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iMed Medical Team
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The coordinators of iMed Medical are at your service and help you discover the most beautiful version of yourself.

iMed Medical founded in 2015 by Zubeyde Akdas. We are one of the largest plastic surgery specialties in Medical Tourism. Nowadays we are a bridge between patients abroad and health providers in Istanbul, Turkey. We are health tourism certificated agency by the Turkish Ministry of Health (EBOPRAS). We are working with all board-certified plastic surgeons and A-plus hospitals. We guide you from the first consultation until you are done with your recovery period.

These days Istanbul, Turkey is famous in the field of Health tourism in all around the world. The experienced surgeons, modern hospitals and affordable prices have made Turkey one of the best destinations for health tourism in the world.
Our mission is to serve and to provide the best service for all our patients. Our goal is to provide the latest technique and the best service for you, to help you feel better about yourself, supported by our caring and confidential staff.

Our outstanding reputation is based on our extensive history of happy patients. Our patients can expect to have a relax time in Istanbul during their stay for their surgery or treatment.

Our staff is well experienced and happy to help you in various languages. We provide the medical services for plastic surgery, dentistry, hair transplantation and bariatric surgeries.

We understand your expectations as our staff is mainly foreigners who is living in Istanbul, we understand about the differences in a different country for medical care. We are trying to give you European health standards in Turkey for the half of the price.  We also provide information to our patients about the various medical procedures and full-service arranged packages available. Our patients can sit back during their stay in Istanbul and focus only to their recovery as they don’t need to think or organize anything.

iMed Medical has a various option of hospital, surgeons, and medical staff, has also the meaning that we don’t have any waiting list. Options for 5-star hotel stay, translator, private nurse, dedicated staff during your stay and many other tailor-made services. It can be easily combined with a holiday or business trip.

The cost of medical services is Turkey is 30-40% lower than in Europe or USA, but at the same time, the quality of the medical care stays at a high level.

We are committed to helping you achieve the look you’ve always wanted, listening to your needs and expectations.

What sets us apart from other agencies is the fact that we always try to consider what you want to achieve.

We are offering a complete package including hotel, transfer and aftercare.

You can schedule your consultation at iMed Medical in various ways, by telephone, online or a personal intake consultation in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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    toni dalitoni dali
    17:52 21 Nov 22
    We were in really good hands. Our doctor was very professional and the staff was very kind. Also after the surgery they took really good care of us, we are very happy with the results already. The whole experience was great! Thank you very much!
    Been there since 2017 and always been pleasure. They take care of you from arriving to departure and surgery. Highly recommend this clinic.
    ella toivainenella toivainen
    12:39 09 Aug 22
    I had a rhinoplasty and also breast augmentation at the same time. Everything went very smoothly from the first messages and I always felt I was taken care of. I loved that the service included transportation between the airport, hotel and the clinic. Also the accomodation was included and the hotel was really nice as well!The day of the surgery went really fast and I remember everyone being so friendly to me when I was taken to the operation room.After the operation I was given pain medication and I was taken care of really well. The next day I was allowed to get back to the hotel and the lovely Shannon came to check up on me every day after my operation. I had two checkups after leaving the hospital, which made me feel very safe!I 100% recommend this clinic! They exceeded my expectations and I’m super super happy with my experience and the results! Thank you imed and especially Turgut, Zubeyda and Shannon!❤️ I will be back for sure!
    Joni HesselgrenJoni Hesselgren
    22:07 01 Mar 22
    My decision to go get a new set of teeth from Turkey was pretty spontaneous, so I was super anxious and scared of travelling abroad AND having cosmetic surgery in a country where I've never been before.Thankfully iMed's staff were so friendly and welcoming, they took care of everything for me. Every car drive I had they scheduled, even from the airport to my hotel upon arriving. Always making sure I'm aware of my appointments, and while having the procedure itself (when you get your teeth done you're awake during the operation) my assistant's presence was reassuring me and every time the staff were speaking Turkish to each other, she translated it to me down to the smallest detail so I'd know what's going on.Who knew plastic surgery could be such an cathartic and fun experience hahhahaAlso, the results are amazing. I get sooo many compliments for my teeth now, and it really has uplifted my confidence.Special thanks to Zubeyde and Melle, they were the superstars of my trip!
    Zumra OcalZumra Ocal
    13:31 24 Nov 21
    I had anxiety regarding cosmetic operations, but thanks to iMed Medical I do not feel anxious anymore. I did a breast augmentation and the results are insane! It looks beautiful and natural, just how I wanted it. The agents of iMed are also really friendly and helpful. They visited me every day to see whether I was doing fine and continuously asked me if I needed anything. I had an amazing experience with IMed Medical, extremely recommended!
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