Lower Body Lift 360

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

3-4 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

2  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

6  night

You can compare the lower body lift 360 with a body lift that will remove excess fat and skin from the body (belt in the abdomen, hips, back, saddlebags, etc.). You can achieve a significant weight reduction after diet or bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric balloon insertion). This can cause severe skin sagging, which is often very annoying, especially on the trunk, i.e., stomach, back, and buttocks.

Lower body lift 360, therefore, involves improving the appearance of the entire body. Lower body lift 360 in Turkey tightens the skin after removing excess and residual adipose tissue. After increasing obesity surgery, the surgeon can correct these skin excesses and skin sagging with this operation. Lower body lift 360 results are generally very good.

While weight loss surgery is a great way to improve your appearance and health, most people experience loose or saggy skin on their bodies that causes sagging. Fortunately, the surgeon can treat excess skin with the lower body lift 360. Our company offers this advanced shaping procedure for patients who have lost much weight in a short time. Recovery times may vary as each lower body lift 360 tailors to the patient’s needs. During your consultation, our board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss your recovery timeline with you.

Lower body lift 360 is an operation for both men and women. It is also a procedure whose purpose is the treatment of many areas, including anterior, lateral and posterior, to obtain a much more harmonious result.

How much a surgeon can remove fat depends on the patient’s physical condition and health. Height and weight, body fat percentage, age, smoking, and alcohol consumption effectively affect this rate. If everything goes well, the surgeon can remove the fat from the body in a quality way. Another issue our patients wonder about is whether the fat can return. With the lower body lift 360, the patient must follow specific rules. The most important ones are exercise and diet. If you don’t follow the directions given by your doctor, it is possible to gain weight again, even if it is difficult. It is enough to spend one night in the hospital after the lower body lift 360.

What is Lower Body Lift 360?

It goes by various names, including the lower body lift 360 and 360 body lift. Experts have designed this procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the midsection and lower body. It is mainly done in people with extreme weight loss surgery and moderate to severe skin sagging. In the lower body lift 360 processes, the body is shaped from top to bottom. The patient’s body shape and aesthetic problems are determined, and the operation plan.

One of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world, lower body lift 360, gives good results for men and women who want to get rid of fat. The lower body lift 360 is similar to body sculpting, which takes lifts one step further. This type of procedure increasingly uses a more extensive operation on the front and back of the body, so you can achieve that maximum effect by performing a 360-degree operation. This procedure will eliminate your loose skin and help shape the contours in your lower body. So you can achieve a more attractive and youthful figure.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Lower Body Lift 360?

Ideal candidates for lower body lift 360 in Turkey are patients who have much more realistic expectations for results. For this, you must have a fat deposit that doesn’t respond to diets, be in good general health, and moderate weight.

We should also note that lower body lift 360 in Turkey isn’t a weight loss intervention but a reshaping of the lower body. It is a solution that destroys deep fat, not superficial. This procedure suits patients whose current weight is much closer to the ideal weight. People with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30 should have bariatric surgery. Age isn’t essential when performing lower body lift 360 in Turkey, but you should note that elderly patients sometimes have poor skin elasticity.

People with deformities in certain lower body parts, skin elasticity, and even excess fat are also candidates for lower body lift 360. A short-term pregnancy project is a contraindication because this pregnancy eliminates the lower body lift 360 effects. For this reason, you should definitely talk to our surgeon before the operation.

Smoking increases the risk of skin necrosis. This increases the risk of complications and can delay the healing of wounds and the body. Therefore, we recommend quitting smoking two months before and at least two months after the operation.

Significantly excess weight on the whole body is a contraindication. This operation indicates that the abdomen isn’t proportional to the rest of the body. But if excess fat and skin are localized there, it is to make a flat stomach. In the case of being significantly overweight, we recommend comprehensive care.

