Breast Implant Removal

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Many women decide to have breast implants at some point in their lives. These are usually young women who want to enlarge their breasts or women who find that their breasts become more ejaculated, sagging, or more minor after pregnancy. As we always emphasize here, you should always plan your breast augmentation operation carefully, without haste, considering the pros and cons, possible risks, and also the long-term effects. In most cases, patients who have had breast augmentation surgery are satisfied with the results as they have improved their self-esteem, perception of themselves, and sometimes how they interact with others after the surgery.

Unfortunately, in some cases, this isn’t always the case. The reasons may be different, and the result is that the patient decides that the best decision is to breast implants removal. If this decision takes into account shortly after the surgery, we would like to point out that we advise you to wait for a while, as it may take some time for the final results of the surgery to settle in and be appreciated. Also, women often need a period of adjustment to get used to their new body image with extra breasts. Another point to consider is that the discomfort felt in the postoperative period can be a source of distress for patients who may regret having the surgery. You may still consider breast implant removal.

Breast implant removal in Turkey indicates for people who, for various reasons, can no longer bear to have implants implanted. Usually, breast implant removal is done in patients suffering from recurrent capsular contractures or complaining of chronic dissatisfaction because their implants feel like a permanent foreign body. Another breast implant removal situation concerns patients who have accumulated weight and volume in the breast after pregnancy and want to reshape their breasts without needing volume due to prostheses.

Breast implant removal is a straightforward and quick procedure that takes less than half an hour. Pain and recovery time is minimal. The final appearance after breast implant removal depends on the size of the removed implants, the sagging of the breasts, the type and elasticity of the skin. After removing larger implants, excess skin remains, and the breasts fall. For this reason, a breast lift can often perform simultaneously as larger implants are removed.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Implant Removal?

Not every woman is a candidate for breast implant removal or replacement. If the breasts are very saggy, a breast lift may be a better solution, with or without a larger or smaller implant. Sometimes it is sufficient to replace the existing implant with a larger implant. Our plastic surgeon will discuss which procedure will work best for you. Those with problems with implants may be ideal candidates for breast implant removal, including:

  • Implant-related complications: After experiencing implant-related difficulties such as capsule contractures, ruptures, or capsular infections, some patients decide to have their breast implant removed.
  • Failure to comply with expected results: Sometimes, the result obtained may not be aesthetic due to incorrect selection of the size of the implants, a wrong operation, or natural aging of the breast. Thus, the removal of breast implants is required.
  • Changes in personal tastes: Some women change their preferences over the years and want smaller breasts or are unsatisfied with their new ones.
  • Psychological reasons: There may be situations where patients cannot adapt to their new image and don’t feel comfortable. This requires breast implant removal.
  • Old breast implants: When there is a risk of the implant tearing or folding, it is best to avoid complications or have breast implants removed.
  • Changes in physique: Some women gain weight over the years or during pregnancies and eventually have a more extensive breast volume than they want.
Breast Implant Removal
starting from €3400

What Can I Expect at the Consultation?

Before the breast implant removal procedure, you will have a consultation with our specialist and consultant. You will discuss your situation and wishes with our specialist during this consultation. You will also have the chance to ask questions about breast implant removal. During the consultation, our doctor will also ask you some questions. For example, the surgeon will want to learn more about:

  • Medical history
  • Drug use
  • Allergies
  • Previous transactions
  • Your general health
  • The reason you wish your breast implants removed

During the consultation, our professional will usually examine your breasts. During this examination, the doctor checks, among other things, how elastic your skin is, how much mammary gland tissue is in your breasts, and whether there are any irregularities in the mammary glands. The doctor will also measure your breasts. The specialist can determine the most suitable breast implant removal treatment option for you according to your examination and wishes.

During the consultation, our doctor will almost always share the risks and complications that may occur during and after breast implant removal. That way, you have a fair idea of ​​the possible outcomes that you can expect. If you still have questions after this initial meeting, you can always make a new appointment to discuss treatment again. Our company will be your point of contact throughout the entire treatment process.

Note: If you’re taking the blood-thinning drug, you can tell our plastic surgeon whether and when to stop taking this drug. We recommend quitting smoking at least two weeks before the breast implant removal and continuing this throughout the healing process. It has been proven that smoking hurts wound healing.

