Liposculpture Double Chin

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

30 minutes

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

2  night

Double chin, or pappagorgia, is a pervasive stigma caused by excess fat under the chin, obscuring its line and forcing an unpleasant continuity effect between cheek and neck. The chin thus loses its grace, the face becomes heavy, and the person is immediately classified as fat. It can cause by actual excess weight or a family predisposition.

The anatomical area of ​​the liposculpture double chin procedure makes the minor imperfections highly visible. Therefore, proceeding with the highest accuracy and precision in removing fatty tissue is essential. The in-depth study and research performed before the intervention, while respecting the individual anatomical structure, is necessary for the ultimate good outcome. In addition, liposculpture of the adipose tissue forming the chin performs with a cannula inserted through a millimeter incision. Even so, the doctor will carelessly hide the incision in the crease under the chin. As with all procedures, precision should be maximum to avoid residual irregularity.

Liposculpture double chin in Turkey offers a practical, minimally invasive, and painless solution to remove localized fat accumulation in the chin area. Liposculpture double chin is a truly effective solution to eliminating localized fat with tangible and visible results. This procedure is a highly demanded operation, especially by men. Liposculpture double chin performs in more mature people, where the natural aging facilitates fat accumulation under the chin.

Double chin is a pervasive stigma caused by excess fat under the chin. A double chin is a common cosmetic defect caused by fat accumulation in the front of the neck. It is a defect that affects overweight or obese people. However, it can also be present in people of average weight. The double statement is partially misleading. These terms denote a defect resulting from fat accumulation in the front of the neck and therefore have little to do with other jaw-related shape changes (dysmorphism). Examples include protruding chin, retraction chin, and chin trough (pronounced).

Today, the possibilities of treating this defect are enormous, medically and surgically. Results cannot superimpose on each other. For this reason, the doctor considers different patient characteristics such as age, skin type, and the size of the fat accumulation when recommending the most appropriate method. Liposculpture double chin perform under anesthesia.

A tiny incision under the chin allows the insertion of a particular microcannula with a diameter of just two millimeters through which excess fatty tissue aspirates. Thus recreating the definition of the separation between the chin and the neck. Restores the proportions of the cheeks and eliminates the unpleasant effect of being one with the channel. The anatomical area of ​​the surgery makes the slightest imperfections highly visible. Therefore, proceeding with the highest accuracy and precision in removing fatty tissue is essential. The in-depth study and research performed before the intervention, while respecting the individual anatomical structure, is necessary for the ultimate good outcome.

What is Liposculpture Double Chin?

Liposculpture double chin eliminates fat accumulations in the chin, resulting in a thinner and younger neck. Liposculpture double chin provides precise and localized suction. It targets the chin and lower face, making it very difficult to lose weight with a traditional diet and sports activity. This treatment improves the contours of the lower face and the jawline definition. Check out the aims of the liposculpture double chin procedure:

  • Treating the double chin well
  • Treating excess chin fat
  • Rejuvenating the lower face
  • Improving the contour of the lower face

If you have problems such as excessive chin fat, a double chin, moderately excessive skin on the neck, and aging of the lower face, this procedure is for you. A combination of liposculpture and other techniques should consider the loss of clarity of the angle formed between the chin and neck in advanced ages.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Liposculpture Double Chin?

Ideal candidates for liposculpture double chin in Turkey are all men and women who want to get rid of their ugly chins due to excess fat. Also, to resist this treatment, the skin of the neck must be toned and elastic enough to retract over the new curve. Otherwise, it will have to combine with a cervical-face lift, which is almost always seen in individuals aged fifty due to sagging skin. Liposculpture double chin in Turkey is suitable for many people, including:

  • Those with limited ptosis of the skin and fat accumulation in the area under the chin
  • Patients with a thick, undefined neck in the under-chin area
  • The patient’s skin quality should be good.
  • Patients whose weight is stable or want to reach average weight in the months following the surgery if they’re overweight.
  • The skin of this area should not be saggy or saggy.
  • Fat should be placed superficially, not under the muscles (in which case cervical stretching will be necessary)
Liposculpture Double Chin
starting from €3500

What Happens at the Liposculpture Double Chin Consultation?

