Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Not satisfied with the shape of your breasts? Do you think it’s too small or too soft? Then fat transfer breast augmentation is a highly effective way to make your breasts bigger and firmer. We will help you with breast augmentation fat transfer and before and after care in Turkey. We will also complete luxury care during your entire medical trip to Turkey.

In fat transfer breast augmentation, our surgeon takes fat from other parts of your body and transfers it to your breasts to make them look more beautiful. This is an excellent option for women who want to have breast augmentation with fat transfer and mainly seek a relatively small increase in breast size and prefer natural results to the use of implants.

Many women opt for fat transfer breast augmentation to help improve their body proportions and rejuvenate breasts that may have deflated due to pregnancy or weight loss. Traditionally, breast augmentation was done only with gel or saline-filled breast implants. Now there is another option; fat grafting breast augmentation!

To make the breast more extensive and beautiful, fat can be absorbed from one or more body parts and carried to the breast. Fat transfer can also be performed as a primary augmentation method, as a decollete reinforcement during a breast lift, or to renew and plump the breast after implant removal.

Fat transfer breast augmentation can fulfill your desire to have more beautiful breasts and boost your self-confidence. Other common causes of fat transfer breast augmentation include dimming the breast during weight loss or after pregnancy, the aging process, breastfeeding, weight changes, or hormonal changes. Whatever your desire for bigger breasts, you will have natural and beautiful breasts in the breast augmentation with fat transfer we have done with care.

Our experts take the time to tailor requests and recommendations regarding treatment and outcome. With fat transfer breast augmentation, the breasts gain more volume, a better shape, and proportion. We strive for the highest quality for our patients, with our team providing personal care and advice throughout a professional treatment process in Turkey. Thus, it will be the most comfortable procedure in Turkey, and you will recover quickly and have an aesthetic appearance.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Our agency widely uses the fat transfer technique for breast augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a safe and harmonious technique to shape and increase volume with a natural effect.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a viable alternative to breast implants. It is therefore particularly suitable for women who are afraid of surgery and don’t want foreign bodies in their bodies. Fat transfer breast augmentation allows women who wish for mild breast augmentation to achieve excellent results without leaving a trace and without implants.

It is also a technique for correcting an asymmetry between the two breasts, correcting a lumpy breast, or repairing damage from a previous procedure. Fat transfer breast augmentation has no specific contraindications and is therefore potentially accessible to all women who want to reshape their breasts without implants and scars and slightly enlarge them. Fat transfer breast augmentation is ideal for those who wish to correct minor imperfections, wrinkles, or breast discharge after losing weight. It also solves many different problems, including:

  • Increasing the volume of the breasts without using breast implants
  • Changing the shape of your breasts
  • To restore shape and volume to a breast that has been damaged by pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Correcting the breast asymmetry, that is, improving the volume difference between the two breasts
Breast Augmentation with Own Fat
starting from €3900

What Happens During the Consultation?

Our surgeon analyzes the shape and size of your breast asymmetries and evaluates the most appropriate technique to achieve your desired result in the first stage of fat transfer breast augmentation evaluation or consultation. Our professional then determines the amount of fatty tissue to be transferred and the sampling areas and shows you the before and after gallery results.

In addition, the specialist carefully analyzes your medical history because the doctor can manage the preparation for surgery in a personalized way, also from a pharmacological point of view (anesthesia).

We recommend discontinuing certain drugs such as aspirin at least 15 days before the fat transfer breast augmentation. Also, not smoking at least 1 week before the process to avoid coagulation problems and to minimize the risk of bleeding during the operation. This is because smoking compromises the outcome of the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure.

What are the Risks of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a relatively simple, safe, and minimally invasive surgical procedure. Risks are infrequent, including asymmetry from irregular absorption of implanted fat or small subcutaneous nodules called granulomas. However, complications can easily be remedied by resorting to a later application. Check out the risks of fat transfer breast augmentation in general:

  • The body reabsorbs the injected fat to some extent (usually about 1/3). Therefore, you may lose a significant amount of the volume over time.
  • Some fat injected into the breast area may die (necrosis). Signs of necrosis include pain, bleeding, dark blue or black skin discoloration, numbness, fever, and foul-smelling discharge. Unlike implants, implanted fat doesn’t prevent breasts from sagging due to aging, weight loss, pregnancy, or genetics.
  • There may be decreased sensitivity at the nipple.
  • Unlike the prosthesis, the fat tissue in the body is subject to hormonal and weight changes.
  • It is possible that the fat injected into the breast within a few months after the operation will reabsorb due to the lack of vascularity.

