Butt Implant

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

The beautifully shaped and rounded background is one of the other symbols of femininity and sexuality. Body image is an essential part of every woman’s well-being and self-confidence. If you aren’t satisfied with the shape of your butt and even hours spent in the gym don’t bring you closer to the background of your dreams, put yourself in the hands of our experts. As in breast augmentation, we can correct your flat and sagging hips with the butt implants method. There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes for you to choose from comfortably.

Sagging butts and lack of volume can be significant problems for some people. Butt augmentation isn’t a frequent request; the procedure is very effective, providing a permanent fit to the size and shape of the butts.

Butt implants in Turkey are an aesthetic operation to adjust the shape and fullness of the butt. Its popularity is likely rising due to the media popularity of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian, as well as South American, particularly Brazilian aesthetic influences, where a fuller derriere is very appealing. According to statistics, butt implants will be one of many people’s most demanded plastic surgeries in 2023. Butt shape correction is in demand for many reasons. Most often, this is an aesthetic indication. But there are also medical reasons for congenital asymmetries or hypoplasia, butt defects after operations, inflammation, or injuries.

Butt implants aim to change the shape of the butts and make them aesthetically pleasing. Butt implants, top or bottom or both, can be adjusted individually; performance for asymmetries can be unilateral but primarily bilateral.

The butt implants procedure is technically very similar to breast augmentation surgery and uses the same techniques. For augmentation, our surgeons do it using the best quality implants. In addition to gaining volume, you can work with the shape and model the butts to the desired result. Special gluteal (butt) implants use for augmentation. Augmentation or modeling of the butts with the help of silicone implants is a general procedure in America and Latin America.

Butt implants procedure in Turkey offers an ideal solution for those who want to add volume to a sagging butt or to emphasize the proportions, to use high-quality implants in different shapes, sizes, and profiles. Liposuction is the body’s material that carries less risk in fat transfer to the butt. However, its effect is that some of the applied fat (30-50%) absorb during the healing process. For this method, it is always essential to obtain enough adipose tissue, mainly from the butts or thighs. However, this isn’t always possible in fragile patients. However, butt implants are suitable for everyone, and the effect is much longer.

Butt implants effectively strengthen the butt and shape it into the desired shape. Today, butts aesthetics are a standard method abroad, such as correcting defective, minor, or sagging breasts. It is among the most common ways. Initially, surgeons used the same implants in breast augmentation; later, experts developed unique implants. There are now enough sizes and shapes (round, oval, almond-shaped) implants on the market. Implants can be solid from a soft silicone block or be the same as breasts. While the upper part of the butt is augmented, a skin incision made in the upper part of the groove between the hips and the implant is placed between the layers of the gluteus maximus muscle or between the gluteus maximus and medius muscles.

When the lower part of the butt enlarges, the surgeon makes the incision, usually through the space under the butt, and then the specialist places the implant in the subcutaneous tissue above the muscle. But there are other options, such as placing the implant under the muscle ligament.

What are Butt Implants?

Butt implants are an aesthetic procedure that shapes saggy butts and makes this area stand out. You can have butt replacement surgery if your butts aren’t very small or round. Implants are in the form of soft and semi-solid silicone. These implants are similar to the silicone prostheses used in breast implants. Of course, butt silicone should be much more durable. These implants should not make of gel. In this case, there will be a possibility of leakage by sitting and pressing on the implants.

Our plastic surgeon places implants on the butts by making incisions, creating large, shaped butts. It has become trendy in recent years, and the number of applications has increased by 352% in just 15 years.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Butt Implants?

As a result of aging, your body loses much of its elasticity. Thus, the butt also begins to sag. Butt implants are suitable for a toned body, round shaping, lifting, and pulling loose skin under the buttocks to achieve the desired effect, depending on the patient’s individuality. Butt implants surgery is for those unsatisfied with their appearance: Small, asymmetrical, flat hips.

Butt implants are suitable for those who lack feminine lines and protrusions, usually in the pelvis, hips, and thighs. Naturally, many women are born with less muscular lines, which doesn’t make them attractive as adults. For this reason, some people may want to create a softer and more beautiful curve with a butt replacement in the appearance of their butts. In addition, people with bisexual problems who choose to be female or change their gender from male to female may also need this procedure to achieve the feminine beauty they need.