Consultation is necessary for two reasons. These are for testing the quality of the cervical skin, which is essential to evaluate the fat infiltration in the neck and to decide whether the liposculpture double chin procedure is the proper procedure in your case. The answer lies in the degree of elasticity and tone of your skin at this level. Our surgeon also evaluates the quality of the muscle belt. Therefore, the examination will confirm the indication for surgery. Our doctor will advise you with the doctor’s expertise in liposculpture double chin.

During the consultation, you will acquire all the necessary information to understand your future intervention, its technical modalities, and the benefits you can expect from the procedure, without forgetting the limitations, dangers, risks, and complications. Although this information is verbal, it writes thanks to the documents you gave. After your consultation, you will be able to calmly review all the details necessary for your informed decision so that you can ask additional questions to our surgeon during a second consultation.

The surgeon will give you a personalized dossier containing pre- and post-operative advice, precautions, directions, and prescriptions. A blood test is essential. Our specialist will explain the course of action to you before the surgery date during the preoperative anesthesia consultation. We strongly recommend you quit smoking and aspirin-based drugs contraindicate. On the morning of the intervention, you will enter our clinic with a diet that means staying away from eating, drinking, and smoking.

The consultation represents a crucial moment for the patient who wants to have liposculpture double chin surgery and the surgeon. The first contact allows you to get all the information about your procedure and give a face to the person taking care of themselves. From the surgeon’s point of view, the cognitive phase aims to confirm the critical issues for any cosmetic surgery:

  • Evaluation of the candidate’s request
  • Evaluation of the candidate’s psychophysical fitness
  • Analysis of the aesthetic problem and solution hypothesis

Considering you’re a possible candidate for a liposculpture double chin, you will undergo a medical examination performed according to the following procedure:

  • Measured weight and height for BMI (Body Mass Index) assessment.
  • The doctor examines standing up for the effect of gravity.
  • Evaluation of the degree of collapse of the areas to be treated: The chin area is an area that exposes to skin laxity.
  • The doctor will inform about the degree of skin retraction that can aspirate with this method. Thanks to liposculpture, the discharge effect at the chin level carry the risk of being excluded with this method. With the unique parameters of the liposculpture double chin procedure, it is possible to achieve excellent results even in elderly subjects.

During the interview, our experts tell the costs of the liposculpture double chin. The doctor explains that there may be possible failures determined by the fact that aesthetic surgery isn’t an exact science.

What are the Risks of Liposculpture Double Chin?

Liposculpture double chin in Turkey exposes to certain risks like every surgical procedure. Although these are rare, our surgeon will tell you before your surgery. Different factors can increase the risk of complications, such as removing too much fat on the same day. These side effects are classic and resolve within a few weeks.

  • Bruises (disappear after a week or two),
  • Edema (payment will last about three months),
  • Temporary numbness,
  • Pain in the treated areas (doesn’t last more than a few weeks and goes away with simple analgesics),
  • Feeling drowsy (may last up to several months).
  • Phlebitis and pulmonary embolism: These risks increase in cases of overweight, venous insufficiency (and in some patients taking pills), and excess fat (postoperative anemia increases the risk of phlebitis). The main medical risk is phlebitis, clot formation in the leg’s deep veins. This risk of inactivity due to working conditions prevent by special precautions such as prescribing anticoagulants during the postoperative period. A quick resumption of activities remarkably reduces this risk.
  • Infections: They see due to the small incisions and lack of tissue detachment.
  • Nerve damage: It is normal to decrease sensitivity (hypoesthesia) in the first few weeks. Heals in a few months
  • Skin infections and necroses: These are extremely rare because this procedure never leaves fluid in the body. Similarly, cases of skin necrosis are part of the past and linked to the practitioner’s apparent lack of experience. They no longer see each other.
  • Scars: The scars are just enough to pass the cannula that will take the fat. There are one or two per treated area. They’re therefore negligible and almost undetectable after a year. Excess skin removal with skin retraction after the operation.

