Transgender Breast Surgery

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

1-2 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Are you a transgender person with gender dysphoria during the medical transition and considering breast surgery? You’ve come to the right place for transgender breast surgery.

Transgender breast surgery is one of the most critical procedures. This has everything to do with the fact that breasts are an essential feature of female appearance. Therefore, it is an intervention that feminizes the body. You can change anything you need regarding gender expression by dressing, styling your hair, and adopting a confident attitude. Yet many transgender people feel like real women only when they really adjust their bodies.

The first step in this is basically hormone therapy. However, for most transgender people, this doesn’t provide enough breast tissue to obtain an excellent female profile. Breast surgery is a good and effective solution for this.

This critical process has many different benefits for transgender people. Through this process, a transgender person can enhance their outer and inner self with a greater sense of harmony. You can also increase your self-esteem and fit in society much more flashy like a woman. Therefore, transgender breast surgery in Turkey will be a vital step in the transition from manhood to womanhood.

With this surgery, our specialist places an implant in your breasts, giving you the look of your dreams. You and our doctors will choose the right size and shape. Naturally, your breasts will have a natural appearance. Transgender breast surgery is a general and effective procedure in Turkey. From the moment you arrive in Turkey, our consultants will always be there to help you. You can ask our consultants all the questions you have in mind.

What is Transgender Breast Surgery?

Transgender breast surgery procedure is cosmetic breast augmentation for transgender people, which is integral to confirming gender in general. The transgender breast process aims to improve breast size and significantly increase breast shape and fullness.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Transgender Breast Surgery?

During the initial consultation, our surgeon will decide if you’re suitable for this procedure and will determine what it takes to give you a more feminine appearance. Our surgeon naturally takes into account your physique and the principles of cosmetic plastic surgery, which say that your body parts should always stay in harmony.

We recommend taking estrogen hormone for the best results at least one year before breast surgery. The most satisfied patients usually approach us with realistic expectations about the surgery results. In any case, you can expect honest advice from our surgeons.

As a transgender person, are you dissatisfied with your breast size after your gender reassignment surgery? Often, natural breast tissue isn’t enough to create a beautiful female profile. Breast augmentation with implants for transgender makes it possible to achieve the desired silhouette.

Our specialist will determine if you are suitable for transgender breast surgery and what procedures are needed to achieve a more feminine appearance. The doctor takes into account the principles of cosmetic plastic surgery, emphasizing your physique and the need for body parts to stay in harmony. For you to consider this procedure, you must meet specific criteria. In general, take a look at the ideal candidates for transgender breast surgery in Turkey:

  • The general health of the patients should be good.
  • Patients should have realistic expectations after surgery.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • A patient with sagging breasts and dissatisfied with the size and appearance of her breasts after significant weight loss is a good candidate for transgender breast surgery in Turkey.
Transgender Breast Surgery
starting from €3400

What Happens During the Transgender Breast Surgery Consultation?

During the first consultation for transgender breast surgery, you will discuss with our consultants your wishes, why you want to have transgender breast surgery, and your special wishes. The consultant provides you with all the necessary information about the preparations, the various treatments, the maximum achievable result, and the other healing process of your surgery.

Following this consultation, you will begin another appointment with one of our plastic surgeons. The doctor will again review the whole process with you and discuss the medical side of the procedure. 

The specialist will also look at the current size and type of your breasts and the thickness of your skin. This data determines which type of implant and which size of implant is right for you and how we place the implant, among other things. We will, of course, present you with several opportunities to determine which volume best suits your needs. This gives you an idea of ​​what the final result will look like and helps you make a choice.

What are the Risks of Transgender Breast Surgery?

Our company specializes in transgender breast surgery. Therefore, breast surgery is one of the routine procedures performed by our surgical team.

Thanks to modern processes, we can significantly minimize these. The usual side effects are swelling at the surgical site and pain after surgery that you can easily control with regular painkillers. In some cases, capsular contracture may also occur. Nowadays, silicone implants are almost impossible to slip, as silicone implants are placed directly behind the breast muscle and cannot migrate from there.

