Mini Abdominoplasty (Mini TT)

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Have you lost weight in a short time, or have you given birth recently? Then chances are you have a saggy stomach. Excess skin or fat accumulation under the navel can hurt your daily life. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, a saggy belly can really be a hindrance.

In this case, mini abdominoplasty and mini TT can significantly improve your quality of life. Our plastic surgeon removes excess skin and local fat deposits during the procedure. The treatment takes several hours, and you can go home the same day. After the process, you should allow a recovery period of about six weeks.

The skin in the lower abdomen may be loose and taut for various reasons. When that excess skin sags like an apron, it can cause much trouble. Mini abdominoplasty may offer a solution later on. Although the name suggests otherwise, this is an essential procedure in which the skin is re-stretched without moving the belly button. You are eligible for mini abdominoplasty if the excess skin is under your navel. A maximum of 10 cm of excess skin is removed directly from below the navel to just above the pubic bone. If the abdominal wall, including the skin and muscles on the navel, is relaxed, total abdominal wall aesthetics is the best solution. In this procedure, the surgeon moves the navel upwards. This is a suitable procedure for women with scars (especially stretch marks) below the navel.

Before considering mini abdominoplasty in Turkey, you should understand that you will always have to deal with scars. Of course, our experienced plastic surgeons do their best to keep the spots as close to the bikini line as possible. Mini abdominoplasty can give you a significantly flatter stomach. However, this procedure isn’t a solution for obesity. If you are overweight, it would be wise to lose weight before surgery. The outcome of the surgery will then be significantly better.

In addition, after childbirth, the body needs time to recover fully. Some women are older after a month, and recovery takes longer than a year for other women. One of the possible consequences of pregnancy is a sagging belly after giving birth. A saggy stomach can lead to insecurity about your appearance in the first place. Also, fat can hinder you in your choice of clothes. Rectus diastasis is one of the leading causes of a floppy abdomen after birth. This means that during pregnancy, the tissue between the left and right abdominal muscles is stretched too much and no longer heals on its own. In this case, it is sometimes necessary to have mini abdominoplasty to tighten the abdominal muscles.

Excess skin can occur when you lose much weight in a short time. The skin is stretched due to excess fat and doesn’t return to its original state after losing weight. Especially in old age, skin excess can become severe due to a lack of elasticity. It is an aesthetic problem and can create wrinkles that cause skin irritation. After losing weight, a saggy abdomen can develop with an accumulation of fat that is nearly impossible to overcome without medical intervention. Mini abdominoplasty is an adequate solution to correct your body contours and deal with the unpleasant consequences of a saggy stomach due to weight loss.

What is Mini Abdominoplasty?

Mini abdominoplasty is the solution for people with excess skin and abdominal muscle problems limited to the lower abdomen. This type of abdominoplasty (with or without liposuction) is a suitable procedure for people with poor skin elasticity, local fat deposition, and less tense flat abdominal wall muscles in the area below the belly button.

With mini abdominoplasty, the skin of the lower abdomen tightens without moving the navel. Mini abdominoplasty is suitable for people with excess skin under the navel. For example, some skin may be removed directly from the navel to the pubic bone during the procedure. Mini abdominoplasty also causes scars, but our plastic surgeons try to limit them within the bikini line.

In the first meeting, you will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the mini abdominoplasty procedure, post-procedure care, and results with our plastic surgeon. Immediately after the process, you will notice that your lower abdomen is much flatter. But after about a year, the effect becomes really noticeable. You can see some before and after photos below to give you an idea of ​​the outcome of the mini abdominoplasty surgery.

Who are the Best Candidates for Mini Abdominoplasty?

Ideal candidates for mini abdominoplasty in Turkey are relatively healthy men and women who are bothered by fat accumulation or sagging skin and don’t benefit from diet or exercise. Mini abdominoplasty is suitable for women with tense skin and a few muscles after pregnancy and results in a cesarean section. The surgeon can also eliminate loss of skin elasticity in elderly patients, who usually present with excess weight. Patients who still want to achieve significant weight loss should postpone mini abdominoplasty. However, it is better for women who wish to have children to wait for this procedure, as pregnancy can counteract the effect of the surgery.

Mini abdominoplasty can improve your appearance and your self-confidence. Before having this procedure, carefully consider your expectations and discuss them with our plastic surgeon.

In principle, every healthy man or woman unsatisfied with his saggy stomach is suitable for mini abdominoplasty in Turkey. These are usually women after pregnancy or men and women who have lost much weight. Although the navel is firmly in place, you are ideal for this procedure.

As a result, if the belly button descends quickly, a full abdominoplasty is usually recommended. Otherwise, the navel would be very low (just above the pubic hair) after the procedure, which is a strange sight.

