Breast Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

In some women, the breasts sag from puberty. However, this is often the result of pregnancy and breastfeeding or excessive weight loss. In this case, a breast lift may be a good solution, possibly in conjunction with breast augmentation. You usually need a breast lift if you have large, sagging breasts. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve a beautiful and harmonious result.

A breast lift is an intervention that aims to make your breast aesthetically pleasing if the patient is uncomfortable with a sagging breast. It can be applied to women of all ages, and combined with other procedures; you can achieve the breasts of your dreams. You can also connect a breast lift with breast reduction or breast augmentation to further enhance the aesthetic result. Sometimes a breast lift can be enough to get the best look you want. Our most important task in breast lift in Turkey is to achieve a result that will make you happy for many years. That’s why we do our best to guide you thoroughly and competently throughout the process.

With a breast lift, the nipple area is moved to the natural and desired place in the breast, while at the same time, the excess skin removal and the breast tightened. All traces of breast lift surgery will be under and around the nipple. Depending on how prominent your breast sagging is, our experienced surgeon may use different techniques. Some techniques cause sores around the nipple, while others cause scars under the breast.

When you have a breast lift, you should not be significantly overweight; the result will be much more like you want. Breast lift in Turkey aims to tighten the skin and lift the breasts. Although surgery doesn’t increase breast size, your breasts may appear larger after surgery due to the higher placement.

Breast lift surgery by iMed Medical

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift is a general and impressive procedure that makes your sagging breasts lively and upright. In most women, the skin of the breast becomes more flexible with age, and the fullness of the breast decreases. The chest appears loose and hanging down with the most fullness.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are common causes of this problem. Many women try to camouflage this with loose clothing and good supportive bras. It is unknown that some people have issues significant enough to cause eczema and skin problems under the breasts and that large and heavy breasts can cause back pain. If it is onerous, a breast lift may be a possible solution. The decision to have a breast lift is essential and often takes a long time and a lot of thought.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Lift?

You can have a breast lift at the earliest when the breasts are safely fully developed. The vast majority will be 18 years old, and we recommend waiting for surgery until you have the child you want to be able to breastfeed.

If the weight problem and accompanying pain are very prominent, it is also possible to have an earlier surgery. If the reason for the surgery is purely cosmetic, you can always choose this procedure.

The general problem of many women who prefer breast lift procedures in Turkey is saggy breasts. Women want this procedure because the breasts are saggy after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or possibly after significant weight loss. In these women, a breast lift can combine with breast augmentation. Follow along for three typical reasons for a breast lift:

  1. Huge and saggy breasts
  2. Unevenly sized breasts
  3. Abnormally shaped breasts

Women prefer to have a breast lift and reduction because the sagging of the breasts and their weight cause discomfort in the form of pain in the shoulder and neck region. For some, the problem is purely cosmetic because they want the breast to lift and, at the same time, the nipple area to be placed higher on the chest, while for others, it is a functional problem caused by the weight of the breasts.

This procedure can also perform for breasts whose shape deviates significantly from normal due to the significant difference in the size of the breasts. In a breast lift, our surgeon always lifts the nipple area simultaneously. Our doctor also takes the lower part of the mammary gland tissue and the fat attached to it. The location of the scars after breast lift surgery depends on how much will be removed and which method will use during the operation. The scars will typically be vertically downward around the nipple and from under the breast to the inframammary fold. Some techniques will also have a transverse scar in the breast fold. In a while, scars will not be visible.

Breast Lift
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What Happens During the Breast Lift Consultation?

Before you decide to have a breast lift, you will have a preliminary examination with one of our experts in breast lifts. In our company, you will receive advice and guidance on the operation and follow-up at the first consultation. Our surgeon will explain the risks, benefits, and breast lift techniques during the consultation. In the most commonly used breast lift method, our surgeon removes the glandular and fatty tissue from the lower part of your breast. Then the surgeon moves your nipple upwards, and anchor-shaped scar forms around the nipple. In other words, a vertical scar forms towards the bottom of the joint below. Thus, the scar is limited and difficult to see.

We recommend you write your questions, so you don’t forget to ask them in the preliminary examination. It would be best if you felt safe at the pre-exam, as there is so much information to cover. You talk about your wishes during the initial examination, and our specialist will examine you, as we said above. Accordingly, our doctor will explain the options to you, and you will decide together whether a breast lift is right for you.

After a breast lift, your breast will often appear more prominent than before the procedure because the breast volume is raised higher in the chest. We tailor the breast lift for you, but there will often be scars around the nipple from the nipple to the crease and a short scar in the crease under the breast. We attach great importance to making the scars as clean as possible.

Remember that your body continues to age. Although aesthetic surgery results are permanent, there may be minor changes over time due to aging. The natural aging of the body continues and eventually changes the outcome. How fast the body ages is individual, many factors such as hereditary factors, weight loss, smoking, and sun exposure are influential.

