Breast Implant Replacement

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

2-3 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

1  night

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

4  night

Many women decide on breast implant exchange when the desire for more naturalness arises. The reasons for this vary and range from health issues to aesthetic considerations. However, in some cases, breast implant exchange is also necessary from a medical point of view. At some point after breast surgery, breast implant exchange becomes essential. This may be valid for both aesthetic and medical reasons. This process may include a pure implant exchange and additional breast lift or breast reduction procedures. In some cases, a change in autologous (the body’s own) tissue may also be significant.

In some cases, the size and shape of your breasts may no longer appeal to you. On the other hand, your enlarged breasts may also be exposed to your natural aging process and may sag over time. This can be very stressful for you, especially with larger implants. In this case, implant exchange with breast lift usually leads to an aesthetically pleasing result.

A breast implant exchange is also often required when you mentally or physically suffer from implants. From a medical point of view, you may still opt for this procedure, for example, in the case of capsular fibrosis. In this case, your body reacts to the implants like a foreign body, and your breasts become hard. Breast implant exchange is also usually unavoidable in severe inflammation, breast area abnormalities, or implant damage. If you have medical reasons for implant exchange, you should do it as soon as possible. In general, breast implant exchange is essential in the following cases:

  • Implant failure (tear, etc.)
  • Fibrosis / Capsule
  • Soft tissue problems
  • Symmastia (breast malformation)
  • Postoperative breast diseases

Capsule contracture breast is the most common medical reason for breast implant replacement. As the human body perceives silicone implants as a foreign body, it creates a connective tissue surrounding the implant. This usual reaction doesn’t cause further complications. Connective tissue remains thin and elastic. However, in some cases, the tissue hardens over time, and capsular fibrosis develops. As a result, hardening of the breasts, deformities, and pain occur. If you have these symptoms, you should definitely talk to our specialist. Our specialist will diagnose the causes of the hardening and advise you whether an implant replacement is necessary.

Also, since you no longer like your visual change, you may still consider the breast implant exchange procedure. For typical aesthetic reasons for an implant exchange, as follow:

  • Submerged implants due to the aging process
  • Sagging of the breast due to the weight of the implant
  • Desire to restore the natural breast
  • Foreign body sensation and discomfort
  • Changed breast shape after birth or due to weight change

With the breast implant exchange in Turkey, you can achieve the look of your dreams in a short time. Our surgeons’ high level of expertise and extensive experience also contributes to your safety when replacing implants.

Our professionals select the breast implant that best suits your personal needs and ideas in size and shape or performs the exchange process with great care. We would be happy to inform you about all the advantages and disadvantages of different breast correction procedures (breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift) and the breast implant exchange process.

What is Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast implant exchange is a procedure to remove your current breast implants and replace them with a new implant. This will also allow you to completely change the shape, size, type, or position of your implants.

The breast implant replacement procedure can be performed entirely due to the patient’s aesthetic preferences. However, it isn’t necessary or serves as a necessity due to some medical and aesthetic complications. Our consultants will sincerely answer all your questions about breast implant exchange in Turkey.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Implant Exchange?

We can say that the ideal candidate for breast implant exchange is all women who want this procedure for aesthetic or medical reasons. In most cases, women who want a breast implant replacement want a different look. This can mean bigger or smaller breasts. Our surgeons can also adjust the shape of the breasts using new implants for breast implant exchange. Many women may want round implants instead of teardrop-shaped implants and vice versa. This is entirely up to your taste and can change throughout life.

It is also common for women to want larger breasts after gaining weight. For example, you may wish to do this procedure after pregnancy and after natural weight gain over time. Here, new, larger implants can accentuate female curves in the breast area, contributing to a wild and feminine self-image. Also, you can replace your larger implants with smaller and inconspicuous implants to adapt to the overall picture.

For example, another doctor may not have done an excellent job with your previous breast augmentation or used lower-quality implants. You didn’t achieve a perfect medical or personal aesthetic result, or you may have the current implants a long time. In such cases, our experts can assist you and optimize the impact. To do this, our doctor removes your old breast implants and replaces them with the new implant of your choice, precisely according to your ideas.