How will You Prepare for the Liposculpture Double Chin?

We recommend avoiding alcohol consumption 1 week before the procedure with aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and vitamin E 10 days before the liposculpture double chin procedure. On the day of liposculpture double chin surgery, we remind you to prefer a light diet, mainly fruit and vegetable.

You will wear a specific sheath at the end of the liposculpture double chin surgery. For about three days and the following week, you can only wear a compressor that needs to hold overnight. After the meeting with the surgeon after the surgery, you should carefully follow the procedures you need to do for the proper and rapid chin healing. The surgeon will be there to answer any of your doubts.

You will stay in the hospital for one night and transfer to your hotel the next day. Liposculpture double chin is a surgical procedure; although it is minimally invasive and short-lived, you should still be careful.

One week after liposculpture double chin surgery, we may recommend a chin-specific manual lymphatic drainage cycle designed to accelerate healing and further facilitate skin tissue retraction. Recovery times are short after surgery with the liposculpture method. After resting for a day or two, you can return to regular work, sports, and walking after 15-20 days.

What is the procedure of Liposculpture Double Chin?

With the liposculpture double chin procedure in Turkey, you will have a unique appearance. This procedure allows you to achieve the look of your dreams. Check out the liposculpture double chin procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

The procedure takes place under general anesthesia. Thus, you will receive neuroleptanalgesia combining the use of analgesics and neuroleptics. This option provides excellent peace of mind and absolute comfort for you. Our surgeon will understand the anesthesia features in detail in the consultation.

Our surgeon will determine the areas to treat. The surgeon also marks the location of the mini-incisions.

  • Detailed surgical procedure

Our plastic surgeon uses a unique, controlled, and reliable technique that knows how to adapt to each patient to achieve the optimal result. Liposculpture double chin infiltrates the areas to aspirate with a solution containing anesthetic and vasoconstrictor.

This procedure reduces the risk of bleeding and the formation of bruises. It also protects the vessels and nerves by facilitating the removal of fat cells. This makes the procedure more comfortable.

The surgeon removes the fat with a thin cannula to avoid any irregularities. Cannula work consists of regular, cross, and deep openings for optimal aspiration. Optimizing the volume of aspirated fat according to the potential for skin retraction occurs with a precise and tailored technique. Aspiration of the oils in the chin concerns both the deep and superficial layers.

  • Final

Finally, our surgeon sutures the incisions with rapidly absorbing sutures. This makes removal unnecessary. The surgeon may attach an elastic compression chin band to you as a 24-hour dressing to facilitate re-wrapping the skin onto the new volume. This also helps limit postoperative edema. The duration of liposculpture double chin is between 1 and 2 hours.

How is the Recovery After Liposculpture Double Chin?

Inflammation and edema in your jaw will be present for several weeks. Swelling or minor bruises may appear, disappearing after the process has passed. You will protect the affected area with gauze and bandages in the first days.

The patient will not need to move his neck very often and vigorously in the first days after the surgery to avoid unintentional removal of stitches or undesirable bleeding. It is crucial to stay in a slightly moist and clean place to prevent infection and especially maceration of minor wounds from incisions. It will be standard for serum-blood fluid to come from the incisions in the first 2-3 days. In this case, you can change the dressing placed in the postoperative period and renew it with sterile gauze and patches.

To return to the daily routine as soon as possible, you should follow the recommendations of our plastic surgeon. The swelling gradually decreases in the weeks after the surgery, and you can return to work. However, you should know that you cannot exert too much effort as an excessive change in local pressure may cause bleeding. You can see the result after about 2/3 weeks. After about three months, you will be able to see the outcome of the submental region, as most of the edema in the body will be removed due to the surgery. During the first 12 to 18 months, it will be essential to apply sunscreen to protect the still sensitive and inflamed skin to a certain degree and to prevent hyperchromasia of the scars.

The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and analgesic drugs to be taken for the first 5-7 days at discharge. The doctor may also recommend a progressive chin strap to wear day and night for the first week and night for three months. This protection helps the skin to adhere to the deep tissues. The duration of the operation, recovery times, post-operative recovery times, and the result may vary from patient to patient.

