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Zübeyde Akdaş founded iMed Medical in 2015. Our company has increased since then and has become what it is today. It has become one of the largest agencies in many areas of the medical tourism sector, from plastic surgery to hair transplant and bariatric surgery. Nowadays, we are a bridge between patients abroad and healthcare providers in Istanbul.

We are a certified health tourism agent by the Turkish Ministry of Health (EBOPRAS). We only work with certified surgeons and A-plus hospitals. We guide you from the first consultation until your recovery is complete. Today, Istanbul is famous for health tourism all over the world. However, experienced surgeons, modern hospitals, and affordable prices have made Turkey one of the world’s best destinations for medical tourism.

iMed Medical’s Mission and Goals

Our goal is to provide the best service to all our patients. With our supportive and confidential staff, we want to help you feel better by offering you the latest techniques and the best service. Our agency’s reputation comes from our extensive track record of satisfied patients. Patients can enjoy a comfortable time in Istanbul during surgery or treatment:

  • Language skills and services

Our staff experiences to assist you in a variety of languages. We offer medical services in many fields, such as plastic surgery, dentistry, hair transplant, and bariatric surgery. The fact that most of our staff are foreigners helps us understand the differences in medical care in a different country for those living in Istanbul.

We strive to offer you European health standards in Turkey at half the price. We also provide patients with information about various medical procedures and full-service packages. They can focus only on getting well during their stay in Istanbul.

  • Personalized service without the waiting list

iMed Medical has a variety of choices of hospitals, surgeons, and medical staff, and we don’t have a waiting list. With our 5-star hotel accommodation, translator, dedicated team during your stay with a private nurse and many other personalized services, patients can easily combine a vacation or business trip.

  • Advantageous prices and high-quality service

The cost of medical services in Turkey is at least 30-40% lower than in Europe, the UK, or the US. But at the same time, the quality of our medical care is high. We are committed to listening to your needs and expectations and helping you achieve the look you have always desired.

Why Choose iMed Medical?

The most important thing that sets us apart from other agencies is that we prioritize everything you want in every situation. We offer a complete package, including hotel, transfer, and aftercare. At iMed Medical, you can schedule your consultation by phone, online, or with a personal admission consultation in the Netherlands or Belgium. Here are the reasons why you should choose us for medical tourism, plastic surgery, hair transplantation, bariatric surgery, and other procedures in Turkey:

  • There are many agencies in medical tourism. But what sets iMed Medical apart is the quality of medical services, and the comfort and trust patients feel throughout the process.
  • iMed Medical aims to offer the best experience to its patients by combining European healthcare standards with affordable prices in Turkey. Turkey’s adoption of the latest medical equipment and technology innovations allows patients to save costs and receive the highest medical care.
  • iMed Medical works with surgeons and medical staff specialized in their field. Each has in-depth knowledge and experience to create personalized treatment plans according to the patient’s needs and expectations. We have a multilingual support team to overcome cultural and language barriers, especially for patients from abroad.
  • Enjoying healthcare services while exploring Istanbul’s historical beauties and cultural richness has become an attractive opportunity for many patients. iMed Medical offers medical services and additional services to ensure that patients spend their stay with the utmost comfort.
  • Medical tourism isn’t just a treatment or an operation but a complete experience for the patient. iMed Medical offers 5-star hotel accommodations, private transfers, translator services, and many more to ensure patients feel comfortable in Istanbul.
  • We offer world-class treatments thanks to our high-tech equipment and continuously trained specialists. The fact that Turkey is a country that follows the latest innovations in the medical field is one of the factors that make iMed Medical stand out in the sector.
  • For patients from abroad, language barriers and cultural differences can complicate the treatment process. However, our agency provides all kinds of support for patients to continue their treatment without any difficulties in language and cultural issues.
  • While we offer medical services at much more affordable prices than in Europe, the UK, and the USA, we don’t compromise on quality. This guarantees that patients receive a quality service and is economically advantageous.
  • At iMed Medical, we stand by our patients when treatment ends. We are always there for our patients with post-treatment care, check-ups, and counseling services when necessary.

Discover the iMed Medical Difference!

iMed Medical not only provides a healthcare service but also adopts an approach sensitive to patients’ needs and expectations. With us, you will find the best solutions for your medical conditions and the opportunity to discover the unique beauties of Istanbul.

Take the chance to revitalize your body and soul with our agency, which has started a new era in health tourism. Call us to have this unique experience and find the opportunity to know the difference of iMed Medical closely!

Contact us for more information;

Your medical tourism experience with iMed Medical isn’t only a treatment and an opportunity to discover Turkey’s unique beauties. You can schedule your consultation at iMed Medical via phone, online, and with a personal intake consultation in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Contact us for more information about your healthcare needs and expectations. We invite you to this unique experience that combines Turkey’s medical expertise and cultural richness.