Sometimes, the surgeon can remove the tissue in addition to your old implants. For example, if the implant is severely thickened and injured, it may make sense to reposition your new implants in such cases completely. In other words, if your old implants are above the pectoral muscle, the new ones are placed under the pectoral muscle.

Another reason for breast implant exchange may be the dislocation of the implant. However, it is rare for an adequately placed breast implant to slip out of place, for example, after a severe fall or car accident.

A breast implant exchange may also be beneficial in the context of a higher degree of capsular fibrosis, especially if there is a pain in the chest. The first-class implants used by our agency for breast implant replacement in Turkey have the lowest capsular contracture rate of any manufacturer.

We would also like to emphasize that the breast implant exchange is generally less painful than the first operation. For this reason, most patients experience the procedure as less stressful, sometimes even longer than the initial surgery.

Breast Implant Exchange
starting from €3900

What Happens During the Consultation?

Before breast implant exchange in Turkey, a preliminary examination and a comprehensive consultation with our professionals require. At this stage, our specialist will inform you about the course of treatment, goals, expectations, and possible risks or complications. In addition, our consultant will tell you in detail about the procedure and any special services.

Our surgeon will also discuss your reasons for choosing breast implant exchange at the consultation and any other concerns you may have. It also becomes clear at this stage whether breast implants need to be replaced in conjunction with a breast lift to optimize your breast shape. During the consultation, you can ask all the questions in your mind to our surgeon. This makes it easier for you to prepare for the procedure, and you will not have any questions.

What are the Risks of Breast Implant Exchange?

Bleeding occurs in only 1% of patients in the hours after breast implant exchange. Infection is sporadic. However, it can happen, requiring treatment with antibiotics and, in the worst case, removal of an implant. A new implant may need to replace at a later operation, at the earliest 2-3 months later. You’ll usually know after 1-2 weeks if an infection occurs. Symptoms of this problem are fever, increasing pain, redness, and swelling.

The deep, self-dissolving threads to which the subcutaneous tissue suture can sometimes cause scarring, which you can see as an infection. However, it usually doesn’t require antibiotic treatment.

If a breast lift or breast reduction is made at the same time as the breast implant exchange, tissue death of some or all of the nipples may rarely occur. In most cases, such a wound will heal with wound care.

As with your first surgery, your body will respond by creating scar tissue around the implant. This reaction can sometimes become so intense that capsular contraction occurs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict which women will develop this condition. But your risk will be greater if you have reacted to capsule shrinkage.

In summary, breast implant exchange involves certain risks like any surgical procedure. This mainly includes the risk of infection, secondary bleeding, or swelling. But you can minimize these breast implant exchange risks with professional treatment and careful care. Possible complications and dangers when replacing breast implants are similar to conventional breast augmentation surgery. The following complications may occur after the placement of new breast implants:

  • Encapsulations
  • Wound healing disorders

How is the Preparation for Breast Implant Exchange?

The preparation process for breast implant exchange is fundamental. During the preliminary examination, you will discuss your wishes with our plastic surgeon, and the doctor will examine you to decide which treatment can offer. You will then receive comprehensive information about the operation and its aftermath. The result may vary after breast implant exchange surgery; normal aging processes, smoking, pregnancies, weight loss, and weight gain can affect the outcome in the long run. Before the breast implant exchange, as directed by our specialist, you should not take drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid.

Blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease (goiter), anemia, or another blood disease that predisposes to bleeding, respiratory diseases, and asthma are the most common conditions that can cause problems during surgery. You should definitely tell your doctor about these diseases and the drugs you use for their treatment. If necessary, the doctor may ask you to be examined by the relevant doctors for these diseases.

Breast Implant Exchange Steps

The steps of the breast implant exchange procedure in Turkey are as follows:

  • Anesthesia

Just like in a traditional breast augmentation operation, breast implant exchange in Turkey is performed only under general anesthesia. However, the process may take a little longer as our surgeon must first loosen and remove your old implants. In general, this period can take 2 to 3 hours.

