Auto Augmentation-Butt Lift
Auto Augmentation-Butt Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

3-4 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Have you heard of the auto-augmentation butt lift procedure? Many people find that their butts sag and lose volume following changes in their bodies, such as pregnancy, aging, or weight loss. While this is a natural condition known as lameness, it can lower people’s self-confidence. Many women opt for cosmetic surgery to restore their youthful appearance and self-confidence. Traditional butt lift generally involves the use of implants. However, the auto-augmentation butt lift procedure is a very effective alternative option that uses the patient’s tissue to increase volume and lift the buttock.

Auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey is the most suitable and effective method for women with extensive butt tissue who want to improve the appearance of their saggy butt without losing its size. People who want to enhance their soft buttocks can benefit from this effective cosmetic procedure that lifts and reshapes the tissue.

For those who want to lift their butt, the traditional butt lift alone gives excellent results. This procedure causes the butt to have a more lifted and younger appearance. However, the auto-augmentation butt lift will be a perfect choice for those who want to enhance the butt or lift it without an implant.

Unlike the traditional butt lift procedure, auto-augmentation butt lift procedure in Turkey, surgeons use excess tissues to reshape your existing buttock while maintaining its dimensions and increasing volume. This more subtle process produces much more natural-looking results. However, auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey has many similarities with the traditional butt lift procedure. Our surgeons begin the process by carefully evaluating to create a much more symmetrical and voluminous buttock. Specialists make a T or anchor-shaped incision in the lower part of the butt.

Researchers have proven that this minimal incision type gives patients the best long-term results. Next, the specialists remove the outer layer of excess skin on the buttock and readjust the tissue. As with a traditional butt lift, experts meticulously curl it back instead of removing excess butt skin and tissue. This way, experts can rearrange your butt tissues and fix them in place. Thus, your butt gets a much more alive and rejuvenated appearance. This effective procedure is much less invasive and results in a lower risk of numbness than traditional methods.

The most effective way to achieve successful and long-lasting results from the auto-augmentation butt lift procedure is to choose our board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience. Our surgeons will individually evaluate many factors, such as skin elasticity and firmness, to develop a tailored treatment for you. Adhering to our surgeons’ post-operative guidelines will significantly improve your healing process and ensure that your results are much longer lasting. You will prevent a possible revision procedure with proper care and keep your butt looking younger for years.

What is Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift?

Auto-augmentation butt lift or butt lift with auto-augmentation is an exceptional and effective procedure where surgeons use your natural buttock tissue to reshape and improve the shape of your butt. In this procedure, specialists use only your biological buttock tissue, which is much more advantageous than the butt implant procedure. Only your butt grows upright, or no weight add during the process. Of course, getting the same size with implants is a bit more complicated, but you can expect a very close match.

Ideal candidates for auto-augmentation butt lifts are those who want their implants removed without sagging butt lifts and those who want to lift their butts. This procedure even helps you regain your butt fullness after removing your butt implant. In general, this process also prevents the formation of tight and saggy skin that you see with long-term implants.

In the auto-augmentation butt lift procedure, experts reconstruct your butt, unlike the traditional butt lift, which focuses on enhancing your butt to achieve a fuller butt without touching your tissues. During this procedure, specialists move your tissues to the upper part of your butt for much better fullness. This effective method lifts your butt, removes sagging, improves the shape of your butt, and restores the appearance of the implant.

However, an auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey is an excellent procedure to provide a certain fullness in your butt after removing the implants in your butt. Ideally, you should have a good amount of natural buttock tissue, quality skin that stretches well, and realistic expectations of what you can achieve with auto-augmentation surgery. Our surgeons will evaluate you and recommend the most appropriate treatment to determine your suitability for auto-augmentation.

Recovery is similar to what patients expect after a traditional butt lift procedure. Swelling, bruising, and tenderness are normal and will disappear in a few weeks. It can typically take a few months to several years for possible scars to fade. Scar-minimizing products, such as creams, will help minimize the appearance of your scars. You should not sit on your butt for a while to limit swelling. Walking, even on the day of surgery, is essential to improve blood circulation and minimize the risk of clotting.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift?

Ideal candidates for an auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey are those who want to improve the appearance of their butts without using implants. Ideal candidates should be physically healthy and have enough fat on the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks to undergo liposuction and transfer to the buttocks. The ideal candidate should also have realistic expectations for the procedure’s outcome and understand the limitations and risks involved. It is imperative to consult our experts to determine if this procedure is the best option for you.

