Neck Lift

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

5  night

The skin on the neck loses its elasticity due to aging, and skin folds occur. You can combine it with a neck lift, chin liposuction, facelift, or other facial surgeries. The result is very effective and helps to rejuvenate the face in general.

The neck lift is a cosmetic operation that tones and tightens the skin on the neck. A neck lift is often used with a facelift to achieve a more youthful appearance. The procedure is considered elective surgery, except where a neck lift occurs as part of post-accident reconstructive surgery.

Although neck lifts in Turkey are a single procedure, two procedures use to manage this procedure. First, there is the procedure called cervicoplasty. This procedure removes any amount of excess skin that may be present. Platysmaplasty is used after cervicoplasty to reconstruct the neck muscles, including removing sections if necessary. In case of excess fat, the plastic surgeon is likely to also use liposuction before trying to place the remaining skin and close the incision.

As with any invasive procedure, a neck lift carries some potential risks. Our plastic surgeon will ensure that you meet the essential criteria for surgery before performing neck lift surgery. Also, our doctor will help you understand the risks and have a fair idea of ​​the possible consequences.

In general, neck lift candidates should be in good health. If you are currently taking prescription medication to treat a specific condition, the surgeon will examine you to determine if complications may occur. This is especially true if the drug inhibits the body’s ability to heal from cuts or can thin the blood. Our surgeons also ask you not to smoke or drink alcohol just before the procedure and to continue to avoid smoking and alcohol during the recovery period.

Once our surgeon is confident that your overall health is acceptable, the next step will be to help you understand the general risks associated with the procedure. The risks of a neck lift include the possibility of developing an infection during or after surgery and the case of an adverse reaction to the anesthesia used during the neck lift. You must understand that this procedure is severe and carries many risks associated with any surgery.

In addition to qualifying you for physical challenges and surgical risks, the surgeon will likely spend some time helping you understand what to expect regarding neck lift benefits. Candidates sometimes have unreasonable expectations that must be addressed before the procedure schedule. Assisting the candidate in understanding what can be gained from the surgery helps minimize the chance of emotional problems after the procedure is complete.

A neck lift can make a significant difference in your self-esteem. You experience a renewed life, often with your improved appearance. However, not everyone may benefit from the procedure to the same degree. Working closely with our qualified surgeon will help you decide whether surgery is a good idea and how much of a change in appearance will occur.

A neck lift in Turkey is suitable for all men and women over 40, but it can also be performed on younger people if indicated for the procedure. If you are considering a neck lift, you will have a preliminary interview with our plastic surgeon, who will evaluate whether the process suits you and explain the operation’s procedure, scope, and anesthesia method. During this consultation, our specialist will also answer all your questions.

Neck aesthetic surgery can take different forms and may require different degrees of surgical interventions to rejuvenate the neck. Sometimes it is a neck lift as part of a facelift, and sometimes it is the surgical correction of the deeper structures of the neck. The difficulty of the surgery and the type of anesthesia also depend on it. Depending on the method chosen, the surgeon makes an incision either under the chin, behind the ear, or a combination of both regions. After the excess skin is destroyed, the surgeon perfectly sutures the wounds with absorbable sutures.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Neck Lift?

With age, everything starts to sag, including your neck. This is partly because the skin has become looser, and you are losing volume on your neck. As a result, sagging neck lines lead to a condition called the sagging neck. Aging isn’t the only culprit, as teens can also suffer from a loose neck and fuzzy jawline. With them, this is usually due to excess fat on the neck. In both cases, a neck lift can offer the solution, but one neck lift isn’t the other. Therefore, it is essential that you know which technique best suits your needs.

Although this procedure is suitable for adults of all ages, ideal candidates for neck lifts in Turkey are anyone between the ages of 40 and 70. Over the years, the skin under the chin and neck loses its elasticity. Many are dissatisfied with this and want firmer skin. During a neck lift, our specialist removes excess and loose skin. Thus, your fat deposits under the chin reduce.

Neck Lift
starting from €3900

What Happens During the Consultation of Necklift?