Lower Body Lift 360
starting from €3900

Lower Body Lift 360 Consultation

Consultation is required to discuss your lower body lift 360 procedure. In advance, write down your wishes and questions so you can ask them during the interview. During the consultation, you will talk in detail with our plastic surgeon, who specializes in removing excess skin around the abdomen, legs, and buttocks. You will speak of the general information about before and after care, to details such as where the scar will be. The fault depends on the amount of skin and, of course, the relevant part of the body.

After the consultation, the expert will inform you about your future surgery. These include our honest advice on expected results, risks, recovery, and costs. We advise all our clients to quit smoking during the treatment. This also applies to the use of nicotine patches and gum.

Only specialists such as our plastic surgeon specializing in figure and body surgery can perform such a technique. The initial lower body lift 360 consultation makes it possible to identify the patient’s true motivations, whether physical or psychological.

The main indications for lower body lift 360 in Turkey are significant weight loss cases. The surgeon must choose the most suitable correction technique and give all the valuable information to understand the procedure thoroughly. Now is the time to ask all your questions openly.

Also, during this consultation, the plastic surgeon must conduct an in-depth medical examination to make a personalized diagnosis, considering various parameters. Features such as morphological data, skin characteristics, the condition of the abdominal muscle belt, and the volume of fat to be removed are significant. The surgeon must ensure that this intervention has no relative or absolute contraindications. Targets always have limits, depending on skin quality, patient weight, morphology, musculature, and fat deep in the navel.

What are the Risks of Lower Body Lift 360?

The patient should know all possible lower body lift 360 risks and complications. Check out the lower body lift 360 risks in general:

  • Phlebitis and pulmonary embolism (prevented by wearing compression stockings and anticoagulant therapy),
  • Hematoma (forms more easily on the evening of surgery and may require revision surgery),
  • Lymphatic effusion,
  • Skin necrosis (mainly occurs in case of heavy smoking),
  • Infections (which may require antibiotic therapy and even re-operation for treatment),
  • As a result, defects or asymmetry,
  • Incorrect positioning of the navel,
  • Lateral skin excess may remain at the ends of the inguinal scar,
  • Skin or fatty irregularities may persist,
  • Defects in the spot (enlarged, thick, or even keloid scar).

Pre-operative consultations and meticulous follow-up aim to minimize these risks. It is imperative to use a qualified and competent surgeon in this field. You can easily optimize the result through the right operation decision and the quality of surgical performance. Our experienced surgeon dramatically limits the risk of complications and allows the surgeon to ensure effective follow-up if necessary.

You can see the results of lower body lift 360 quickly. You can easily reach your goals. Your abs and hips become tight, the surgeon arches your hips again, and the surgeon straightens your back arch again. The final result of the surgery evaluates within six months and one year after the edema’s disappearance and the scars’ maturation. Beyond the physical effects, psychological well-being is an undeniable result of lower body lift 360.

How to Prepare for the Lower Body Lift 360 Procedure?

Before the lower body lift 360 procedure in Turkey, the surgeon will have remembered the usage recommendations. A visit will be planned with the anesthesiologist at the latest 48 hours before the lower body lift 360. The surgeon will operate under general anesthesia. The specialist will make the pre-operative drawings while you are standing. Before this type of surgery, you should follow some recommendations:

  • We recommend that you stop smoking for at least two months before and after surgery to limit the risk of complications and prevent healing.
  • Stop taking aspirin ten days before the lower body lift 360, as it increases your risk of bleeding; in consultation with your doctor during this period.
  • In the presence of other risk factors for phlebitis (obesity, poor venous status, coagulation disorders), the surgeon may want to stop oral contraception.
  • You should clean and disinfect your skin with an antiseptic solution or soap applied the day before and on the morning of the surgery.

What is procedure for Lower Body Lift 360?

The lower body lift 360 procedure in Turkey is extremely fast and successful. Our surgeon can modify techniques during the procedure depending on your unique anatomical and cosmetic goals. Take a closer look at the lower body lift 360 procedure steps in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

You will receive general anesthesia for the lower body lift 360 procedure, and you will have a comfortable process in this way.

