Thigh Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

3-4 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

5  night

After losing weight or aging, excess skin on the thighs can change their appearance. This excess leads to aesthetic, nudity, and dressing discomfort, sometimes with a significant psychological impact. Thigh lift makes it possible to treat this excess skin and give the thighs a more youthful appearance. After aging, pregnancy, or consequential weight loss, the skin of the thigh may lose its elasticity, become loose or form folds. To address this problem, the thigh lift technique removes excess fat and skin from the inner thighs. The surgeon considers the thighs’ morphology, the importance of excess fat, skin quality, and muscle tone.

Thigh lift now benefits from many medical advances. It offers good results with a quick return to everyday life.

A thigh lift in Turkey is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves removing excess skin from the inner thighs. This intervention makes it possible to tighten the skin of the inner thigh and reduce the aperture (waves) and padded appearance of the inner thigh and sometimes the knees.

The thigh lift is for those who want to change the ugly appearance of their thighs. Interventions correct problems such as unsightly skin and sagging. The thigh lift indicates after pregnancy, and you can also opt for significant weight changes. In addition, this excess skin may cause functional limitations. Indeed, excessive friction of the thigh can promote skin irritation that prevents patients from walking.

After a significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging process, the skin’s elasticity is significantly reduced. Extremely loose skin may occur on the part of the upper part of the inner arm and the inner thigh. In this case, you can choose a thigh lift. This excess skin can be both functionally and psychologically embarrassing. On the one hand, the skin layers slide towards each other, and the skin becomes irritated, especially when it is hot. On the other hand, loose skin that hangs in folds can be considered an aesthetic disadvantage. A thigh lift can offer a solution to this problem.

The course of the thigh lift process varies according to the amount of skin to remove. Sometimes it is enough to remove some of the skin from the inside and front of the thighs. The surgeon then makes an incision extending from the inguinal crease to the intergluteal groove. It calls crescent thigh lift.

If you have significant excess skin, the surgeon may opt for a thigh lift procedure, in which the skin and subcutaneous tissue remove along the thigh. This procedure leaves a vertical scar at the lower back of the thighs. This thigh lift can also correct rough skin, such as cellulite.

What is Thigh Lift?

The thigh lift is the aesthetic surgery of the silhouette, which aims to remove the fat and excess skin at the thigh level. Thigh lift helps to harmonize the morphology of the thigh and leg by removing excess fat and skin accumulated over the years. Thigh aesthetics makes it possible to straighten the thighs and give them a firmer appearance.

This is a benign intervention. It takes patience for the results to be visible, but it is incredibly satisfying. Thigh lift treats mild, moderate, to severe relaxation. Excess skin can create folds that can sweat heavily. This high humidity can cause bacterial infections or fungi. Having our surgeon obliterate your excess skin removes these folds. This significantly reduces your chances of getting an infection.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Thigh Lift?

The best candidates for thigh lift in Turkey are people with significantly sagging thigh skin. We can help patients with fat deposits that physical exercises with liposuction cannot remove. Patients should be in good physical health and should not have any medical conditions that could impair recovery or increase the risk of surgery. To receive great satisfaction from this procedure, patients should be in a healthy body weight range and have realistic expectations.

A thigh lift can treat the unpleasant appearance of unsightly, tight, and saggy thighs (cutaneous ptosis), which can sometimes be associated with excess fat. In this case, the surgeon can efficiently perform both procedures during the same operation. This excess skin causes an aesthetic but also a functional problem. Walking on the inner sides of the thighs can cause discomfort, irritation, and maceration. Thigh lift treats all these problems by removing excess skin and fat.

Thigh Lift
starting from €3900

Thigh Lift Consultation

During your first thigh lift consultation, it is important to freely express what is bothering you and what you hope to improve. Don’t be afraid to reveal all your questions, fears, and expectations. Everyone’s morphology and psychology are different; their expectations aren’t the same, and there is no standard.