The main risk of transgender breast surgery is surgically related post-operative bleeding, that is, the accumulation of blood in the wound cavity, usually within the first 48 hours. This, therefore, makes it necessary to remove the blood clot in a surgical procedure. By continually improving our surgical procedures, we have reduced the incidence of this complication to well below 2%.

In addition, wound healing disorders and scar maturation disorders may occur, which can usually control without further surgery. Sometimes minor corrective surgery is necessary to achieve an aesthetic and satisfactory result in the long run.

Breast aesthetics should also consider appearance. As a general rule, the smaller the implant, the more natural the breast will look. If palpability and natural appearance are very important to the patient, you may need to reconsider breast surgery.

Another transgender breast surgery risk is that a fold may be felt or seen when an implant is placed. Patients with thin skin or a low-fat percentage are more likely to develop it. This also increases your odds of choosing a relatively large implant. Our surgeons may recommend that you opt for a higher density implant if they believe this is a good prospect for you. Therefore, we recommend that you make a well-considered choice in consultation with the surgeon when choosing the implant type and size.

Transgender breast surgery leaves scars on the chest. Spots resolve in about a year and see after that time. However, the appearance of the wounds varies from person to person. Don’t be afraid; we prevent bad aesthetic results with meticulous surgical planning.

How to Prepare for Transgender Breast Surgery?

Before transgender breast surgery, you need to go through some stages in the preparation process. To choose the most suitable option, you should consult our surgeon, ensure that you are the right candidate and how to reach the goal. It is also essential to undergo a physical examination to ensure that no health conditions will affect the surgery.

Since it is a surgical procedure, some pre-operative tests such as blood tests and EKG are required. An ultrasound examination is also necessary before transgender breast surgery. 

Stop certain drugs that interfere with blood clotting, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, specific vitamins, and herbs, at least two weeks before surgery. Also you need to stop with taking oystergene before the surgery. 

Step by Step Transgender Breast Surgery

Transgender breast surgery in Turkey is technically different from breast augmentation in women. Therefore, you must choose our surgeon who experiences transgender breast augmentation. This is the first and most crucial step on the road to a great result. For this, round silicone prostheses give the best results. For transgender people, we usually choose slightly wider-based implants placed behind the chest. Prostheses are placed as close to each other in the middle as possible. Transgender generally have slightly wider breasts. As a result, nipples will point somewhat more than non-transgender. Check out the step-by-step for transgender breast surgery in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

You will receive anesthesia for transgender breast surgery. Anesthesia helps you to go through the procedure much more comfortably and healthily.

  • Skin incision site selection

As with many other plastic surgery interventions, there is no definitive rule that applies to all cases and all patients, even for transgender breast surgery. From time to time, our doctor will discuss the final choice of the skin incision site where the breast prosthesis will place. The doctor will tell you each of the advantages, disadvantages, and possible risks. In general, the skin incision and the resulting scar can place:

  • In the axillary space
  • Along the lower and upper edge of the nipple-areola (often used)
  • In the submammary sulcus (fold) (often used)
  • At navel level (very little used now)

If it is necessary not only to implant a prosthesis but also to perform mastopexy (breast lifting and reshaping), the incisions correspond to those used for this second surgical procedure. Thus, the incision may be limited to the circumference of the nipple-areola. It also extends from the nipple to the inframammary fold and along the fold itself.

  • Choosing the surgical plan in which breast implants will place

Our surgeon will also discuss where to place the implants. In principle, this determines by the final shape of the breast you want to achieve. A key issue, especially in underweight patients, is to adequately cover the breast prosthesis with sufficient tissue thickness; otherwise, it may not be visible and aesthetically pleasing. The surgical plans (pockets) where our surgeon can place breast implants are as follows:

Retro-glandular plane: It locates between the mammary gland and the fascia covering the pectoralis major muscle. It was the first layer used in breast augmentation and is still the layer preferred by many surgeons today.

Retro-fascial plane: It is more profound than before and located between the pectoral muscle fibers and the fascia covering it. When the breast implant is anterior to the pectoral muscle, it is covered with more tissue than in the retro glandular plane.