What are the Advantages of Liposculpture Double Chin?

Take a closer look at the advantages of liposculpture double chin in Turkey:

  • This procedure is a technique that allows you to emulsify even the most resistant fats.
  • It is a fast procedure with an excellent joule effect due to the heat radiating at the subcutaneous level.
  • Heat transforms intracellular triglycerides into an oily emulsion and acts on the hydro-lipid component without breaking the protein chains.
  • Liposculpture produces a response similar to the scar phenomenon, i.e., a fibro-elastic reaction that reduces the laxity of the overlying skin by up to 50%. Because it tends to pull back the collagen chains but doesn’t destroy them.
  • There is no scar after this procedure. But there are usually minor cuts that disappear entirely after a few months.
  • If the applied parameters and precise plans follow, there will be no depressions, irregularities, or skin loosening.
  • Vascular and lymphatic structures are respected.
  • The small size of the cannulas used for the procedure allows them to work even in the most superficial layers of the fat pannicle and to perform a superficial liposculpture, as in the case of chin liposuction.
  • Recovery times after the procedure are very short. After 15-20 days, you can return to regular work, sports, and walking.
  • Complications are almost nonexistent. There are very few cases of localized bruising or edema.
  • It is a technique that enables the treatment of any localized lipodystrophy in the face and body, even the most resistant ones, in a relatively short time since our expert surgeon does this.

When Will You See Liposculpture Double Chin Results?

Liposculpture double chin results in Turkey are usually not very painful. A feeling of bruising at most; analgesics provide peace of mind. You can easily hide your chin by wearing a turtleneck or scarf. Showers are allowed immediately. The recovery process is rapid, and if most patients continue their professional activities, patients may require a few days of rest depending on the function performed. Exposure to the sun is prohibited, as bruises can become pigmented. It will be necessary to avoid any trauma, and you cannot continue combat sports for two months.

It will take about a month for you to appreciate the first clearly visible liposculpture double chin results after the edema has resolved. However, recovery continues for up to 3 months. You must comply with our surgeon’s prescriptions and special instructions. Our doctor provides post-operative care.

You will therefore benefit from a personalized, conscientious and thoughtful follow-up. You can contact our specialist 24 hours a day for any questions after surgery. Advancement and modern techniques minimize risks and complications, while liposculpture double chin in Turkey makes it possible to achieve excellent natural results.

Liposculpture double chin results appear gradually as your edema decreases. They’re finalized in three months and are durable. The surgeon redesigned your chin and the surgeon reshaped it. This is how your profile developed; you achieved a rejuvenating effect. You will maintain the result even with a slight weight gain. The small scar becomes undetectable.

We recommend a healthy life that includes proper nutrition, physical activity, and consumption of at least two liters of water per day to preserve the face’s linearity naturally.

What are the Differences Between Liposuction and Liposculpture?

The liposculpture technique is different from the liposuction technique. Liposculpture double chin is a technique that is always confused with liposuction surgery. However, it is a contour correction surgery, technically different from liposuction.

In the liposculpture technique, micro cannulas use in some regions of the chin. Our surgeon first makes small incisions of one centimeter near the areas where liposculpture will perform on the chin, and very thin cannulas pass through these incisions. These cannulas are much lighter than the cannulas used in the liposuction technique. In this way, it allows the surgeon to control the fat cells better.

How Much Does Liposculpture Double Chin Cost?

The liposculpture double chin cost in Turkey depends on the type of anesthesia, the clinic where the surgery will perform, and the time spent in the operating room.

You can only estimate the cost of liposculpture double chin in Turkey after a careful and thorough visit to the specialist. The doctor will evaluate the individual case and discuss the treatment plan extensively with the patient.

Do you want the best liposculpture double chin procedure at a lower cost? Turkey, especially Istanbul, is an ideal destination for the best possible liposculpture double chin. Our Turkish surgeons, using the best technology available and trained in the best universities worldwide, have an excellent reputation. You can contact us immediately and have a wonderful experience.

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