Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

3-4 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

3  night

Reduction Brazilian butt lift (reduction BBL) involves removing excess fat from the body or changing its shape. The surgeon can also reshape other body parts with liposuction in connection with the procedure. Aesthetic surgery can correct excess fat in the hips with liposuction. Indeed, liposuction restores the overall appearance of the silhouette and beautifies the hips in particular.

Reduction Brazilian butt lift is for men and women who want to slim this area to achieve an overall body fit. Reduction Brazilian butt lift aesthetic surgery removes excess fat from the buttock. This operation generally makes it possible to remove fat masses (adipose tissue).

This excess fat is genetically programmed and settles where diets and sports activities fail. Indeed, this fat mass is resistant to any diet and sports activity. Only liposuction can permanently remove fat deposits on the hips. Our surgeon will make small incisions of 3 mm in your hip, which should remove the fat cells during the procedure. It then offers fine cannulas to absorb the fat deposits. The amount of aspirated fat depends on the patient’s wishes, the quality of the skin, and the surgical possibilities.

Heredity, weight gain, improper procedures, or pregnancy can enlarge the volume of the butt and completely change its shape. Even weight loss can affect the body in a way you perceive unfavorable. With the reduction Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey, we can reduce your big butt in a voluminous way and reshape these body parts. The result will be a more excellent butt, a narrower waist, and a more defined body.

Reduction Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that reduces your big butt for many different reasons and helps to shape it into your desired shape. The desire to eliminate cellulite on the buttocks, tighten the butt, and therefore reduce excess fat is undoubtedly a source of insecurity for anyone who wants to wear tight jeans and tights without worrying about feeling inadequate. A reduction Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is a surgical technique to reduce excess fat. The aim of this type of surgery should not be to lose weight. If you are overweight, it recommends following a proper diet and exercise. The reduction Brazilian butt lift interferes with certain parts of the body, in this case, the hips, where they resist diet and movement.

When you gain weight, fat cells also swell in volume and size. Reduction Brazilian butt lift reduces the number of fat cells in the hip area. The amount of fat taken from the hips depends on the site’s appearance and the fat cells’ volume.

Therefore, the aim of reduction Brazilian butt lift isn’t to remove the most extensive possible fat volume but to produce the most natural and smooth result possible. Usually, the surgeon removes no more than 40% of your fat cells unless necessary. Changes made are durable over time as long as the weight remains constant.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ideal candidates for reduction Brazilian butt lift in Turkey are all healthy men and women. A suitable candidate is usually a healthy person with specific health problems such as diabetes, obesity, blood-related diseases, and heart or breathing problems. Otherwise, the risk of side effects may increase significantly.

Of course, you should still talk to our surgeon in detail. You should thoroughly discuss existing medical conditions with the surgeon to obtain the most satisfactory outcome and prevent life-threatening diseases. You should also consult your weight status with our doctor, as being overweight dramatically increases the risk of unwanted side effects.

Good mental health and realistic expectations of procedure outcomes are essential characteristics of a potential patient.

Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift
starting from €3500

What happens at the Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation?

A consultation with one of our plastic surgeons always precedes the reduction Brazilian butt lift procedure. During the consultation, you review your wishes and conditions and what you can achieve. Then you will have the opportunity to get answers to all your questions and all the information you need before the operation.

Consultation with our surgeon is significant in the first step towards your new buttock. The interview usually takes one hour and is the best way to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for a reduction Brazilian butt lift. A reduction Brazilian butt lift consultation in Turkey will include an examination of your body with a particular focus on the abdomen, waist, and hips.

Our surgeon will search for suitable areas for your procedure. The specialist will also look at your overall body shape to evaluate how you can achieve the best possible results. You can also talk to your surgeon about your problems and discuss your ultimate goals for the surgery.

Our specialist will also review your medical history and possible risks to determine your suitability. To be an eligible candidate, you must meet specific criteria. This will also help accentuate your new butt. For this reason, the surgeon may perform more than one procedure to achieve the desired result in some patients. Fortunately, you will speak with the surgeon who will perform the procedure for you, so you can be sure that you will get the correct answers to your questions.

What are the Risks of Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift?

Before the surgery, your doctor will tell you about the risks involved in the surgery so you can review it thoroughly. The reduction Brazilian butt lift procedure requires extensive surgical intervention, and the operation involves risks. As with all plastic surgeries performed under anesthesia, there is a risk of complications during anesthesia. There is also a risk of bleeding, swelling, infection, and discomfort. Risks include unpleasant scarring from infection or lumps under the skin.

