Breast Reduction

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Breast reduction eliminates many different problems. Also, this procedure can do for several reasons. Many women opt for breast reduction for cosmetic reasons. You may feel more comfortable with a smaller cup than your current size. Your breasts will then be proportional to the rest of your body, and your outerwear will be more beautiful. There may also be non-aesthetic reasons for breast reduction desire.

Large, heavy breasts can cause neck and back pain. Breast reduction can offer a solution in all these cases, and smaller cup size can be a huge relief. With breast reduction in Turkey, our surgeon removes excess fat, gland, and skin tissue. Thus, your breasts will become smaller as you wish. You can also shrink the areola if you want.

Breast reduction surgery also gives your breasts a new shape. For this reason, breast reduction is often also a breast lift. The essential condition for the surgery is that your breasts are fully mature. Breast correction surgeries such as breast reduction are possible until old age.

The breast reduction procedure is one of the essential procedures from a functional point of view. The breast is one of the most important organs for women. Having large breasts can also seriously prevent you from adapting to social life. Especially in your daily life, you look more overweight, besides, not being able to wear the clothes you want makes you unable to adapt to everyday life.

Another problem your breast size brings is that it can cause skeletal deformities. In particular, many different symptoms may occur, such as bending your neck, bending forward, pain in your neck region, and back and neck pain.

You may also experience sweating problems, mainly depending on your breast size, and thus you may experience symptoms such as dermatology. For all these problems, our company recommends the breast reduction procedure. Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is one of the procedures that are much more painless, you can recover quickly, and you can quickly adapt to social life.

What is Breast Reduction?

Heavy or drooping breasts often cause functional problems in women, such as neck, shoulder, or back pain, discomfort during exercise, or sores in the chest fold. The weight of a large breast can also cause poor posture. Some women may be embarrassed by their breast size. Breast reduction surgery may be the solution in these cases.

Breast reduction is an essential procedure in which our surgeon removes the excess mammary gland and adipose tissue and thus reduces the breast volume. Your remaining mammary gland tissue remodels into a new, smaller breast shape.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction?

If you’re experiencing physical discomfort due to the weight of your breasts, you may consider having breast reduction surgery. Anyone whose breasts are healthy and fully developed is the ideal candidate for breast reduction.

Heavy or drooping breasts can cause both physical and psychological problems. For example, you may suffer back or shoulder pain, the skin under the breasts may begin to sweat, and bra straps may cause skin irritation. Embarrassment about the appearance of the breasts can also play a role.

Breast reduction may be a solution. This reduction procedure allows you to have less heavy or saggy breasts as some of the breast tissue removes. In addition, you will achieve a new breast shape, and the nipple and areola will place in the right place. Whether this procedure is suitable for you depends primarily on your complaints. Our plastic surgeon will discuss this with you.

If you’re overweight, you may need to lose weight first. Then the doctor may recommend that you follow a good diet. You can also do this by consulting our doctor. You must also have quit smoking before the surgery.

Breast Reduction
starting from €3400

What Happens During the Breast Reduction Consultation?

You will talk with our medical consultant and plastic surgeon during the consultation. Our medical consultant will first inform you about pre and post-treatment care. It will be your point of contact throughout the entire treatment process. In the next consultation stage, you will continue with the plastic surgeon.

During this conversation, our doctor will ask about your breast size, height, weight, and general health status. You discuss your wishes and expectations with our expert. The doctor will explain how to perform breast reduction and what exactly is the best approach for you. The surgeon will advise you about the expected outcome, risks, and recovery. The following are essential for the procedure to be safe and successful:

  • If you’re overweight, the risk of complications is higher. Your weight should be proportional, which means your BMI should be 30z or less.
  • You should not smoke from 4 weeks before to 4 weeks after surgery. Smoking significantly increases the risk of complications.

What are the Risks of Breast Reduction?

Every surgery carries risks. There is a small risk of an allergic reaction, infection, thrombosis, impaired wound healing, or bleeding from anesthetic fluids, disinfectants, or plasters. There are also minor risks associated with anesthesia.


The specific risks of breast reduction are retraction of the skin edges and wrinkling of the skin around the wound. As a result, recovery may take a little longer, but it need not hurt the result.

Other risks include numbness of the nipples, partial loss of the nipple, and the formation of hypertrophic (very thickening) scars. It would be best if you remembered that breasts will not always be completely symmetrical. Sometimes breastfeeding is no longer possible. While the chances are small, check out for breast reduction risks:

  • Being overweight and smoking can prevent wounds from healing. Injuries can also open.
  • There may be (partial) death of the nipple due to insufficient blood flow. Then a restructuring is required.
  • In addition, scars may be thicker and broader than average, or the breasts may be larger or smaller than expected. Nipples and breasts may become asymmetrical. The doctor can improve these complications with a second surgery.
  • With breast reduction, the sensation in the nipples usually decreases or disappears altogether.
  • Breastfeeding may often be more difficult or no longer possible.
  • It would be wise to move again as soon as possible after the operation to prevent complications such as thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia.