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    Excellent5.0 Based on 109 reviews from review us onP P.P P. ★★★★★ Wat een geweldig team zijn jullie echt ben zo zeer tevreden over de behandeling die ik bij jullie heb gekregen tot service toe alles is goed geregeld als ik meer sterren kon geven 10/10 Mia zubeyda hartstikke bedankt ik kan weer lachen met een bigsmile voor iedereen imeddent Istanbul is the best 💪💪Maria da Soledade S.Maria da Soledade S. ★★★★★ Gostaria de elogiar toda equipe desde os médicos até o motorista que me buscou no aeroporto, eu indico 1.0000 vezes a Imed Istanbul, atendimento de excelência eu não precisei me preocupar com nada, temos tradutora pra todas as línguas e a Zineb uma pessoa muito especial fala fluentemente o francês, portanto quem mora na Bélgica e se preocupa com o idioma pode ir sem medo lá vc terá todo suporte que precisa. Minha cirurgia foi um sucesso é simplesmente ficou um resultado lindo. Agradeço mais uma vez toda equipe da Imed Stanbul 🤲 Parabéns s todos.İpek D.İpek D. ★★★★★ Karın germe liposakşın oldum çok memnun kaldım hocam Turgut bey ve ekibi inanılmaz ilgililer amaliyatım çok iyi geçti Şuan oturuyorum geziyorum 3 günüm herkese tavsiye ederim 🙏😊ceren M.ceren M. ★★★★★ Ameliyat olmak için İstanbul a geldiğimde, hiçbir şeyi düşünmek zorunda kalmadım. Profesyonel, ilgili ve güler yüzlü ekibinizle hastalar için en ince ayrıntısına kadar her şeyi düşünmüşsünüz. Ameliyata gelmiş gibi değil de, çok lüks bir otele tatile gelmiş gibi hissettim. Tüm hizmetler beklentimin çok üzerindeydi, teşekkürler İMed…Wafae A.Wafae A. ★★★★★ Super ervaring gehad met het zetten van kronen en bruggen. Ik werd goed begeleid en alles was tot in de pintjes geregeld. Geen enkele op of aanmerking. Bedankt en jullie zijn een dikke aanraderDamla A.Damla A. ★★★★★ Hoiik ben Damla altuntasIk wouw heel graag mijn ervaring delen met jullie.Ik ben 02/11/23 geopereerd door Dr.turgutIk wil even zeggen wat een fijne arts hij is en zijn werk heel goed doet en naar alles wat je wilt luisterd en tijd maakt ! ik ben zo tevreden!Ik ben zo goed geholpen en verzorgdBegleiders assistente iedereen die er was en mij heeft ondersteund het was allemaal heel netjes georganiseerd alles is gegaan zoals het gepland was! Van begin tot einde hebben jullie moeite gedaan! Wat zijn jullie tog een goeie team leuke gezellige mensen ik heb me goed gevoeld bij jullie!Ik wil jullie met heel mijn hart bedanken voor alles!XxxxGroetjes,DamlaEls L.Els L. ★★★★★ Mega blij en tevreden over de service, van in Nederland tot aan terugkomst en daarna. Heel blij met het resultaat, de geweldige verpleging, begeleiding vanuit Melle en Mia, het ziekenhuis en het hotel. De dokter is kundig en heeft antwoord op alle vragen.Sevgi S.Sevgi S. ★★★★★ Cok korkarak geldim ama cok memnun ayrildimamal el A.amal el A. ★★★★★ Goede begeleiding en duidelijke uitleg! Schone en luxe hotel/transfer én ziekenhuisVeer T.Veer T. ★★★★★ Emilia Y.Emilia Y. ★★★★★ Friendly staff and good surgeon. He was realistic. The final result is also very good now after seven weeks. The only problem was that some of the nurses didn't speak any english and sometimes you had to ask the staff what happens next. But everyone was very helpful. I recommend and would go again🧡 Bring a trusted friend with you!Esma N.Esma N. ★★★★★ GEWELDIGE ARTS!!!!! Luistert naar je en geeft ook advies wat wel en niet kan bij je lichaam. IMed heeft me bijgestaan ( ik ben alleen gevlogen) en het was het waard. Ik ben super blij want in me eentje had ik dit niet kunnen doen. Alles werd voor me geregeld.Malika Talae A.Malika Talae A. ★★★★★ Ik heb een hele fijne ervaring gehadBij imed istanbul ze zijn elke dag bereikbaar ze leggen alles goed uit en de zorg is heel goedVolgende jaar kom ik zeker weer terugshanti C.shanti C. ★★★★★ Voor en tijdens mijn operatie super goed geholpen. Lieve zusters en broeders in de ziekenhuis en ook heel hygiënisch. Imed medewerker kwamen me elke dag kijken hoe het gaat kreeg ook goede steun van hun ze laten je niet alleen. Werd echt met liefde behandeld.Monique S.Monique S. ★★★★☆ Suraya R.Suraya R. ★★★★★ Alles was super goed geregeld, in het ziekenhuis hebben ze me super goed behandeld en er werd voor alles gezorgd waardoor ik geen pijn had. Het personeel was ook super lief. Ik ben super blij dat ik voor imed medical Istanbul heb gekozen en zou het 100% aan iedereen aanraden!Abigail MAbigail M ★★★★★ Hele goede service alles werd ook duidelijk uitgelegd. De transfer was ook heel goed geregeled. Alles was een 10/10 nu nog wachten voor mijn resulaten daar heb ik ook vaak contact met mijn coordinator. Zij staat altijd klaar om mijn vragen te beantwoordenMyke M.Myke M. ★★★★★ Heel lang getwijfeld over de ingreep en bij welke arts ik graag terecht wou, intens blij met de keuze die ik heb gemaakt voor Imed! Alles is goed verzorgd, de begeleiding, het vervoer, het ziekenhuis, het personeel van het ziekenhuis. Ik heb mij geen enkel moment angstig gevoeld omdat het zo fijn geregeld is en je er goed wordt begeleid, dit dankzij Melle!Ook het personeel van het hotel is ontzettend behulpzaam, geen enkele vraag is te veel. De arts zelf is heel professioneel en kalm wat mij een gevoel van vertrouwen gaf.Ben heel gelukkig met de keuze die ik heb gemaakt voor Imed!Ontzettend bedankt voor alle goede zorgen, ook naar Melle voor de begeleiding!js_loader
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