The operation includes both liposuction and fat injection. Therefore, there is a risk that the body will react. Another chance, of course, is that you, as a patient, aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. Take a look at the risks of reduction Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey, albeit very rare:

  • Bleeding: Although rare, bleeding may occur during or after the reduction Brazilian butt lift. If postoperative bleeding develops, you may need emergency treatment to remove the accumulated blood or blood transfusion. Blood pools under the skin can slow healing and cause excessive scarring.
  • Infection: Infection is sporadic after this type of surgery. Additional treatment may be required, including antibiotics or surgery if a condition occurs.
  • Changes in skin sensation: There may be temporary changes in skin sensation after the reduction Brazilian butt lift, which usually improves.
  • Scarring: Although good healing expects after the reduction Brazilian butt lift, abnormal scarring may occur both in the skin and deep tissues. Scars may be unsightly or a different color from the surrounding skin. Additional treatments, including surgery, may be needed to treat the abnormal scarring.
  • Skin contour irregularities: Skin contour irregularities and depressions may occur after the procedure. Visible and palpable folding of the skin may occur. Additional treatments, including surgery, may be required to treat skin contour irregularities.
  • Asymmetry: A balanced body view may not achieve after the operation. Factors such as skin tone, bony prominences, and muscle tone can contribute to normal asymmetry in body features.
  • Surgical shock: In rare cases, this procedure can cause severe trauma, especially when multiple or extensive areas aspirate simultaneously. While serious complications are rare, infections or excessive fluid loss can cause severe problems and even death. If surgical shock occurs after a reduction Brazilian butt lift, you may require hospitalization and additional treatment.
  • Pulmonary complications: Fat embolism syndrome occurs when fat droplets become trapped in the lungs. This adverse condition is a rare and possibly fatal complication of the reduction Brazilian butt lift procedure. If a post-procedure fat embolism or other pulmonary complication occurs, additional treatment, including hospitalization, may be required.
  • Skin loss: Post-procedure skin loss is rare. Additional treatments, including surgery, may be required.
  • Seroma: Fluid collection rarely occurs in the areas where the reduction Brazilian butt lift performs. Additional treatments or surgery may be needed to drain the fluid buildup.
  • Long-term effects: Subsequent changes in body contour may occur as a result of aging, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or other conditions not related to liposuction.
  • Allergic reactions: In rare cases, patients have reported local allergies to adhesive tape, suture material, or topical preparations. More serious systemic reactions may occur with drugs used during surgery.

There is also a complication that can occur over time. The butt enlargement effect disappears after slimming treatment. Remember that transplanted fat goes through the same metabolic processes as fat anywhere else in the body. During weight loss and weight loss, its volume decreases.

What is the process for Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift?

For the reduction Brazilian butt lift in Turkey, the surgeon can give you a pre-prescription for supplements and pain relievers to reduce swelling and internal bleeding. The day before the surgery, our surgeon will contact you to confirm your allergies and medical history and to confirm the last check-in time. Since the operation performs under general anesthesia, you cannot eat or drink anything after midnight the previous night. Please take a shower on the day of the surgery. You must pay close attention to the preparation process before the reduction Brazilian butt lift to achieve the most satisfactory result.

Before the operation, you may undergo laboratory tests (blood analysis, EKG, x-ray, etc.). The doctor will then review your medical history and the results of the tests. In addition, the specialist will discuss with you the plan of the surgical procedure and the expected results.

We strongly recommend you avoid smoking and alcohol for six weeks before and after the reduction Brazilian butt lift. These habits significantly affect the body’s ability to heal, prolonging the healing process and increasing the risk of infection. Our health experts also recommend maintaining a nutritious diet, drinking enough water, and exercising daily. Avoid fatty foods (fried foods, fatty steaks, sweets) as they negatively affect the healing process.

What is procedure for Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift?

Reduction Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is one of the safest procedures internationally. Take a closer look at the reduction Brazilian butt lift procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

You will be under general anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain during the surgery. Our surgeon will then sterilize your entire hip area. Then the surgeon selects the sites to treat.