Butt implants are very suitable for people with low fat and muscle in the hip area. These implants make the buttocks bloated and rounded. This method can be a good option for people whose skin isn’t very loose. In general, people with the following conditions are good candidates for butt implants in Turkey:

  • They have recently lost weight, and their hips’ natural and distinctive shape has been lost.
  • Their butts are very straight or square.
  • They think that the protrusion of their hips can make their body curves more proportional.

They tend to eliminate the signs of aging in the body.

Butt Implants
starting from €5500

Butt Implants Consultation

During your first butt implant consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals with our surgeon after your butt replacement. Our surgeon will evaluate you as a candidate for butt implants, then determine what surgery can do for you. Our surgeon will choose one of the implant placement methods for you by understanding your goals and medical condition. Our plastic surgeon will deeply examine your butt at this stage. Our surgeon will check the following during the examination:

  • The shape and size of your butts
  • The quality of your skin
  • Implant type depending on your goals and body type

The doctor will review your medical history thoroughly. Therefore, be prepared to answer the following topics in the counseling session:

  • Having had previous surgeries, including liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or other cosmetic surgeries on the body
  • Past and current medical conditions
  • Allergies you take and current medications
  • Any previous injection history in the buttocks

Complete information is vital for your health after butt implants in Turkey. Also, if you plan to lose significant weight, report this to your plastic surgeon. Before butt implants, the doctor may recommend stabilizing your weight. Because if you lose weight due to the decrease in adipose tissue after the surgery, the implant may move in your body and create a very inappropriate shape in your hips.

Finally, our surgeon will explain to you recommendations and information based on your goals, physical characteristics, training, and experience of our surgeon, including:

  • Type of procedure or surgical approach, including using a combination of procedures and identifying other prostheses
  • The results you can achieve with this process
  • The cost of your operation for this procedure
  • Risks and related complications you may encounter
  • Anesthesia options and possible types of surgery

You should also play an active role in your counseling session for the best results. Therefore, you can use the following list of questions as a starting point for your first meeting:

  • Am I a good candidate for butt implants?
  • Are the results I want reasonable and realistic?
  • Will my scars be visible after the butt implants? Where will my wounds be?
  • What kind of anesthesia would you recommend to me?
  • How much will my surgery cost?
  • How many days should I rest after the butt implants, and when can I return to my normal activities?
  • How long does it take to see the full results of the butt implants?
  • How are complications treated?
  • How can I prepare for the butt implant procedure?

Our surgeon will fully explain pre-operative instructions, answer your questions, take a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination to determine your suitability for surgery.

What are the Risks of Butt Implants?

Butt implants procedure, like other plastic surgeries, has risks and dangers. However, butt implants in Turkey don’t usually cause severe or dangerous complications for patients. Complications can be avoided by following some tips for post-operative care. Check out the rare butt implants risks:

  • Inflammation or formation of capsular contracture.
  • Deformation of the implant by a complex, contracting, scarred capsule (statistically, patients reported it as 4%).
  • Implant rupture mainly after fall (approximately 1%).
  • Due to the site of implantation and the incision, especially near the anus, the wound or the implant itself naturally has a higher risk of infectious complications (6.5% of infections reported overall, 4% of which are implant infections).
  • Pain and skin discoloration expect in the early stages of healing.
  • Be sure to ensure your hygiene to avoid infection in the suture area.
  • Accumulating blood fluid in the lower part; if this happens, the excess blood needs to drain.
  • Butt bruises that resolve within two to three weeks after s butt implants.
  • Breaking and tearing the implant is another side effect of butt implants.
  • In some cases, it is possible that the feeling of touch in the stitched area will disappear for three months, but it will return over time.
  • Some people allergic to anesthesia were likely to have nausea and vomiting after regaining consciousness.

What Should You Do During the Butt Implants Preparation Process?