Following the presentation of your motivations, our surgeon will examine you. Our surgeon will suggest one or more solutions, considering your expectations, your anatomy, respecting your identity, and considering the naturalness of your appearance.

Here you will learn about the surgeon’s preferred technique, the location and size of the scars, the areas to be liposuctioned, and, if necessary, the lipofilling evaluation from the first thigh lift consultation. You can look at photos of the operative results of cases near you to better understand the purpose of the intervention so that you can visualize the desired outcome.

A good understanding between you and the surgeon is essential to make the surgery decision and determine the technique to use among the methods our surgeon will recommend.

Then our specialist will give you all the information about the thigh lift techniques. This will allow you to mature your project and prepare a second consultation where you can ask any additional questions that will enable you to make decisions and prepare for the operation.

What are the Risks of Thigh Lift?

Scars from thigh lift surgery are usually quite long, and if the skin on the thighs is heavy and thick, the wounds may tend to slide down (especially if the skin stretches during the lift). For this reason, our surgeon will give you clear information about where the scars will be and what will appear in terms of aesthetics. Bleeding, infection, and blood or fluid accumulation may occur after thigh lift surgery, even if the surgery performs correctly. However, these complications are infrequent.

For the scars to be invisible while wearing shorts or skirts, the surgeon tries to stop this scar that is one hand wide on the knee. The spots will initially be red and swollen. However, this problem will disappear on its own in a few weeks. In the first months after thigh lift surgery, you should not expose the scars to the sun. You can cover the wounds or apply a high protection factor. It is worth knowing that a fault needs one to one and a half years to settle fully. Don’t forget to thoroughly lubricate the scars with scar cream and keep them out of the sun. Also, always use a sun factor above 30 for the first year to protect your skin.

Every year in Turkey, many people successfully undergo thigh lift surgery. Fortunately, the chance of complications is rare. You can help reduce certain risks by carefully following the instructions before your thigh lift procedure. Some possible complications can include:

  • Hematoma (blood accumulation under the skin that requires removal)
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Change of mood
  • Permanent scars
  • Damage to infrastructures
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic result

Finally, patients who use smoking products (such as nicotine patches and gum) and vapes during surgery are at greater risk for complications such as skin death and poor wound healing. People exposed to second-hand smoke may also be at increased risk for similar complications. Smoking can also harm anesthesia and possibly increase the risk of bleeding. Non-smokers have a significantly lower risk of such difficulties. It is essential not to smoke at least two weeks before surgery and to continue smoking throughout the recovery period.

How Do You Prepare for the Thigh Lift Procedure?

Our surgeon will give you all the information about the thigh lift. A blood test will require for this. As there will be general anesthesia, consultation with the anesthesiologist may be needed in the weeks before the thigh lift and at least 48 hours before. It would be best if you waxed the groin and thighs a few days before the process. You can take no aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs in the ten days before the intervention.

One month before and one month after the thigh lift, smoking should be stopped or reduced as much as possible.

What is the procedure for Thigh Lift?

Our surgeon will give you a detailed estimate of the intervention. The procedure will be straightforward and comfortable. So you don’t have to worry. Take a closer look at the thigh lift procedure steps in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

Our surgery performs under general anesthesia. The decision on the type of anesthesia will make during a thigh lift consultation, depending on the nature of the surgical procedures and your wishes.

  • Course of the intervention

The duration of the intervention is between one and two hours, depending on the surgical procedures performed and the techniques used by the plastic surgeon. The process usually begins with liposuction of the inner thighs to trim excess fat. The surgeon aspirates the fat deposits with very fine cannulas to preserve the delicate skin quality of this area for a precise result and without roughness.

After liposuction, the surgeon makes incisions to remove excess skin and lift the thigh. The surgeon can adapt the length and location of the incisions according to the situation. It differs according to the amount of excess skin the specialist will treat. During the pre-operative consultations, our specialist determines these regions by consulting you. However, we can note three leading families of techniques:

  • Vertical incision technique

The surgeon may choose this when you have significant excess skin. The incision is along the inner thigh from top to bottom. Its length depends on the amount of skin to remove.