  • Incision and fluid injection

Our specialist surgeon injects fluid into the areas determined during the consultation before the reduction Brazilian butt lift. Liquids consist of lidocaine added to a saline solution. This increases the density of the fat layer and facilitates fat dissolution and aspiration. Then the surgeon makes a small incision in preparation for the insertion of a device that breaks down the accumulated fat in the butt area.

  • Final

Finally, the surgeon goes to the stage of breaking down the fat. The doctor breaks up the fat using a unique tool and removes it from the area—finally, the dissolved fat absorbs through a cannula attached to a tube.

The reduction Brazilian butt lift procedure in Turkey takes up to a few hours. You will stay in our hospital for one night, and we will place you in your hotel the next day. Rest assured that we will do everything for your comfort.

How is the Recovery After Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift?

The essential thing in the reduction Brazilian butt lift recovery process in Turkey is the surgeon’s recommendations for sitting. You cannot sit or lie on your back for at least three weeks after surgery. Sitting while your butt is healing may spoil the view a little, although it is rare. You can sit with a pillow under your thighs to lift your hips, and don’t sit for more than ten minutes at a time. It would be best if you lay face down or on your side.

Recovery from the reduction Brazilian butt lift procedure also includes compression garments. These help to equalize the fat-removed areas without applying any pressure to your butt. It is crucial that you follow your surgeon’s recommendations and instructions meticulously. You may also benefit from taking a look at our suggestions:

  • Get up slowly from sitting or lying down to avoid imbalances and sudden movements.
  • Keep compression garments until the specialist tells you to, as they help reduce discomfort.
  • It will be beneficial to start walking as soon as you feel most comfortable. It is customary for 48 hours to pass after the intervention, as moving will prevent fluids from accumulating.
  • Do physical exercise from week 6 as long as it starts with light intensity and the increase is progressive. This will help your body gain strength and stability faster.
  • Strengthens the muscles after the compression bandages remove. The ideal is to do sports that require the whole body, i.e., complete sports such as tennis or swimming.
  • Respect the treatment sessions determined by the doctor.
  • Wash your hands before dressing your incisions to maintain good hygiene and prevent infection. Also, avoid using a band-aid, as wounds heal faster when exposed to air.
  • In the first week after the reduction Brazilian butt lift, you will be able to take a shower in your hygiene, but you will not be able to go to the bathtub, swimming pool, or the sea as they can cause infection.
  • Massage the treated area (after consulting a specialist) to support circulation and drainage.
  • Increase the consumption of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the diet for the first two months and likewise avoid alcohol and smoking to promote healing.
  • Keep the treated area out of the sun for at least three months. In this way, the possibility of staining on the skin reduces.

Exactly how long your recovery takes depends on the procedure’s extensive and your own body. However, most people can return to work within a week if work doesn’t involve much sitting. You may have to wait about three weeks (sometimes longer) if you have an office job. Most people can slowly return to normal activities within 4-8 weeks. However, it is also important to remember that the healing process doesn’t end even after returning to work. It may take 3-4 months for the final result to be fully visible. Be patient; your new butt is on the way!

When Will You See Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

You will see reduction Brazilian butt lift results in a short time; make sure of that. Because everyone’s butt is different, and thanks to the flexibility of the reduction Brazilian butt lift, the results for other patients will never be the same. You can generally expect a firmer, more defined, and attractive butt. Most people achieve the desired effect, but a second procedure may sometimes be required. One of the advantages of the process is that the incisions are tiny. Once they heal, your scars will be so small that they’ll be almost invisible.

Reduction Brazilian butt lift in Turkey focuses on reshaping your body by removing unwanted fat from other body parts, achieving a more attractive overall figure. The technique gives volume and a younger shape, and a better appearance. Our patients love their new look!

How Much is a Reduction Brazilian Butt Lift?

The reduction Brazilian butt lift cost in Turkey is highly affordable. It is almost five times cheaper than European and other world countries. However, the reduction Brazilian butt lift prices in Turkey may vary depending on location, surgeon’s experience, facilities, techniques, materials, and anesthesia type.

It can be frustrating and terrifying when a significant life change is about to be implemented! As an agency, we want to make your journey towards a changing life as smooth as possible. You will have a consultation to ask questions, discuss your concerns, and make the best decision for you with our surgeon.

What considers the right choice always depends on your wishes and the anatomy of your body. This makes the consultation incredibly important! As an agency, we value honesty and are transparent about the process so you can feel safe. You can reach us immediately using our communication channels.

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