If you are overweight, you aren’t suitable for surgery as your risk of problems such as infection, bleeding, and wound healing disorders will increase. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is below 32, you are suitable for this operation.

Mini Abdominoplasty (TT)
starting from €2500

Mini Abdominoplasty Consultation

In the first mini abdominoplasty consultation, you will discuss everything related to the treatment. You will have much information about which method is best for you, what result you can expect, possible risks, and aftercare. You will always receive honest advice and clear communication from our doctor about the treatment and the aftermath. During this consultation, our plastic surgeon will determine if you are suitable for a mini abdominoplasty.

The surgeon will ask about your health, medical history, and what medications you take. It would be best to stop using blood thinners at least one week before the treatment. The doctor will also ask what your wishes and expectations are. It can then indicate whether the intervention will meet these expectations. The surgeon will also tell you whether a combination with another treatment method an option would be.

The medical consultant will provide additional information about the care and check-ups before and after mini abdominoplasty. If you decide on a treatment, all data will be put on paper, with a treatment contract signed by both the plastic surgeon and you.

During your entrance interview, our plastic surgeon will discuss the entire mini abdominoplasty procedure. From treatment to care, we’ll go through exactly what you can expect. You will receive clear information and honest advice.

Based on your complaints, the surgeon will examine whether you need a mini TT or a more extensive surgery. You will discuss your expectations with the surgeon, and the surgeon will indicate whether they can meet your expectations with the procedure. You will also discuss your health, medical history, and medication use. It would be best to stop taking several medications at least a week before treatment.

What are the Risks of Mini Abdominoplasty?

As with most surgical procedures, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to anesthetic fluids, disinfectants, or plasters. Infection may also occur despite sterile work performed. However, the chance of this is slight, 1-2%. Any more extensive surgical procedure has a minimal risk of thrombosis. Sometimes wound healing or bleeding is impaired. There are also minor risks associated with anesthesia. Specific complications are (temporary) numbness in the lower abdomen and rare wound healing disorders.

Mini abdominoplasty is generally a safe procedure in experienced hands. The risks are the same as with other surgeries. The wound that the surgeon must do to remove the excess skin is large. Therefore, there is a possibility of wound healing disorders. The damage may become infected, which is rare (less than 1%). The most excellent infection chance is in people with much subcutaneous adipose tissue. For this reason, abdominal wall aesthetics isn’t suitable for overweight people.

Sometimes bleeding may occur. Afterward, you will need another surgery in which the bleeding vessel is closed after bleeding.

A late complication of mini abdominoplasty surgery may be the accumulation of fluid called a seroma, usually accompanied by a feeling of fullness between the abdominal wall and the muscles in the weeks after the surgery. Due to the new suture technique, this complication almost no longer occurs (less than 1%).

Another late complication of the mini abdominoplasty procedure may be excess skin around the hip, called a doggy ear. This usually disappears over time. Sometimes it is necessary to remove this excess skin separately later. Another consequence of mini abdominoplasty is that the skin area under the belly button becomes numb and often remains. The skin feels dull afterward. Most people won’t be bothered by it. The size of this area usually shrinks over time.

The risks of mini abdominoplasty surgery in Turkey are minimal, but they remain as they are with any procedure. For example, an allergic reaction or swelling and bleeding are at risk. Our plastic surgeon will discuss the system with you to inform you about the side effects that may occur after mini abdominoplasty surgery.

Finally, your scars are red and swollen at first, but this usually subsides after six weeks. Remember that a scar needs about one to a half years to reach its final stage. Keep scars out of the sun and treat them with a scar cream. Quit smoking at least six weeks before to six weeks after treatment. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which can cause problems with wound healing. As soon as you quit smoking, the possibility of bleeding decreases.

How to prepare for Mini Abdominoplasty surgery?

You must pay attention to the mini abdominoplasty preparation process in Turkey. It would be best to stop smoking one month before and after the intervention. You should stop the drugs that increase bleeding ten days before and after the procedure. However, you should maintain your weight and eat healthily.

After the meeting with our doctor, you will be sure that this is possible, where you will determine the indications for a mini TT. In addition, it would be best to have a standard pre-operative examination after ensuring no contraindications.

What are the procedure for Mini Abdominoplasty surgery?

The mini abdominoplasty procedure performs under general anesthesia. Before the procedure, our plastic surgeon carefully marks how much skin can remove in the lower abdomen. The skin separates from the underlying fat and muscle layers during the operation. Treatment takes an average of two hours:

  • Anesthesia

Mini abdominoplasty performs under general anesthesia. When you wake up from anesthesia, you may feel weak and tired. Responses to anesthesia differ from person to person. A nurse, anesthesiologist, and plastic surgeon will accompany you until you leave the clinic.