  • Horizontal incision technique (crescent thigh lift)

It does when excess skin moderately localizes to the upper thigh. The technique leaves the most hidden traces due to its position in the natural curves of the silhouette. In the inguinal fold, the surgeon can camouflage the incision through the grooves of the upper thighs (genito-king or inguinal fold) up to the gluteal fold. The surgeon performs it upwards and inwards while lifting the skin. The specialist removes the excess skin. After stretching the skin, the surgeon closes the area in the natural folds of the upper thigh.

  • Mixed technique

This thigh lift method combines the two techniques with a horizontal and vertical incision to tighten the skin horizontally and vertically. When leaving the operating room, wear a compression adhesive elastic band, depending on the situation.

  • Final

Our specialist will close your incisions after performing all the procedures. Your transaction completes efficiently, and you are one step closer to your dreams.

How is the Recovery After Thigh Lift?

The pains are usually of low intensity. Fatigue is typically present for a few days to three weeks, depending on the amount of fat absorbed and the amount of loose tissue removed. Taking simple analgesics can prevent or reduce your pain:

  • You may see swelling and bruising after a thigh lift. However, these phenomena are entirely daily and usually resolve after 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Due to the location of the scars, you should initially perform daily maintenance.
  • To avoid the risk of dyschromia (healing with discoloration), you should protect yourself from the sun and UV rays (if the wound exposes) for the first six months. You can wear compression stockings for one month and compression stockings for 15 days (experts can extend this period in patients with phlebitis or embolism risk).
  • It may be a little difficult for you to walk in the first days following the thigh lift. However, the specialist can probably allow this to minimize your risk of phlebitis. The surgeon may systematically prescribe anticoagulant therapy for two weeks (or longer, as the case may be). Conversely, we also recommend that you avoid any significant movements or sports that may increase the tension at the level of the scars during the first month following the intervention.
  • Wash the scars with mild soap and protect the wounds with adhesive bandages.
  • It is imperative that you rest and don’t stand for long periods. However, it would be best if you didn’t stay still all day to prevent blood clots from forming in a vein in the leg.
  • You can continue to work approximately 15 days after the thigh lift. You can start sports after one month.
  • You will notice the improvement from the first month, and you will evaluate the result six months after the gradual disappearance of the edema.
  • The scars develop over 12 to 18 months and go through a relatively long period of puffy appearance, which is normal and will disappear with time and massage.

When will you see Thigh Lift Results?

You can expect instant thigh lift results after surgery, including improved skin quality and contour. Your thighs will perfectly adapt to your body shape. Thigh lift results will improve further over the next few months as swelling from the procedure diminishes.

Our thigh lift surgeon in Turkey provides safe and effective long-term results for a mid and outer thigh lift, allowing you to eat sensibly and maintain a healthy weight. Most patients are delighted with the results of thigh lift surgery. Patients feel more comfortable with their bodies in a wide variety of clothing.

As long as you maintain your overall health and avoid weight fluctuations, the results of the thigh lift procedure can last a long time. However, aging and sunlight damage can increase susceptibility. Our experts will give you tips on how to take care of your new thighs.

How Much is a Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift costs in Turkey can vary greatly depending on the surgeon’s experience and the exact type of procedure. Thigh lift prices in Turkey and many other cosmetic procedures are much lower than in Europe and other countries.

Interested in thigh lift in Turkey? When you choose us, you will work with an experienced private company that performs thousands of treatments annually. You can trust that you will get the help of our specialist surgeon during the thigh lift procedure in Turkey. All our plastic surgeons are accredited.

In addition, our agency can offer you high-quality care with years of experience. We are also always interested in applying the latest techniques in our practice. For example, thanks to a thin cannula, we can precisely take the fat. If you decide to straighten your thighs, you will be informed in detail by a plastic surgeon from our company. This consultation has no further obligations. During this meeting, you can ask all your questions and discuss your wishes. You will also discover what is possible in your particular situation. You can reach us immediately using our communication channels.

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