Your breasts will be tight and swollen right after the surgery. Over time, it will settle in the tissue, and your breasts will take a more natural shape. Especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breast tissue will sag. This is entirely natural and expected.

What are the Risks of Breast Lift?

A breast lift causes permanent scars that may initially be red and swollen but gradually become less visible over time. All breast surgeries leave more or fewer scars. The location of the scars depends on the chosen surgical method. The more extensive breast lift methods often cause scars around the nipple and in the groove under the breast, in addition from the nipple to the inframammary track.

If you smoke, scars may become more noticeable. The risk of complications is also increased, such as tissue death and problems with wound healing. Also, if you’re overweight or underweight, there may be an increased risk of complications during anesthesia and wound healing.

All surgeries carry some risk of complications. As with other surgeries, there is also the risk of post-bleeding that may require surgery and lead to an increased risk of infection.

Another rare breast lift complication is the loss of breastfeeding ability due to damage to the milk ducts around the nipple. However, our experienced surgeon has eliminated this risk. It can also happen, albeit very rarely, that your breasts become irregular in size or your nipples become asymmetrical. In some cases, the surgeon can correct this with a new operation. Although it is a fragile risk, you may also lose the sense of touch in the nipples. Any surgical procedure is associated with the risk of complications and also has some unavoidable side effects. In general, breast lift risks include:

  • Bleeding: 1-2% of bleeding occurs after breast lift surgery. If there is bleeding, it manifests by the enlargement of the breast and becomes more painful. In case of bleeding, you may require surgery to drain the blood and stop the bleeding.
  • Infection: Infection may occur in the weeks following the surgery. If there are signs of infection (fever, redness, pain), you should inform our surgeon. Antibiotics will usually clear the disease (the risk of this complication is shallow).
  • Loss of tactile sensation: Sensation in the breast skin and especially in the nipple area is affected by breast lift surgery. Sometimes, there may be a permanent loss of sense of touch. Some women experience unpleasant stabbing and cutting pains in the chest. This usually goes again.
  • Breastfeeding: The risk of not being able to breastfeed after breast lift surgery depends on the method used and how much tissue removes. In addition, an inexperienced surgeon can increase this risk.
  • Conclusion: The operation to performs by an inexperienced surgeon is hazardous. For example, the results of this procedure may not always be as expected. We need to emphasize that scars can become unsightly and visible. This problem is more common in dark-skinned types. In the long run, the result depends on keeping the woman at a stable weight. But in any case, you should expect that the breast will eventually sag again.

How to Prepare for Breast Lift?

Since breast lift is a major operation, there are some issues that you should pay particular attention to before the treatment. Therefore, if you want a breast lift, you must be of average weight. Significantly when overweight, there is a higher risk of infection, fatty tissue that cannot survive due to lack of blood supply, and infection that causes tenderness and swelling. There may also be a risk of decreased blood flow to the nipple, so you may lose it. This is another reason you should be at an average weight if you have breast lift surgery.

In addition, we strongly recommend quitting smoking if you’re considering a breast lift. Smoking causes small blood vessels to constrict; these are supposed to supply the tissue, especially the nipples, with blood. Likewise, scars get more expansive if you smoke. This is another reason to stop. It is also necessary not to smoke two months before and two months after any intervention.

We almost always prefer general anesthesia for your comfort in breast lift in Turkey, and in any case, you will stay in the hospital until the day after the surgery. There is usually minimal pain after this procedure compared to many other surgeries that can cause more discomfort.

You should be aware that the shelf life of the result varies significantly from patient to patient depending on genetic conditions, tissue conditions, external conditions, lifestyle, variable weight, pregancies and so go on. Therefore, there is no guarantee for how long the result will remain as it was immediately after the operation.

Step by Step Breast Lift

Check out the steps of the breast lift procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

The surgeon will perform breast lifts in Turkey under general anesthesia. This will help you relax better during the surgical procedure. We have excellent experience with this method. If you have surgery in the morning, you should avoid breakfast. You can have a small morning meal if you have surgery in the afternoon. We recommend that you don’t consume dairy products on the day of the operation.

After the operation, our staff will take you to your private hospital room for observation, and you will need to stay there for one day. Our surgeon will check on you often, and when everything is ok, you will go to your hotel the next day.

  • Marking

Before surgery, our surgeon will mark your breasts to place the incisions correctly. If you wish, our surgeon can also take photos of you to see the differences before and after the operation.

  • Incision

The traditional breast lift method is to make an incision around the nipple to the groove under the breast and into the fold under the breast. The doctor can perform even large breast lifts with this method. The aim of our surgeon here is to hide possible scars so that they’re as invisible as possible.

In some patients, not all the incisions listed are needed, only around the nipple and up to the fold under the breast.