Fat transfer breast augmentation can have pros and cons. However, the latter is often linked to subjective factors. Therefore, our surgeon examines the specific case much more carefully. These risks are infrequent. We recommend that you don’t take this information as absolute and always wait for the consultation of our specialist. In general, before having fat transfer breast augmentation, it is good to know that the procedure results are in some respects less specific than other types of breast augmentation surgery.

How to Prepare for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Proper preparation for breast augmentation with fat transfer is essential for its successful outcome. An excellent mental and practical disposition helps to take an active role that will actually be responsible for what is happening and also provides security. Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are excellent preparations for fat transfer breast augmentation. Of course, you should continue a healthy lifestyle even after the operation.

The doctor always starts by evaluating your breast’s size and overall structure, adhering to your personal preferences. Then the doctor continues to evaluate the gland for asymmetry and positional defect. Our surgeon will provide comprehensive preoperative instructions, answer all your questions, provide detailed medical history and perform a physical examination to determine your suitability for fat transfer breast augmentation.

To help detect and monitor changes in breast tissue, our plastic surgeon may also recommend a reference mammogram before surgery and another mammogram a few months after surgery.

Our specialist will also inform you about fat transfer breast augmentation pros and cons. Before the breast augmentation with fat transfer, our professional will ask you to stop smoking at least six weeks before the surgery to ensure a better and faster recovery. The doctor will also prohibit taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs that can increase bleeding.

However, before undergoing surgery, it is necessary to confirm an excellent physical condition with laboratory tests and clinical evaluation, adding an electrocardiogram and a chest X-ray.

What are the Steps for the Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

In general, the fat transfer breast augmentation in Turkey consists of the following steps:

  • Anesthesia

Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey performs under general anesthesia. This process will be under the guidance and supervision of our anesthesiologist. The primary purpose of this is to have a comfortable and painless process.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is the process of the surgeon taking fat from a fat-producing part of your body (such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks) and reinjecting it into your breast after processing. We can say that this is a process showing promising results.

  • Fat collection

With our surgeon, you will choose an area where your fat will be removed. Our doctor will then make a small incision in the area to collect your fat and, using a sterile technique, insert a cannula attached to a syringe to remove the fat (liposuction) carefully.

  • Transfer process

After taking a sufficient amount of fat from the donor area, the surgeon will process your fat cells with small syringes to be used for fat injection to prepare them for transfer. Purification may require using a centrifuge to centrifuge the fat or a filtration process to remove impurities.

  • Placement

In the final stage, the specialist prepares the designated area where the graft will take. The surgeon inserts a needle or cannula into the incision of the place to be enlarged. The injection needle is usually threaded in and out; each time the needle or cannula is withdrawn, a series of fatty tissue particles are carefully deposited in native tissue planes. Our doctor repeats this process until you get the fix you want, creating a grill of infused fat.

Finally, our surgeon ends the procedure by dressing. The fat transfer breast augmentation process generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours. After the fat transfer breast augmentation, you will stay in the hospital for 1 night, and the next day, you can go to your hotel. You will rest in your hotel for 4 days, and we will always be in touch with you.

Recovery Phase

Our specialist will give you detailed instructions on what you need to watch out for after the fat transfer breast augmentation, including information about the typical symptoms you may feel after breast augmentation with fat transfer and possible signs of complications. After the procedure, our specialist places a surgical dressing on your affected area. Follow what you need to pay attention to after fat transfer breast augmentation:

  • 1 week later

Most of your post-operative pain typically occurs within the first 48 hours after fat transfer breast augmentation. Your pain level decreases daily, and you can effectively reduce your pain by using various painkillers. During this time, your breasts may pucker, tender to the touch, and your skin may be itchy. You may feel difficulty raising your arms. These symptoms will disappear quickly, within a month at the latest.

