can increase swelling.
  • It would be best if you avoid strenuous physical activities. Don’t tire yourself, be patient and wait a few weeks before continuing the exercise. It is essential to listen to the messages your body is sending you. If you notice that you are tired or sore, stop and gradually increase or decrease the intensity of the exercises and physical movements.

What are the J Plasma Advantages?

Treatment with the J Plasma system in Turkey offers many advantages over more traditional procedures. The procedure is short-lived, with minimal pain, and the skin tightens instantly. In addition, since the technique is susceptible and non-invasive, the risk of scarring is minimized. Thanks to helium’s unique properties, J Plasma operates with minimal heat, and cooling of the treated area is almost simultaneous. It achieves the desired effects without burning the skin and significantly reducing the thermal damage to the surrounding tissues.

Unlike other devices used for skin rejuvenation, such as lasers, J Plasma allows treatment without intensely burning the skin. In addition, the treatment is done more deeply than lasers. Collagen production is also stimulated during the skin regeneration process, helping to tighten the skin.

The dual thermal effect of the treatment leads to skin retraction with lighter scars and shorter healing time than traditional skin lift surgeries. It makes the skin firmer and faster. Unlike some cosmetic skin tightening treatments, this procedure permanently transforms your face or body in a single session.

When Can You Show Off Your J Plasma Results?

At least partially, J Plasma results in Turkey can be seen immediately after surgery. The skin appears firmer and more toned. But it takes a few weeks for the collagen stimulation to come to fruition to understand the actual benefits of J Plasma.

As a result, after this plastic surgery, patients can expect a 50% improvement in skin sagging and tightening. From an aesthetic point of view, the gain is significant because this technique leaves no visible marks. To benefit from the fantastic results this cosmetic surgery offers, it is essential to suffer from low to moderate sagging skin. In this case, it will be necessary to choose another plastic surgery.

What are the J Plasma Costs?

J Plasma is a state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery operation with numerous benefits for you. J Plasma costs in Turkey are highly affordable. It is available at a much lower price for an equally satisfying experience and a similar result. The J Plasma price in Turkey is almost 50% lower than in other European countries, including all costs associated with the intervention.

The cost of J Plasma depends on the targeted area, the degree of correction required, and the number of areas treated. After your first online meeting, you will receive an estimate of the cost of treatment.

This body tightening and skin retraction technique takes advantage of the skin’s natural ability to contract (retract) and adapt by increasing the surface and is highly revolutionary. To know the cost of this intervention in detail, you must contact a professional and serious professional in the aesthetics industry who can give us all the necessary information for your particular situation and evaluate the procedures with us at the relevant prices.

Even if it is a minimally invasive operation, it is always important to contact a specialist cosmetic surgeon who can guarantee optimum results with complete safety and cost-effectiveness. Our experts look forward to meeting with you.

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