  • Incision

Immediately after anesthesia, our surgeon makes a circumferential incision for the lower body lift 360 that can extend around your torso. Our surgeon will cut a section from your sagging skin and excess fat bar thanks to this incision.

  • Process

Our surgeon will tighten your underlying tissue after the incision so that the surgeon will uniquely reposition the tissue. Our specialist will pull up the skin on the hips and the thighs so that this tissue becomes much tighter and more aesthetic.

The specialist will proceed to the treatment of your front areas after the operation on your back and sides. Our surgeon will optionally perform an outer and inner thigh lift. This depends entirely and clearly on your surgical plan.

  • Final

Our surgeon will finally close your incisions in a multi-layered way when the necessary lifting and stretching process completes. Then, depending on your situation, the doctor will place temporary drainage tubes. Your underlying tissues will receive great support from the deep support stitches that help create the shape you want, along with much newer, dynamic contours.

How is the Recovery After Lower Body Lift 360?

After the lower body lift 360 procedure in Turkey, our surgeon will hospitalize you for one night as a precaution. Your postoperative results will be significant. Regular monitoring is essential to guide care and limit the risk of complications. Your healing process completely changes due to the duration of the surgery, the affected areas, and the amount of skin and fat removed:

  • 2-3 weeks of dressing after the lower body lift 360. Inflammation, aches, and bruises come on quickly and can be just as significant as fatigue and aches. The surgeon may recommend that we use a compression sleeve systematically for one to three months, especially in cases of muscle strain or in some cases.
  • You should not expose the scar to the sun between six months and one year.
  • The resumption of professional activity is usually possible after three weeks, and the gradual resumption of sports activity after four to six weeks is possible.
  • The surgeon will clearly explain the scars before the lower body lift 360. The location of the spot depends entirely on your anatomy. The surgeon will discuss this with you to best match your dressing style. Between 6 and 12 months, the scar changes color. Eventually, the spot will disappear. Some people recover better than others, depending on their genetics.

When are Lower Body Lift 360 Results Seen?

You will spend the first 2 day at the clinic with a present nursing and care team. Your pain will go away very well thanks to the analgesics that our doctor will prescribe for you. Especially it concerns pulls at the level of wounds. Edema (swelling) and bruises are usually present for 15 days.

Depending on your situation, the surgeon will give you recommendations. You may need to wear compression garments day and night for four weeks, then day-only compression garments for four weeks, unless the surgeon tells you otherwise. You can resume sports only after the lower body lift 360 recovery is complete and within at least six weeks. The lower body lift 360 in Turkey is a procedure that tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin from the abdomen, hips, and buttocks. The result is a slimmer, more toned look throughout the entire body.

You will see the results of lower body lift 360 in Turkey immediately, even though there is edema after the operation. Your development is therefore inevitable in a few months. To get the best results from this surgery, you must consider the criteria before performing the surgery. It is better to read enough about this app so that one has the proper measures. You can also get the necessary advice from people who have had this procedure.

The surgeon is one of the most effective criteria for the lower body lift 360 results. First of all, our surgeon has passed the necessary scientific degrees. In addition, our specialist has gained high skill and experience in lower body lift 360 operations. In addition to these issues, our surgeon acts professionally before and after the lower body lift 360. For this purpose, the specialist conducts tests to ensure the person’s health. Thus, the chances of success of the procedure are much higher.

What are the costs for Lower Body Lift 360?

The cost of lower body lift 360 in Turkey is determined according to surgical procedures, anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon fees, and clinical fees. A high price never guarantees the result of a better system. An abnormally low price should also pay particular attention to contracts regarding security and monitoring. However, the price of a lower body lift 360 in Turkey varies according to the region of the body.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to schedule a consultation with us. In addition to obtaining an accurate cost estimate, our experts will check for the presence of visceral fat, skin laxity, and other conditions that may affect your results during this consultation. Also, our specialist will let you know if you are ideal for the lower body lift 360.

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