Quit smoking at least six weeks before butt implants to ensure better recovery. Avoid drugs that can significantly increase your bleeding, including aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs. Regardless of the type of surgery to be performed, hydration before and after butt implants is very important for a healthy recovery. This means that you should drink more fluids and water before and after the operation so that your body doesn’t suffer from dehydration.

In this process, you should also eat a balanced and healthy diet. This increases your resistance and dramatically shortens your recovery time.

What are the Steps for Butt Implants Procedure?

The first thing our surgeon does is when the patient is sufficiently conscious, and the surgeon rechecks all aspects before numbing the patient. This process marks with a marker where the surgeon wants to place the implants. In this case, you will stand. Our surgeon draws two horizontal lines on your hip, one in line with the spine of the upper thigh and the other in line with the crease that connects to the thigh under the butt.

After determining these lines, the surgeon marks the distance between the two lines by dividing them into three equal parts. Since one-third of the lower part of our hips carries the weight of our body when we sit, the doctor doesn’t place an implant in this area. Therefore, the specialist puts it only in the middle and more prominent places. Follow the steps for butt implants procedure in Turkey:


Now the doctor will prepare you for anesthesia with several methods. The doctor will use general anesthesia for butt implants to numb your body from the waist down. Then our staff will put you in your bed. Our team will prepare you for surgery after sterilizing your problem areas.


One of the newest methods is a unique implant placement technique used by our experienced specialists. It is more complex than other techniques, but the result and application are more satisfying than other methods.

One of the problems that clients experienced and were not satisfied with in the past was that the shape and shape of the implant could be seen and touched subcutaneously. This new technique has solved such problems. Using this method, our surgeons can place the implants correctly with the help of anatomical reference points and gluteal muscles. As a result, the sculptors are doing it right. The edges of the implant can be seen subcutaneously and are no longer touched. In this method, you will have a satisfactory operation, and according to the statistics we have obtained, this method is much more satisfying than regular operations.


By making an incision in a part of your hip, the surgeon can place the implant in the right place, creating enough space to place the implant in the butt. To reduce complications in this operation, our surgeon makes an incision of 5 to 8 cm between the two hips and the lower part of the outer bone, in the midline and above the fold. Since this incision is at a suitable distance from your anus, there is no possibility of contamination and infection of the surgical site. It cannot see because it is in the lower part of your body. During the butt implants procedure, our surgeon also examines some examples of incisions during selection:

  • Upper hips and both sides
  • Making a single incision in the lower region of the outer bone in the fold between the two hips
  • On both sides, under the hip crease, where it attaches to your thighs
  • In the inner part of the hip, which hid in the folds on both sides of your hips

Implant placement

The vital principle in butt implants is to place them in the butt so that they don’t come into contact with the nerves of the body and around the bone and don’t damage this area. Our surgeon aesthetically shapes your butt by placing the implants in the most suitable position. Finally, our specialist closes your incisions, and now you are one step closer to your dreams. A butt implants in Turkey takes about 1.5 to 3 hours.

What are the Advantages of Butt Implants?

Butt implants in Turkey help to create smooth and large hips. The butt implant procedure gives you the following benefits.

  • With this method, you get a curvy and well-shaped body.
  • Butt implants are a permanent way to enlarge your butt.
  • This method gives your hips an utterly natural shape.
  • We design butt implants in Turkey, especially for you, and determine it by your body.

How is the Recovery After Butt Implants?

Our surgeon will discuss how long it will take you to return to your average activity level and work. After the surgery, you will receive detailed instructions about your after-operative care, including the following:

  • Immediately after the butt implants procedure, the incisions where your surgeon placed the implant may drain fluid for several days. Usually, our doctor places thin tubes at the surgical site to drain these fluids. Significant fluid drainage isn’t uncommon after this large-volume procedure, and bruising is also very common.
  • You should wear tight and unique clothes to keep your butt area tight, which may bother you, but it is necessary. Our doctor will tell you how long you should wear them, usually over several weeks.
  • You may have pain, although very minimal, soon after the anesthesia wears off. If the pain is severe or lasts for a long time, contact our plastic surgeon. You will also have slight swelling for a while after the butt implants. In some cases, this swelling will stay with you for a time. You can contact your plastic surgeon to determine if the pain and swelling are normal or a sign of a problem. Your surgeon may recommend a treatment called lymphatic massage to reduce swelling and better drain fluid buildup.
  • Post-procedure recovery time is vital for you to follow all patient care instructions provided by our surgeon after butt implants. This includes information on wearing a compression garment, taking care to drain fluid from the surgical site, taking antibiotics when prescribed, and safe activity levels and types.
  • Our surgeon will also give you detailed instructions about the typical symptoms you will experience and possible signs of complications. It is essential to understand that the time required for recovery is very different for people depending on the type of surgery and your physical condition, and you should prepare for it.
  • The butt implants recovery period in the hip area is slightly more extended and painful than in other parts because this part of the body is used for physical activities such as walking, running, and even standing.
  • At your first follow-up visit after butt implants, you may need to lie face down in the car’s back seat to avoid putting pressure on your hips. It would be best if you also used this position to stand for the first three days. You should also lie face down or on your side while you sleep, watch TV or read a book. While healing, the butt area may have bruising and swelling. This condition is likely to spread to the abdomen or thighs. This is normal and will subside after a few days or weeks.
  • Your butt may ache, but this usually goes away after a few days. Therefore, the surgeon will prescribe painkillers for your pain. The quality of the skin and subcutaneous fat also depends on a good outcome and health so that there is no disproportion in the size or inappropriate weight of the implants, which in rare cases can lead to limitation of the implants.
  • You may not initially see the final results of your butt implants procedure due to swelling. Expect the hips to look fuller than expected in the first days after the process. This is typical as the implanted silicones in the butt area gradually decrease to the desired image.
  • Therefore, it can sometimes take three to six months for your results to become more visible. We recommend not shopping for clothes for at least three months until the results are apparent.
  • We recommend starting stretching exercises in the third week after butt implants. You can resume your routine eight to ten weeks after surgery. However, if there are complications from the wound, you may need to wait three to four months before going to the gym again.
  • Dreams of a perfectly shaped background can come true. However, it is vital always to consider that the procedure is as natural as possible; that is, plastic surgery of the hips is comparable in size to your body. With exercise alone, your hips are one of the most heavily loaded areas, but it is the least malleable area of ​​the entire body. Maintain your weight and lead a healthy lifestyle for a long-lasting effect.

When Will You See Butt Implants Results?

Butt implants procedure in Turkey is extremely safe compared to more invasive surgeries. Since the surgical site has few nerves and is relatively free of secondary vessels or arteries, there aren’t many possibilities of complications as the implants aren’t placed deep into the tissue. All you need to do is wear a medically available tissue compression garment for one month and not do any heavy activity during that time. Butt implants results in Turkey will please you. You will see the final results clearly in 3 to 6 months. Check out what you can expect from this beautiful method:

  • Different clothes and swimsuits will fit your body perfectly and make you more handsome.
  • Your body looks shapely and fit, especially if you don’t have belly fat.
  • Your hips will be firmer and rounder and appear younger and curvier.

Under normal circumstances, your butt implants will be long-lasting. These devices don’t need to remove unless a complication develops late in the butt implant procedure. Although butt implants will improve the shape of your butt, you will need to make the necessary lifestyle changes to maintain your new body. You need to use a balanced diet and an appropriate exercise program. Because being overweight or underweight can change the appearance of the implant. Also, keep in touch with our plastic surgeon for more durability. In addition to the most beautiful and healthy result, seeing our plastic surgeon at certain times and when you notice a change in your buttock is essential. If you have any problems or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

What are the costs for Butt Implants surgery?

The butt implants cost in Turkey depends on several factors. In addition to the plastic surgeon’s experience, the hospital’s geographical location also affects the price of butt implants in Turkey. To determine the butt implants price, you must consider other costs besides the surgeon’s fee. For example, the main cost is the anesthesia, operating room, surgical assistants, tests, and medications. For these reasons, it is impossible to give an exact price for this transaction in general.

If you are considering a butt implant procedure in Turkey, you can contact us immediately. Our company will always be with you with its professional team. We are waiting for you for an affordable price and quality procedure.

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