  • Incision and process

The essence of the mini abdominoplasty operation is to activate the excess tissues, tighten the skin-fat flap and remove the excess. Usually, the process accompanies the replacement of the stretched skin-fat flap of the navel. For the operation, the incision is made transversely in the lower abdomen, in the fuselage region. If there are abdominal wall hernias, they remove them during the process.

  • Final

Our plastic surgeon closes your incisions by placing thin and aesthetic sutures. After the surgery, you may have some pain due to swelling and bruising. A mild pain reliever is usually sufficient for this.

What is the Difference Between Mini Abdominoplasty and Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)?

Mini abdominoplasty is different from routine abdominoplasty surgery. The specialist removes moderately loose skin by making just a tiny incision. The surgeon also removes the fat with liposuction. For this reason, the recovery period of mini abdominoplasty surgery is much shorter than standard Tummy Tuck surgery. Since there will be a small stretching effect in the mini abdominoplasty procedure, the location of the navel doesn’t change, and no incision is made in the navel.

How is the Recovery After Mini Abdominoplasty?

Swelling and bruising can be significant after the mini abdominoplasty procedure. The scar should remain dry until the stitches remove, that is, about a week. You can take a short shower the day after the process. However, it would be best if you were careful that the marks don’t get wet or touched. You can shower again after a week. The temperature of the water should not be too hot, as this may cause unnecessary swelling of the treated area:

  • It would be best to rest for a week after mini abdominoplasty surgery. During the first few days, you will feel discomfort as you contract your abdominal muscles (walking and sitting).
  • After just a week, you can resume light activities that don’t require much walking. After two weeks, you can continue your daily activities. It would be best to wait at least a month with heavy physical exertion or lifting.
  • Try to avoid both mentally and physically strenuous exercise for the first few weeks. There must be no pressure or tension in your abdomen during the first few weeks. In general, the discomfort is greater than the pain. If you decide to seek treatment, you will receive a prescription for pain relievers that you can use after the mini abdominoplasty.
  • You should wear supportive abdominoplasty or stockings for four weeks. On average, swelling decreases sharply after the third day.
  • The drains remove in the clinic one or two days after the mini abdominoplasty. One week after the treatment, you will return to the clinic to have the external stitches removed. Subcutaneous dissolving sutures disappear on their own. The bruising usually disappears after one to two weeks; in some cases, only after four weeks. It takes an average of two to six weeks for the swelling to completely disappear. Most people return to work after two weeks and are fully active again after six weeks.
  • In the first months, the scars can be pretty red. After that, they will gradually take on the color of the skin and become less visible. It is essential not to expose the scars to the sun in the first year after the procedure. The sun can burn them, and therefore they remain more visible. Keep faults covered or apply a very high protection factor. After a year, it would be wise to expose the scars to the sun moderately. This makes them less visible.

How long after Mini Abdominoplasty  will I see Results?

The best candidates for mini abdominoplasty are men and women with realistic expectations of the outcome. The procedure always produces a clear improvement, but your stomach isn’t suddenly perfect. Shortly after the process, tightening is already somewhat visible. The results of mini abdominoplasty in Turkey are successful, but you can evaluate it correctly when the swelling has largely disappeared. However, the final result will be only after the surgical wound and subcutaneous tissue heal. In other words, you will see the results of mini abdominoplasty about a year after the surgery.

The surgeon stitches the incision made for mini abdominoplasty as neatly as possible. A horizontal cut just above your pubic bone, the scar falls as far into the bikini line as possible. The spot can be pretty red for the first few months. After that, the skin will become more and more discolored. In the end, nothing remains but a long streak of light.

Finally, your body, and therefore your stomach, changes with age. This also applies if you have had mini abdominoplasty surgery. Depending on your genetically determined aging rate, your belly will eventually vary. So this is different for everyone. Pregnancy, scars from other surgeries, or weight fluctuations can also change the abdominal area. However, the result can maintain for many years, especially with good eating habits and exercise.

What are the cost for Mini Abdominoplasty?

Mini abdominoplasty cost in Turkey varies significantly. Mini abdominoplasty prices differ according to the surgeon’s experience, location, hospital, materials, and techniques. However, mini abdominoplasty prices in Turkey are much more affordable than in other countries.

Do you want to get rid of your belly completely? Want to go safely to the beach, sea, pool, or sauna? Mini abdominoplasty tightens your stomach. Our experienced cosmetic doctors perform the procedure. Are you wondering what to expect from mini abdominoplasty surgery in Turkey? Then you can contact us. You can ask all the questions in your mind to our experts and get honest answers. We are waiting for you at the end of the phone, and we look forward to it.

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