  • Final

Our surgeon carefully shapes your breast tissue. In this step, our specialist removes tissue if your breasts are significant, but our doctor puts a silicone implant if your breast is small. Then, if the surgeon deems it necessary, it will take your excess skin in that area.

Finally, the doctor stitches the problem area with the threads that disappear on their own, and thus the procedure is finished. Our professional uses effective techniques during the operation to prevent bleeding and possible risks.

Combination of Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

If your breast is already significant, heavy, and saggy, you can often opt for breast reduction. The two operations have many similarities and often go hand in hand. By having a breast reduction and breast lift, you can have a smaller breast that doesn’t sag, while at the same time, you can save yourself from back pain, for example.

Additionally, larger breasts (due to their weight) often sag much more than smaller breasts. That’s why the two surgeries are often linked.

We use several different methods for breast reduction in Turkey. The most common way is the traditional one around the nipple, in the midline, and under the breast. This is often referred to as the anchor method because scars look like anchors. However, there is a more elegant method to reduce the breast, possibly liposuction and breast lift, usually just a scar around the nipple (donut lift). It leaves significantly less evidence of interference. Therefore, this method is often preferred.

However, not everyone is suitable for a breast lift as it largely depends on your skin condition and whether the procedure is correct. For this reason, the technique aims at young women with no ruptured chest and whose skin is more elastic. You can decide whether the method will suit you by consulting one of our surgeons.

Combination of Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

You may also need breast augmentation surgery and breast lift procedure. Thus, you can achieve the aesthetic appearance you want. It isn’t unusual for the breast to lose so much fullness after breastfeeding, pregnancy, or weight loss that a breast lift alone will result in a smaller breast.

For some patients, this is enough because they don’t want to have a bigger breast again; they want a higher position of their breasts. Some people may be hesitant to have breast implants or liposuction to carry fat from a place in the body to the breast and therefore are willing to have a breast lift alone.

In the preliminary examination, our surgeon will listen to your thoughts about your current breast and your expectations from your new breast and determine whether you need a breast reduction or breast augmentation with a breast lift.

Some women didn’t consider it necessary to combine a breast lift with other procedures. Therefore, you must thoroughly discuss this with one of our surgeons before treatment begins. For example, you should consider that if you want to restore the fullness of the breast, a breast implant or fat transplant may be necessary, and therefore a breast lift on its own may not be sufficient to achieve the desired result.

In such a case, our experts advise you on the various options and can often recommend scheduling a new consultation. So you have time to evaluate your options and new information before making a decision.

Recovery After Breast Lift

It is essential to maintain a stable weight after breast lift in Turkey. Weight gain negatively affects the shape and scars of the breast, and weight loss can cause new looseness. After the operation, you may feel pain in the chest and discoloration in the operated area. You may have slight swelling in your wardrobe for up to two months after a breast lift, but this will decrease over time.

For 2 months after the breast lift, you should avoid lifting heavy things, especially frequent ones such as gymnastics, to protect the scars. You should wear a bra both day and night for 2-3 months after the procedure and only during the day afterward.

However, it would be best if you used sunscreen for at least 6 months after surgery on the scars and as long as they are at least red. Sometimes it can last up to 1-2 years. The wounds will turn brownish if you get sun on them. So make sure you protect them thoroughly. You can start gymnastics, sports, and swimming only six weeks after the operation. After that, preferably at least six months after the process, controls are made when necessary.

Breast Lift Results

You can clearly see the results of breast lifts in Turkey after 3 to 6 months. However, your scar will continue to become more beautiful and less visible over the years. The skin creates scars that differ from person to person, but the stitching technique makes it possible to create the most beautiful spots.

The breast lift effect is permanent, but breasts may eventually sag again when you get older, after repeated pregnancy and breastfeeding, or when there are significant changes in body weight. In such a case, you can repeat the process.

The breasts lift closer to their original position. This makes them look rejuvenated and plumply. After breast lift surgery, you should expect to take 1-2 weeks off from work and avoid physical activity for 4-6 weeks. For the best possible result, we recommend using a supportive bra or similar for at least 3 months after the operation.

Scars should not be exposed to the sun for a year due to the risk of pigment change. The scars may take up to a year to mature, soften, and reach the final result.

Breast Lift Cost

The breast lift cost in Turkey varies depending on whether it is only this procedure or associated with a different system. In addition, although breast lift prices in Turkey vary according to location, surgeon’s experience, materials, additional processes, techniques, and many factors, they are much lower than in other countries.

Our company sets prices as friendly as possible to our patients, but at the same time, we don’t compromise on the high-quality care and safety that surgical intervention requires.

If you plan to have a breast lift in Turkey, you can contact us immediately and get detailed information. You can call us directly or reach us via WhatsApp or mail. We look forward to hearing from you to add meaning to your life!

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