Additionally, people who have experienced significant weight loss or have a saggy butt can also benefit from this procedure. However, it should note that this procedure isn’t a weight loss solution and not recommend by experts for overweight people. Also, pregnant or breastfeeding women aren’t suitable candidates for this procedure.

Auto Augmentation Butt Lift
starting from €7000

What Happens at the Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift Consultation?

Auto-augmentation butt lift consultation in Turkey is essential to this lifting procedure. The following steps may take place during the surgical consultation in Turkey:

  • Medical history review: Our surgeon will review your medical history to ensure good health and identify potential risks or contraindications.
  • Physical examination: Our specialists will perform a physical exam of your butts and calves to assess the amount and quality of fat suitable for transfer.
  • Discuss goals and expectations: You will have the opportunity to discuss your desired results and any questions or concerns about the procedure.
  • Recommendations and treatment plan: The doctor will provide advice and a customized treatment plan based on your anatomy, goals, and personal needs.
  • Imaging and simulations: Surgeons can use computer imaging software to provide an approximation of the results you can expect. This allows you to have a visual representation of what the outcome might look like after the procedure.
  • Risks and complications: The surgeon will thoroughly discuss the risks and potential complications associated with the procedure. In addition, the specialist will explain to you in detail the cost of the process and the financing options that may be available.

Our experts will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. The consultation is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and better understand the procedure, expected results, and healing process. You must be honest with our surgeons and ask any questions about the procedure, the healing process, and the potential risks and complications.

What are the Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift Risks?

Deciding whether to have an auto-augmentation butt lift is a purely personal decision. You should determine if you can achieve your goals with this butt lift procedure, whether the risks and potential complications of the surgery are acceptable to you, and if you think the procedure’s benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Our surgeon will explain the possible risks associated with an auto-augmentation butt lift. As with any procedure, this procedure has risks, albeit at a minimal level, of course. Check out the risks of auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey:

  • Bleeding: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of bleeding during an auto-augmentation butt lift. Sometimes, a blood transfusion may be required to replace the lost blood.
  • Infection: There is always a disease risk after any surgical procedure. Following our surgeons’ post-operative care instructions, you can eliminate this significant risk.
  • Numbness: There is a risk of nerve damage during the procedure, which can cause numbness in your affected area. In most cases, the numbness is temporary and resolves within a few weeks or months.
  • Asymmetry: Despite the surgeons’ best efforts, there is always a risk of asymmetry or unevenness after this type of butt lift procedure. But remember that this risk is almost non-existent.
  • Scarring: The incisions surgeons make during the auto-augmentation butt lift cause minimal scarring. These scars fade over time, but they never disappear entirely.
  • Fat necrosis: In some cases, the fats transplanted by surgeons may die or become necrotic. This can cause lumps or swell in your problem area.
  • Fluctuation in fat volume: The fat that surgeons transplant can fluctuate over time, especially if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight.

You must discuss these risks with our plastic surgeons and follow the post-operative care instructions to reduce the risk of complications.

How to Prepare for Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift Procedure?

Preparing for the auto-augmentation butt lift procedure in Turkey requires taking a few steps, including:

  • Medical evaluation: Our surgeons will perform a medical assessment to determine if you have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to have surgery. Also, experts will examine your butt and ask for your desired results to create a personalized treatment plan.
  • Stop certain medications: Before surgery, you may need to stop certain medications, such as blood thinners. Our surgeons will give you a list of drugs you should avoid before and after the procedure.
  • Don’t smoke: Smoking significantly reduces your blood flow, impairs and delays your healing, and dramatically increases your risk of complications. It would be best to stop smoking at least four weeks before the procedure.
  • Recovery plan: You will need to plan to take time off from work and other activities to recover after the procedure. It would be best if you also stocked up on post-operative supplies such as comfortable clothing, pain relievers your doctor will recommend, and ice packs.
  • Follow pre-operative instructions: Our specialists will provide pre-operative instructions, including what to eat and drink before the procedure. By following these steps, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for your auto-augmentation butt lift procedure and minimize the risk of complications. You must inform our doctors about any medication, supplement, or herb you take, as you may need to stop before the procedure. Limit your alcohol intake during this time. Plastic surgeons will already give you specific instructions on preparing for the process, including what to eat and drink and what to avoid. In addition, experts will advise on how to care for the incision area after the procedure and what activities to avoid during recovery.

What is the Procedure for Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift?

Auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that uses the patient’s tissue to enhance and lift the butt. The process is relatively simple and extremely safe. Check out the auto-augmentation butt lift steps in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

Before the procedure, our specialists will give general anesthesia to ensure comfort during the operation.