You will make the consultation with our plastic surgeon, who will treat you. During this first interview, you can specify what bothers you most about the neck and what you want to change. After that, the plastic surgeon will take pictures for the medical record and examine your face, especially your neck area. The doctor will then discuss your neck wishes with you in front of a mirror.

The specialist will then recommend the most suitable surgical technique and discuss it with you. The doctor will explain this technique and what you can expect from the result. The specialist will examine the recovery time and any risks and complications with you.

That way, you can make a well-thought-out decision. The plastic surgeon will show you the before and after the neck lift photos, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. After that, our professional will summarize your consultation in a treatment plan, and the expert will discuss the total costs immediately. The consultation will take approximately 45 minutes and aims to inform you as clearly and thoroughly as possible.

What are the Risks of Neck Lift?

It is essential to understand that any surgical procedure carries risks and complications. Plastic surgery involves healthy people, and the chances and probability of complications are minor. We reduce these risks to an absolute minimum with a piece of sound knowledge, a complete history (by taking your medical history, such as drug use, possible problems with previous surgeries, allergies), and our professional way of working.

Every year, many people successfully undergo neck lift surgery in Turkey. Fortunately, the chance of a complication occurring is rare. You can help reduce certain risks by carefully following the instructions before a neck lift. The neck lift is generally safe when performed by our licensed, certified plastic surgeon who experiences these treatments. However, there are risks and complications associated with a neck lift:

  • Swelling, bruising, and bruising usually occur after the surgery.
  • Slight asymmetry.
  • Blood and fluid may collect under the skin
  • In some cases, facial nerves may injure during treatment. This creates weakness on one side of the lower face. This may be an unpleasant feeling for three to six months but then disappears again.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Feeling the change
  • Permanent scars
  • Damage to infrastructures
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic result

Patients who smoke or use nicotine products (such as nicotine patches and gum) during surgery are at greater risk for complications such as skin death and poor wound healing. People exposed to second-hand smoke may also be at increased risk for similar complications. Also, smoking can hurt anesthesia and possibly increase the risk of bleeding. People exposed to smoke or nicotine products have a significantly lower risk of such complications. It is essential not to smoke at least two weeks before surgery and to continue smoking throughout the recovery period.

How Do You Prepare for Surgery of Necklift?

Before the procedure, you talk to surgeons about the following:

  • Expectations and targets
  • Medical condition
  • Current medications, including vitamins and supplements
  • Alcohol, smoke, and drug use
  • Drug allergies
  • Previous transactions

This information allows the plastic surgeon to decide on the best surgical approach and to get a good overview of the possible risks. You may ask to stop certain drugs or have a blood test before the procedure.

You should stop smoking 2-4 weeks before the neck lift and stop taking blood thinners. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will analyze your face. You must fast for 6 hours before the surgery.

It would be best if you also stayed away from alcohol the previous week before the operation.

You should be physically and mentally healthy and in the best possible condition on the day of surgery. If you catch a cold with flu, cough, and fever, or if your general situation is terrible for any other reason, the operation may postpone.

What is the procedure of Neck Lift?

The neck lift procedure in Turkey may take 1 to 2 hours, depending on the area the surgeon will treat. How the treatment progresses depends on the plastic surgeon’s technique, the condition of your neck, and the result you want. That’s why asking how the surgeon works during the consultation is essential. Common issues addressed during treatment include excess fat, loose platysma muscles, and sagging neck skin. Follow the steps of the neck lift procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

You will have a comfortable experience by taking general anesthesia before the procedure. The surgeon will then move on to the following techniques based on your situation.

  • Excess fat and skin

If excess fat is visible on the platysma muscle, the doctor removes it by liposuction. The doctor removes the fat from the neck with three small incisions. The specialist makes small incisions on the chin and behind each ear.

The doctor surgically removes the fat using surgical retractors when it settles under the platysma muscle. Retractors are instruments used by surgeons during surgery. Tissues are held by these instruments, making the space more accessible. The surgeon can safely remove encapsulated grease in this way.