How to Prepare for Breast Reduction?

It would be best if you prepared correctly and safely for the operation. You must be sober before the procedure. This prevents your stomach contents from entering the trachea and lungs during the process. This can lead to severe complications. We have listed the things you should pay attention to before the operation:

8 hours before breast reduction:

  • You can eat your regular diet, including fatty or meaty foods, up to 8 hours before an operation or examination. You cannot eat anything from midnight the night before a procedure or test.

6 hours before breast reduction:

  • You aren’t allowed to eat and drink anything (including desserts). You can still chew gum, but you shouldn’t swallow it.

We will also have some suggestions. Before the operation, it is crucial to consider the following:

  • If you have a fever or flu a few days before the procedure, please contact our specialist.
  • You should not wear make-up, jewelry, contact lenses, glasses, or dentures during the surgery. If this is very frustrating for you, please discuss it with our specialist. Today, there is no need to remove nail polish or artificial nails before an operation or examination.
  • You should remove any piercings at the surgical area or at your body
  • Our surgeon will discuss which drugs you can continue to use and which you should stop temporarily. You can take any medication with a few sips of water up to one hour before the treatment. If your drug use has changed before surgery or examination, please tell our doctor before surgery.
  • Improving your physical condition, eating healthy, and quitting smoking can significantly contribute to your recovery and reduce the risk of complications. To prevent infections and improve surgical wound healing and overall health, we strongly recommend you stop smoking before the planned procedure. You can contact our consultants for help in this regard.
  • Our specialists will give you anesthesia and painkillers for the operation to be comfortable. In this, our doctor explains the different forms of anesthesia and pain relief and their advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, the doctor may use electrodes on the chest to measure your heart rate. In addition, the specialist will calculate your blood values ​​and complete your preparation for the procedure.

Step by Step Breast Reduction Procedure

In general, breast reduction surgery in Turkey consists of the following steps:

  • Anesthesia

You will receive general anesthesia for your comfort and painlessness during the surgery. So you won’t notice anything.

  • Drawing/ Marking

Just before the operation, our plastic surgeon draws your body (surgery plan). This illustration shows how the process will proceed. This is necessary to get the best possible result from the procedure.

  • Textures and incision

The surgeon makes small incisions and removes some of the skin and mammary gland tissue. Then the specialist will usually place your nipple a little higher. This causes a reduction in breast volume. This does in a way that preserves the natural shape of the breast as much as possible.

  • Methods

There are two different methods for breast reduction. The first method is where there are lines on the sides of the nipple, in the lower middle part of the breast, from the nipple to the rib cage, and under the breast. It is called the anchor method.

The second method is in which there is only a line around the nipple. Here, the donut lift at the same time.

The first way is the most used operation method. It is also the method that leaves the most traces. The other process only leaves a scar that isn’t very visible around the nipple. However, not every patient is suitable for this method.

  • Final

The doctor drains excess wound fluid from the breasts through a tube (drain), sometimes ending in a plastic bottle. But often, this isn’t necessary. At the end of the surgery, your breasts will wrap with a supportive and compressive bra.

Breast reduction usually takes 1 to 2 hours. As mentioned above, there are various surgical techniques for breast reduction. Our plastic surgeon will inform you about the preferred method before the surgery.

Recovery After Breast Reduction

After the surgery, our staff will take you to your room and stay in the hospital overnight. Our specialist constantly checks for adverse reactions from anesthesia, nausea, pain, blood oxygen level, heartbeat, blood pressure, and wound and bladder condition. If everything goes well the next day and you are awake enough, you will be able to proceed to your hotel.

It is normal to feel some pain or discomfort after surgery. Pain is a valuable and vital signal. It allows you to rest for faster recovery. Sometimes the pain can become very severe, which will delay your recovery. We find the pain acceptable if you can breathe and cough well, move a little, and the pain doesn’t cost you a lot of energy. For this, our doctor will give you the necessary drugs. Check out what you need to consider in your recovery process after breast reduction:

Week 1

  • Get enough rest for yourself and the operated area.
  • Don’t raise your arms above shoulder level.
  • Wear your special bra day and night in consultation with our doctor for four weeks.
  • Light home activities are allowed but listen to your body.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. You are not allowed to lift more than 1 kg.
  • We don’t recommend driving for the first three weeks after surgery.
  • You aren’t allowed to take a shower during this period. However, one day after taking your drains, you can retake a shower with the instruction of our doctor.
  • It is essential to take a short shower. Then the wound will not soften, and adhesive plasters stay in place better. You cannot take a bath if you have adhesive applications or seams.