Retro-pectoral plane: It locates between the pectoralis major muscle and the thoracic part. It is the deepest of breast surgery plans and guarantees the best breast implant coverage in thinner patients.

  • Final

The surgeon places the implants after determining the critical area. Finally, the doctor covers your skin after placing the breast implant. For this, the surgeon uses dissolving sutures. The surgical operation takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Our surgeon generally places drains for draining small blood and serum deposits around the prosthesis in the first 24-48 hours of breast augmentation. After the operation, you will transfer to the hospital room, where you will be subjected to post-operative control by our care staff.

Note: There are many shapes and sizes of breast implants. Implants can be round, drop-shaped, or anatomical. Tear implants have a tapered top edge and excellent projection behind the nipple. The width of the base of your breast will determine the parameter of the implants you can choose. Your skin can also impose a size limit, especially if there is a tight envelope in the breast tissue. Selecting a breast prosthesis according to your needs and expectations would be best. Before surgery, our surgeon will help you choose the correct size implant. 

How is the recovery After Transgender Breast augmentation?

After transgender breast surgery, you will find yourself in the hospital room as soon as you wake up. Here you will be given time to recover, the doctor will check your vital signs, and our nurse will offer you something to drink and eat after a few hours of the surgery. You can go to the hotel when the doctor decides that your body functions are good the next day.

After treatment under anesthesia, you start with easily digestible foods such as water, tea, and juice. Try to avoid nausea and vomiting. This dramatically reduces the risk of the wound bleeding rapidly or preventing it from healing. Drinking plenty of water helps you a lot in this regard. After the procedure, you will wear a special bra for your breasts.

After transgender breast surgery, your breasts are usually a little sore and swollen. It is at its peak on the third day after the procedure. After that, the swelling gradually decreases. Transgender breast surgery also regularly gives the breasts a feeling of pushing or tightness. 

There may also be a burning sensation in the nipples. Another option is to numb your breasts and nipples for a while. It would be best if you had an average of one week to recover after breast surgery. It is usually slightly longer when placed under the pectoral muscle or in the dual plane.

The scars caused by breast surgery are located precisely in the skin fold behind the breast. An average spot with this procedure is 3-5 cm. The scars will be a bit red and swollen at first, but this will disappear after a few weeks. As soon as the wound is closed and the crusts disappear, you can start applying wound cream. You increase the chances of excellent healing by rubbing this on the scar twice daily.

After scheduling the procedure, our doctor will deliver or send you additional aftercare instructions. Please always contact us if you have any doubts about possible side effects.

We recommend you rest entirely in the first weeks of recovery after transgender breast surgery. In any case, you should not exercise until 6 to 8 weeks after the operation. Avoid heavy physical labor and lifting to put as little pressure on the wound as possible. It is different for each patient when you are allowed to work or engage in other activities again. 

After you get to the hotel, we will call you to ask how you are and answer your questions if necessary, also we will visit you daily. Then we will schedule a check-up with you again. During this control, we can evaluate your wounds. It is always possible for our doctor to request an extra check-up period to monitor wound healing extra well.

How are the result of transgender Breast augmentation?

The results of transgender breast surgery in Turkey are highly successful. Just like after any surgery, you will feel some discomfort afterward. The healing process takes at least 3 to 6 months. The final result will also be visible only after this time. You can always call our company for post-operative consultation if you have any doubts or questions.

What are the cost for transgender Breast Surgery?

The transgender breast cost in Turkey varies according to many factors. However, it is much cheaper than in many countries. Follow the factors that play a role in changing transgender breast surgery prices in Turkey:

  • Location
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Technical
  • Implant brands
  • Materials
  • Anesthesia
  • Additional treatments and services

Do you want to know what this treatment can do for you, and would you like advice without obligation? Then schedule a free consultation directly with us. Our experts are happy to give you personal advice and look at options that meet your wishes and needs. You can call us now, connect to live support, write on WhatsApp or fill out our contact form immediately.

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