  • Loose platysma muscles

As we age, the platysma muscle splits to form two broad, thin bands along the neck. Eventually, the power will begin to press against the skin. So you no longer have a sharp jawline but loose skin between your chin and neck.

During treatment, the doctor stitches the two sides of the muscles together, like a corset, from the front of the neck and under the chin. When this does, the platysma muscles are attached to the neck muscles. Sometimes, the doctor may remove part of the platysma muscle to provide optimal tension. The plastic surgeon ensures that the loose skin under your chin pulls tight and your neck lifts.

  • Loose neck skin

When someone loses a lot of weight or gets older, they can develop a lot of excess skin on the neck. With cervicoplasty, also called neck lift, the doctor can remove this excess skin on the chin and neck, which doesn’t affect the neck muscles.

  • Final

After completing all or some of these procedures, the surgeon recloses the incisions with small sutures or surgical glue.

You will stay in the hospital for one night after the procedure. Immediately after the neck lift, the doctor places a dressing. This dressing is removed one day after the neck lift, depending on the instructions you will receive from the plastic surgeon.

It is possible to have bleeding or edema after neck lift surgery, but this usually goes away in a short time. A week after the operation, the doctor removes the stitches. Initially, your scars are red and thick but fade over time and become barely visible. The results of the neck lift process are a maximum of three months after the procedure and are usually permanent. This procedure can do at the same time as a facelift.

How is the Recovery After Neck Lift?

After the neck lift treatment, you will stay in our hospital for one night. After treatment, the hospital team will take you to the recovery room to monitor blood pressure and heart rate. The plastic surgeon will see you the following day, and you can go to the hotel if you are feeling well.

You usually don’t feel much pain after neck lift surgery. However, swelling and bruising around the treated area are possible. To prevent this as much as possible, wear the support bandage for a week after the neck lift. You can usually see the result a few weeks after the neck lift. However, you can only evaluate the impact of a neck lift after one year.

One week after neck lift surgery, you will visit the plastic surgeon or nurse for a checkup and remove the knots in the support band and sutures. Control appointments take place in consultation with the plastic surgeon.

When will you see the Neck Lift Results?

Neck lift results in Turkey are very successful and long-lasting. You will continue to age naturally after the surgery, affecting the results after a few years. You will still see good results over the long term.

As with most operations, neck lift surgery will require the surgeon to make an incision in the skin. The incisions will leave scars, but our experienced cosmetic surgeon will think carefully about the placement of the incisions so that the incisions aren’t unduly visible. The specialist usually makes the incisions close to the hairline. It is also important to note that the incisions are small. This reduces the possibility of scarring. Over time, the scars also decrease. You can also use a scar cream to speed up the whole process.

The natural aging process will continue, and the neck may begin to relax again. You cannot stop this aging process with a neck lift. But the result is never less than before the treatment. To preserve a result as long as possible, it is essential to consider the following:

  • You must maintain a healthy weight. If you gain weight, your neck will start to store fat again, and the results will decrease.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking spoils the skin and can cause wrinkles on the neck.
  • Use strong sun protection. The sun can again damage the skin and cause wrinkles.
  • You can also use at-home tightening treatments (lasers, radio frequency, ultrasonic energy treatments) to keep the results optimal for as long as possible.

How Much is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift costs in Turkey depend on the hospital location, the doctor’s experience, and the personalized treatment plan prepared for you. As we mentioned earlier, a neck lift can also involve a combination of cosmetic procedures. Stretching prices throughout Turkey also depend on the type of anesthesia. The cost of neck lift surgery depends on many factors, including:

  • The complexity of the surgery: Deep neck lift is more costly than traditional facelift surgery due to its complexity, surgical skill, and time required.
  • Surgeon’s level of expertise: The more a surgeon specializes in a particular part of the body or some intervention, the higher their fees.
  • Patient’s specific anatomy: We tailor each intervention to your needs and the degree of aging of your neck. Therefore, surgical costs will reflect the work and time required to achieve the best results.

However, don’t forget that neck lift prices in Turkey are at least five times lower than in other countries. If you are considering a neck lift, you can contact us immediately. We are waiting for you if you are ready for a unique experience.

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