Week 2

  • You can slowly and carefully raise your arms to shoulder height.
  • Light home activities are allowed but listen to your body.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with your doctor, you continue to wear the bra day and night.

Weeks 3

  • You can raise your arms above your head again, but be careful not to apply force.
  • You can increase housework gradually.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and working above your strength.

Week 4

  • The recovery process continues at full speed.
  • You can gradually resume your daily activities, but
  • Avoid overloading the chest muscles.
  • Avoid overstraining the pectoral muscles. So a few kilos
  • Don’t lift too much.
  • Driving is allowed again, but you should only do this if you feel fit.

Week 5

  • Gradually, you can get everything back to normal.
  • As of this week, it is sufficient to wear a bra only during the day with the instruction of our doctor.
  • You can gradually increase the movements and effort of the pectoral muscles. But always listen to your body.
  • You can slowly repeat the sport and expand it to the desired level.
  • The following week you can do everything normally again.

Finally, scarring after breast reduction is inevitable—a circular scar forms around the nipple. Scars can be seen in the skin folds under the breasts and between the nipple and skin fold. In the postoperative period, the redness and swelling of the wounds gradually decrease. You can heal the scars faster by massaging with cream or ointment three weeks after the procedure.

What are the Advantages of Breast Reduction?

Of course, when you have a breast reduction, you will also gain advantages. Before making your final decision, you can ask our consultant for help to find out the pros. Check out the general advantages of breast reduction in Turkey:

  • Your breasts become lighter and smaller.
  • You’re relieved of a wide variety of discomforts previously caused by large, heavy breasts.
  • It is a permanent solution.
  • You will be able to do something more easily physically.
  • You can get increased satisfaction with your body.

Breast Reduction in Men

Contrary to what is known, breast reduction for men in Turkey is viral. Many men with increased breast growth feel some discomfort about it. They experience something feminine, and some men also feel a particular shame about them. They will be able to feel masculine again after breast reduction surgery and will be free to try to hide their breasts and will not hesitate to show themselves with a bare chest or a tight t-shirt.

This condition can occur with the following drugs, hormonal disorders, diseases, and obesity. Breast reduction surgery in men is relatively standard. Our specialists also specialize in male breast reduction, and many of their male patients express great satisfaction with the treatment results.

Before and After Breast Reduction Photos

Most women considering breast reduction are interested in seeing breast reduction before and after photos. In this way, you can better imagine what exactly the result will be after the operation.

You may want to see before and after breast reduction as a photo in this context. Of course, women’s breasts are very different. This means that results will vary from person to person, so you cannot transfer these breast reduction images directly to your own body.

However, these pictures will give you a rough idea ​​before and after breast reduction. That way you can find out if it’s something for you.

Breast Reduction Results

Your breasts bandage for the first few days after surgery. For this reason, you cannot immediately see breast reduction results in Turkey. However, our doctor changes the bandage after a few days. From then on, you will wear a special bra that you must wear until the swelling and bruises disappear. Your breasts will feel sore for several weeks after breast reduction surgery. The node may numb your breasts for a while. Don’t worry about it. For most women, the feeling returns after a few weeks or months. In extreme cases, it may take longer.

You can return to work approximately two weeks after breast reduction surgery. Note that you aren’t allowed to lift heavy things for the first 3 to 4 weeks. Try to rest as much as possible. If possible, arrange for extra help at home. After breast reduction surgery, your body needs time to recover fully. Initially red and swollen, the scars gradually fade over weeks or months. Thus, you will be able to see the results of breast reduction clearly and achieve your dreams. Don’t forget that after years of experience, the decisive importance of pre and post-care for a successful intervention is very high.

How Much is Breast Reduction?

The breast reduction cost in Turkey is much cheaper than in the US, UK, and other countries. Turkey’s breast reduction prices are affordable because of generally high demand and exchange rate differences.

Your breasts cause physical or psychological complaints, and are you considering breast reduction? Then let our experienced doctors inform you without any obligation. The procedure performs by our expert plastic surgeons in accredited clinics in Turkey. So you can be sure that we will provide the best care. During a free consultation, we will examine and discuss how the treatment technique can apply to you, and our doctor will tell you what results in you can expect from a breast reduction procedure.

A successful response in our company is more than expertise and professional guidance. You can call us immediately, request live support, write on WhatsApp or fill out our contact form. We look forward to meeting you!

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