What are the Risks of Breast Implants Removal?

It is important to remember that any surgical procedure carries risks. It usually goes well with breast implant removal procedures because the process takes place on basically healthy people. However, it is always possible for a complication to occur with breast implant removal. Like any surgery, breast implant removal carries risks. There is a small risk of an allergic reaction, infection, thrombosis, impaired wound healing, or bleeding from anesthetic fluids, disinfectants, or plasters. There are also minor risks associated with anesthesia.

Sensitivity may occur in the first weeks after breast implant removal. This is a natural process. Therefore, you aren’t allowed to exercise or do heavy work during this time. The risks of breast implant removal may include essential factors such as impaired wound healing, blood flow, or nipple tenderness. Our plastic surgeon can give you more information on this. In addition, the breasts may become asymmetrical, and sometimes there is a permanent numbness in (part of) the breast.

The scar may temporarily become red, thick, and complicated in the first weeks after breast implant removal. In addition, impaired wound healing can permanently result in an extensive scar. Risks of removing breast implants may include:

  • Bleeding
  • An undesirable or disappointing result
  • Very clearly visible scars
  • A change in sensation in the skin
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Significant volume differences between breasts
  • Pain and nausea
  • Postoperative hematoma can occur as a result of increased bleeding of tissues. The appearance of minor bruises doesn’t apply to pathologies; the phenomenon disappears on its own without special treatment after 7-10 days. With the formation of extensive hematoma, it is possible to operate to remove excessive bleeding.
  • There may be a change in the sensitivity of the nipple-areola. This unpleasant result results in both increased and decreased sensitivity. The phenomenon persists for several months and doesn’t pose a health hazard. Implementing the doctor’s recommendations allows you to speed up restoring the mammary glands’ normal sensitivity.
  • An inflammatory process may occur. The possibility of developing an inflammatory process remains throughout the first week after breast implant removal. Painful swelling of the chest, an increase in general body temperature, the appearance of chills, and general weakness testify to the inflammatory process. The doctor can avoid this risk by prescribing a course of antibiotics as part of an overall rehabilitation program.
  • Most complications can easily be avoided as our experienced and expert plastic surgeon will perform breast implant removal. Smoking or using nicotine products (patches or gum) increases the risk of complications and reduces the likelihood of wound healing.

What Should I Do for Surgery Preparation?

Our specialists will be with you in the preparation process for breast implant removal. Make sure to ask our plastic surgeon about your drug use during the preparation phase to find out what you can and cannot take on the day of breast implant removal. Choose comfortable clothes so that you’re relaxed after breast implant removal. You will be in safe hands on the day of the operation and have a comfortable procedure.

Our specialists will guide you to the surgical complex, where you still have the opportunity to ask questions about the removal of breast implants. In line with the directive of our doctor, the doctor will also perform your blood and radiological tests at this stage.

Then, only after marking the area to be operated on will our specialist administer anesthesia. Fluid may come out of the wound after breast implant removal. Our specialist places a thin tube (drain) if necessary to properly drain the wound fluid. The specialist removes the tubes when almost no fluid comes out of the wound.

What Does Steps Removal of Breast Implants Consist?

There are many different techniques for breast implant removal. The choice of the process always depends on the patient’s initial condition. For this reason, our plastic surgeon always chooses the most suitable method for you. The doctor often cuts the natural capsule of the tissues surrounding the implant and then carefully removes the implants from the breast area. In general, breast implants removal consists of the following stages:

  • Anesthesia

According to the initial findings, the breast implant removal procedure will perform under general anesthesia. Thus, you will experience both painless and comfortable surgery.

  • Incision

Our specialist will make an incision of approximately 4 cm from your inframammary fold while removing breast implants. If the original implant is also inserted into the breast through the same incision, ideally, no additional scars would occur. The doctor can create an alternative entrance from the lower edge of the areola; the resulting spot is small and heals quickly.