  • Incision

Our surgeon will make an incision in the lower back or the hip crease to remove some fat and skin. This senior surgeon can use liposuction to remove excess fat from your waist, sides, or thighs. The specialist will purify this fat by processing it for re-injection into the butt.

  • Re-injection

The surgeon will re-inject your processed fat into your butt using a special cannula. The specialist carefully places the fat to develop and reshape the buttocks to achieve the desired results.

  • Closing the incision

After re-injecting your fat into your butt, the specialist closes the incisions using dissolvable sutures or surgical tape. After the procedure, our specialists will follow you carefully.

At this stage, our experts will provide instructions on how to care for your incision site and manage your pain and swelling. Depending on the person, recovery can take a few days to a few weeks. Following the plastic surgeon’s instructions carefully ensures optimum results and a smooth recovery. It’s also crucial to attend all follow-up appointments to monitor the healing progress and ensure everything is improving as you expected.

How is the Recovery After Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift?

The recovery process is just as necessary as the procedure itself. The healing process dramatically increases the chances of success of the design. Recovery after removal may vary from person to person, but there are some general guidelines. Check out the recovery process after auto-augmentation butt lifts in Turkey:

  • Pain and swelling: It is normal to have some discomfort and to swell in the area treated by surgeons for a few days to a week after the procedure. You can easily manage the pain with painkillers that the specialist will prescribe.
  • Wound care: The surgeon will instruct you to maintain your incisions and the surrounding area. At this stage, you should keep the problem area clean and dry. Your surgeon may also recommend antibiotic ointments or dressings. You can use them as recommended by the expert.
  • Activity restrictions: You will need to avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for several weeks to avoid putting too much pressure on your problem area. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about what actions you can and cannot do during your recovery. You will need to attend follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your progress and ensure you are healing correctly.
  • Bruising and discoloration: Some patients may experience bruising and discoloration in the treated area, which is normal and should resolve on its own over time.
  • Scarring: Some scarring expects after any surgical procedure, including auto-augmentation butt lift. The size and visibility of the scar will vary depending on the person and the technique used by the surgeon.
  • Final results: It may take several weeks or months for the final results of this type of butt lift to become fully evident, as swelling and discoloration will subside, and the treated area will heal completely.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, is essential to support healing and achieve the best results. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions for post-operative care and recovery. So be sure to follow them closely and ask any questions you may have. Contact your surgeon immediately if you have any concerns or experience any unusual symptoms.

When Will You See the Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift Results?

You may not see auto-augmentation butt lift results in Turkey immediately, as it may take several weeks or months for the swelling to go down and the final results to be noticeable. Recovery time may vary depending on factors such as the procedure’s extent and the patient’s healing process. Patients may wear a compression garment to support the newly reshaped and repositioned tissue during the initial recovery period. We also recommend you not sit directly on the hip to avoid any pressure on the incision sites.

You should expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort for the first few days after the procedure. Over time, the node will subside, and the incisions will begin to heal. After the swelling subsides, you will see the final results of an auto-augmentation butt lift.

Auto-augmentation butt lift results will gradually become more noticeable as bruising and swelling decrease, typically within the first 2 to 3 weeks following the procedure. You will have a younger and upturned appearance with improved contours in your butt area. The results of this procedure are long-lasting, and you can maintain it with a healthy lifestyle and a consistent weight.

How Much Does an Auto-Augmentation Butt Lift Cost?

Auto-augmentation butt lift costs in Turkey vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the surgeon’s experience and reputation, location, facility, and extent of the procedure. The cost may also vary depending on whether additional functions, such as liposuction or fat transfer, are performed together with auto-augmentation. It is crucial to remember that the procedure’s cost should not be the only factor determining which plastic surgeon to choose. But don’t forget that the price of auto-augmentation butt lifts in Turkey is very low compared to other countries.

Choose us for the best auto-augmentation butt lift experience in Turkey. Our expert and experienced team guarantee you the best results. We are with you for all your pre-and post-operative needs. Our experts perform the auto-augmentation butt lift procedure using up-to-date technologies and the most advanced methods. The treatment plan we have prepared helps you achieve the most appropriate and successful result. With us, you will experience a safe and successful surgery. After the surgery, we offer you a particular follow-up program. Also, our team is always there for you when you have any post-operative problems or concerns.

Auto-augmentation butt lift in Turkey gives you a higher and fuller butt look. Thus, you get a more beautiful and safer appearance. Together with the suitability of your preferred style and lifestyle, we will help you achieve the best results. We are here to provide you with the best service!

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