  • Access to implants

The first access requires breast implant exchange. Our surgeon removes the old implant and inserts the new one. Some body areas are available for access. For example, the under-breast fold can consider. Our specialist usually prefers to reach from the under-breast fold.

Thus, the specialist can easily access the inside of the breast. However, the old breast augmentation scar is also required. Our doctor can use an approach from the same area again by opening the scar from the first breast augmentation surgery. This advantage is that you don’t have an additional scar after the procedure. Our surgeon will tell you which method is most suitable.

  • Removal of the old implant

While removing the old implant, our surgeon tries not to damage the surrounding tissue and implant. In addition to your physical conditions, our doctor’s experience also plays a decisive role here. Our experienced surgeon detects complications early and reacts accordingly to complete the operation and prevent possible damage.

  • Placing new implants

For the position of the new implant, our surgeon can use the role of the old implant. However, the surgeon may require remodeling the implant pocket to ensure optimum fit. Because removal of the implant and possibly the capsule accompanies by a loss of substance and the skin is already slightly taut, a larger implant may often be more necessary than before.

Recovery After Breast Implant Exchange

When your surgery is over, you will go to your hospitalroom. Since this is important to limit the risk of blood clots in your legs, you will already have to get up and walk during hospitalization. You will discharge in the morning the day after the breast implant exchange.

In principle, you should follow the same rules after the breast implant exchange as before the previous breast augmentation. It would be best to calm down immediately after the operation and initially lie on your back. You must be very careful during the first six weeks to protect and support your breasts.

Recovery time after the breast implant exchange is short. If the procedure links to breast modeling, the doctor will recommend a follow-up treatment appropriate to the procedure’s scope.

In general, listen to your body’s signals. If something is uncomfortable or painful, avoid doing it. Days after the breast implant exchange, you can start taking short walks, but you should wait 2-3 weeks for exercise in the form of jogging and cycling. You can begin more demanding sports activities only after 6-8 weeks.

Whether or not you can drive is your decision, but for safety reasons, you should ensure that you can react optimally in any situation. This means that it isn’t recommended to drive while in pain. Our doctor will inform you about taking a shower after the breast implant exchange.

Breast Implant Exchange Results

Breast implant exchange results in Turkey are generally quite successful. The procedure will leave scars that are initially red and may swoll. In most patients, the postoperative scar will look good. The scar usually takes one to two years to regain its final appearance.

After the surgery, you will feel numbness in a larger or smaller area on the skin and nipple area. You may experience various sensory disturbances, such as stinging and tingling in the scars months after the surgery. However, this will gradually disappear once the usual sense of touch restores.

Breast Implant Exchange Advantages

Breast implant exchange completely corrects the uncomfortable aspects of your first breast augmentation procedure and restores your self-confidence. Check out the benefits of breast implant exchange a little more specifically:

  • You can easily replace old-generation implants.
  • The sensation of hardened breast implants can soften by capsule contracture.
  • Breast implants that can move downwards can remove.
  • You regain fullness in the upper part of your breasts.
  • The appearance of implant fluctuation is improved.
  • You can significantly reduce the ability to feel the implants.
  • Correct breast asymmetry achieve.
  • You get a much more natural look or unnatural look, according to your wishes.

Breast Implant Exchange Cost

Requirements differ for each person. Breast implant exchange surgeries may be in the form of replacing only the silicone implant. Still, they may also require many operations to be performed together, such as the recovery of the breast, removal of the capsule, and the placement of the new silicone implant under the muscle.

To clarify the cost of breast implant exchange in Turkey and individual requirements, we will conduct non-binding consultations where you will receive information about the breast implant exchange price. Each intervention is unique, and this requires a specific cost statement.

For example, techniques, surgeon’s experience, location, hospital or clinic, and many other issues change the costs entirely. However, Turkey’s breast implant exchange cost is much more affordable than in many countries.

We are happy to provide you with an overview to help you plan your breast implant exchange. You can call our agency immediately, write on WhatsApp and contact us directly by filling out our contact form. We’re waiting for you for

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