  • Removal of implants

Breast implant removal with as minor damage as possible is usually achieved after approximately 2-4 hours. If capsular fibrosis (hardening of the implant capsule) has occurred around the implant, our surgeon also eliminates this problem. The doctor removes the implant, then the pill or the specialist uses the en-block resection procedure. This means removing the implant and capsule as one unit. This method is also helpful for damaged implants as it prevents the implant from touching and contaminating the wound.

  • Final

After the specialist removes the breast implants, a significant excess of skin remains, usually due to the lack of volume. This is especially true for the removal of huge implants. In such a case, the breast lift procedure may be considered, usually depending on when the implant was removed. Here, the surgeon reduces the excess skin and lifts the nipples to a higher position.

Note: After the removal of breast implants, follow-up treatments such as breast lift, breast augmentation with fat transfer, or replacement of implants can also be performed directly during the procedure. Many people most often choose a combination of breast implant removal and lift.

What Awaits Me in the Recovery Phase?

Usually, you will wake up a few hours after breast implant removal, and you will wake up in the room we have prepared for you. There may be some pain and swelling for the first few days. For this, you will receive a painkiller prescription from us. You can shower with soap and drain the day after breast implant removal again. Bathing is allowed only after 6 weeks.

The first week you really need to rest. You can then continue your daily activities calmly, but ensure no tension in the breasts. You will talk to our doctor about having the stitches removed. Most women recover completely within six weeks of having their breast implant removed.

Scars can still be pretty dark for a while. But over time, they become thin white lines that are barely visible. The feeling in the nipples is also different, usually in the first months. Gradually, normal sensation returns. However, this may take some time.

Breasts feel unnatural in the first period. Over time this will change, your breasts will feel more supple, and you will return to your normal feelings. Harmful UV rays aren’t suitable for scars. Therefore, scars may remain red unnecessarily long if exposed to these rays. Smoking and drinking alcohol is the patient’s primary mistake in the breast implant removal recovery stage. Even small doses of alcohol and nicotine weaken the immune system, slow down the tissue healing process and lead to oxygen starvation in the body.

We’re with you 24/7 for your urgent questions after breast implant removal. You will stay in the hospital for 1 day and transfer to the hotel for a short stay of 4 days.

What are the Results of Removal of Breast Implant?

Only after a few months can you see the results of breast implant removal and how your breasts will eventually look. You will probably experience occasional complaints in the first period, but this is temporary.

The wound also needs time to heal. After a few weeks, the redness and swelling will subside. However, the scar heals completely after 1 to 2 years. That’s why it’s essential to take good care of the scar and not expose it to the sun. Always apply sunscreen above SPF 30 during the first year. Most women are satisfied with the result of the explant. It is essential to understand that the shape and volume of your breasts will change significantly due to the procedure. Also, note that a complete symmetry of the breasts is unrealistic.

A result of breast implant removal is, in principle, permanent. However, the shape and volume of the breasts may change over time with the effect of strength and hormonal and weight changes.

Breast Implant Removal Before and After Photos

Breast implant removal before and after photos are essential to see the desired result. It is also possible to see these before and after photos during the consultation, as many patients agree to share the images taken during the procedure for the practical education of other patients. Data protection regulations are, of course, only displayed during the consultation for the purpose described above.

They’re particularly instructive as we naturally select breast implant removal before and after photos in bulk according to specific criteria. There are only photographs of patients showing the same baseline status regarding factors such as age, skin type, smoker, or non-smoker.

In particular, these can be considered entirely relevant and give you a realistic picture of breast implant removal. That’s why these images are much more important to search engines than the arbitrary results of image search without considering individual factors.

How Much is Removal of Breast Implants?

The cost of breast implant removal in Turkey varies depending on the effort involved and the individual initial findings. However, breast implant removal costs in Turkey may differ depending on the surgeon, hospital or clinic, technique, materials, and anesthesia. Also, please note that we cannot give a fixed price. Since individual initial findings are so different and significantly impact the number of costs, the doctor can only make a binding cost plan after a thorough examination. In addition, the cost of breast implant removal in Turkey is much lower than in many countries in Europe and the world.

You can contact us immediately if you’re considering Turkey for breast implant removal. Our consultants respond quickly to any of your questions. We will be happy to assist you. You can call us directly, write to our live support line or reach us on WhatsApp. Our agency looks forward to providing you with a unique surgical experience.

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