You may feel a very mild pain as soon as the effect of the anesthesia wears off. It is also customary to have some redness and swelling after the surgery. Walking for a few minutes every hour is essential to reduce the risk of blood clots in your legs. Our surgeon, it is vital that you follow breast care instructions.

The surgeon will also give detailed instructions about the typical symptoms you may experience and possible signs of complications. It is also essential to understand that the time required for recovery varies greatly from person to person. You can remove your surgical dressing with the advice of our doctor in the first week after fat transfer breast augmentation surgery.

You will be able to shower and return to work without lifting, pulling, or pushing to avoid pain and limit strenuous activity or upper body bending if it is causing discomfort. Finally, our plastic surgeon will advise how to care for your problem areas.

  • After 2 to 6 Weeks

You should minimize physical activity for at least the first few weeks after breast augmentation fat transfer. During the first month, you should be extremely careful and gentle in your actions; even personal comfort should guide the theme of intimacy.

  • Long time

After breast augmentation, you must constantly pay attention to your diet and exercise routine.

What Results Can You Expect After Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

After the edema and bruise disappear, you will clearly see the result of fat transfer breast augmentation. After the operation, you will lose a little amount of fat reinjected by our surgeon (10-60%). The percentage of fat to be absorbed varies depending on many factors, including surgical procedures, the amount of graft, the vascularity of your tissue bed, and your situation.

Fat transfer breast augmentation results represent a viable, effective, safe surgical alternative. This surgery is suitable for all women who want to shape the decollete without prosthetics and make it more feminine.

The procedure is highly safe, and the risk of complications is shallow, as we said above. The substance injected to add volume to your breast is just fat. Using this natural filler that comes directly from your body eliminates the possibility of rejection or allergies. Therefore, it allows the results to appear much earlier.

It is the least invasive method to enlarge your breasts and improve aesthetics. Fat transfer only requires the use of beautiful needles and doesn’t require large incisions. Therefore, this procedure is much less invasive than other breast augmentation operations. Recovery times are also much shorter.

Fat transfer breast augmentation results are very natural. Compared to the latest generation of ergonomic breast implants, this method is the best alternative for those who want to achieve a breast that is moderately voluminous and toned but with a completely natural appearance. In addition to giving softness to a different touch from the prosthesis, the fat helps regenerate cells and leaves the skin more toned and elastic.

The fat’s survival and the results’ longevity depend on the surgeon’s skills, how the fat is collected and purified, and how it injects. To be successfully applied, breast augmentation fat transfer requires the work of a surgeon with highly advanced skills based on technical knowledge and experience.

However, remember that your breasts may change due to pregnancy, aging, weight gain, or hormonal factors. If you’re less satisfied with the appearance of your breasts after a few years, you may choose to have a breast revision to achieve a younger shape and contour.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

When you look at the fat transfer breast augmentation before and after photos, you will see that the healing is usually much faster than with traditional recovery with implants.

Immediately after fat transfer breast augmentation, it is customary to see even a significant swelling (edema) in the breast that will be reabsorbed spontaneously over 1 or 2 weeks. When you look at the breast augmentation with fat transfer before and after photos, you can also see bruises and redness in the sampling and fat re-injection areas, which are equally typical.

They will also gradually disappear over a few weeks.

How Much Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost?

Fat transfer breast augmentation cost in Turkey depends on many variables, such as the type and technique of the procedure and the unique conditions of each patient.

At the same time, the cost of breast augmentation fat transfer depends on the prestige and experience of the specialist, as well as the technology and tools to be preferred. In addition, breast augmentation with fat transfer costs in Turkey can generally include:

  • Surgeon
  • Medical tests
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgical facility
  • Post-operative care
  • Drugs

On the other hand, our company offers you the most practical advantages for fat transfer breast augmentation prices in Turkey. Thus, you can have this procedure done at least 4 times cheaper in Turkey compared to other European countries.

If you’re considering a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, our agency will inform you about the treatment to make a quality and cost-effective choice. You can call our agency anytime, get live support from our WhatsApp line, or send us an e-mail. You can also contact us as soon as possible by filling out the contact form.

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