Hair Transplant without Shaving

Duration of surgery

Duration of surgery

6-8 hour

Duration of hospitalization

Duration of hospitalization

Length of stay in hotel

Length of stay in hotel

2  night

Hair transplant without shaving is one of the recently developed techniques in the field of hair transplant. It is one of the techniques in which head hair is mainly involved in forming the aesthetic form of both men and women and participates in the shape of personality and personality. According to doctors, the main problem of hair transplant operations in the past years was shaving the head, the donor area of ​​the hair follicles, or the place where these follicles will take, and how much this affected the satisfaction of the person with the hair transplant. Demand for a hair transplant without shaving procedures has increased, especially since it is among the representative jobs that require aesthetic form, such as celebrities and athletes, as they cannot go out or go to work in this way in the weeks following the surgery.

Many people don’t like ​​shaving their hair before a hair transplant. So, can a hair transplant be done without shaving your hair? The answer varies for each patient.

In principle, if the area of ​​the transferred site is small, you don’t need to shave all your hair before the operation. For example, 4000 graft transfer isn’t the same as 1000 graft transfer to close some gaps or the front line of the forehead. Many surgeons choose to shave the whole head because it allows them to see the follicles better and makes the follicle selection process more manageable. However, hair transplant without shaving is technically possible and significantly reduces the adverse effects of the procedure that may affect the aesthetic aspect.

On the other hand, hair transplant without shaving makes the process more protracted, more complex, and of course, more expensive. To perform an unshaven hair transplant, the doctor selects an ideal donor area in a small space.

Thus, if the patient has long hair, this is much easier because shaving does alternately so that the unshaven and shaved areas are adjacent. This allows the first parts to cover the lower second parts naturally. This method can follow when the patient’s hair is between 6 and 7 centimeters. Then, with the standard FUE method, the hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transferred to the recipient area, as in the hair transplant procedure, and the process continues. In addition to the above, there are some situations where hair transplants can do without shaving the recipient area. However, this makes the process very difficult.

Hair transplant without shaving in Turkey has been a lifesaver for many people who want this procedure but are afraid of shaving their entire hair or being bullied. Knowing the first and foremost difference between a hair transplant without shaving and a shaved hair transplant is essential. After all, people who have had hair transplants without shaving know very well that, in this case, they will not have to shave their hair.

It will be perfectly prepared to get the perfect hair, which requires several specific, precise techniques if resorting to hair transplant without shaving. Here we will be faced with the necessity of shaving the entire hair to the point of baldness to simplify the case of devices that can select and grow follicles of various shapes and types. Most of the methods are similar.

Most surgeons prefer to shave the head completely when performing a hair transplant because the procedure without shaving the scalp is often more complicated. It is less healthy in terms of health and may have more side effects. Of course, there are some disadvantages to the hair transplant procedure without shaving the head. This method can only be used in patients with long hair or without severe baldness. Since fewer hair follicles will remove in one session, the healthcare team will not be able to remove the same number of follicles in case of shaving. Therefore, it will be necessary to do several sessions to achieve similar results. It is more likely to bring so-called excessive or invasive, as it is smaller and more limited in the donor area. Washing and aftercare procedures for hair and scalp are more complicated. The cost of a hair transplant without shaving is usually higher than usual.

On the other hand, shaving the head entirely before a hair transplant has many advantages. It characterizes the process of removing and transplanting follicles as more straightforward, faster, and more accurate. In this case, our healthcare team will have a more detailed and precise view of the donor and recipient areas. This simplifies the process and results in better results. During the procedure, the scalp becomes easier to clean. When planting the follicles in the recipient area, we permanently eliminate the risk of sticking to the original hair or losing the strands.

In conclusion, should you shave your head for a hair transplant? In short, surgeons can do hair transplant without shaving, but on the condition that the area to be transferred is small and our doctor who performs it appreciates it. We have much experience in all types of hair transplant procedures, and our skilled medical surgical team will give you the best advice.

What is Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

Hair transplant without shaving is the hair transplant procedure without shaving the front, side, and top parts of the hair while preserving the existing length and shape. The donor area is shaved only at the back of the head.

Thanks to the long hair, the shaved part from the back is camouflaged with the long hair on top. Our surgeon will do the drawing and planning for the hair transplant without shaving method in Turkey.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

Hair is a necessary factor in increasing people’s attractiveness and self-confidence. However, many factors, such as disease, advanced age, and chemical shampoos, weaken the follicles and cause hair loss. The only solution for this is a hair transplant. In particular, a hair transplant without shaving causes you to return to your workplace after a short time, and you start working again without anyone noticing.

Among the ideal candidates for a hair transplant without shaving in Turkey, some women always care about their beauty and appearance and are afraid of losing their hair. Also, within 6 to 12 months after a natural hair transplant, those who use hair repair see that their hair is growing steadily and that the significant change in their appearance is less than people realize. By mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant without shaving above, we hope it will help you, our esteemed patients, achieve the desired results and protect your appearance and beauty. Although hair transplant without shaving is an optional cosmetic procedure, there are specific criteria that the patient must meet to achieve a successful and safe experience and better results:

  • The patient suffers from genetic baldness and is diagnosed by a specialist doctor.
  • Having a disease that affects hair follicles, such as lupus erythematosus.
  • The patient receives special medical treatment to treat hair loss or weakness for a year without satisfactory results.
  • The patient suffers from hair loss, which affects their aesthetic appearance and mental health.
  • Having donor hair of the appropriate size to fit the area affected by hair loss.
  • The patient’s age is over 25 years due to various reasons such as ensuring the total growth of hair follicles in the entire scalp, especially in the donor area, high and unrealistic expectations for the new hairstyle in young people, and instability of the final shape.
  • The hair follicles to be transferred should not exceed 3000 grafts.
  • People who are primarily suitable for hair transplant procedures with standard methods are also ideal for a hair transplant without shaving. However, since there are some critical differences, it is necessary to know them.
  • People who have failed different treatment cases for hair loss will be very excited to have a hair transplant when the person who has had a hair transplant without shaving has gone through many different treatment stages and has failed in all of these stages.
  • For those with the appropriate amount of hair in the donor area, we will eventually need to use the proper amount of hair found in the donor area to perform the hair transplant, whether it is about hair transplant without shaving or otherwise.
  • Lupus erythematosus, which destroys hair, is one of the diseases that has no negative consequences for the hair. This is why we see that some people consider having the operation when they apply for hair transplant operations.

Some people with severe hereditary alopecia suffer from a new old condition known as androgenetic alopecia, which causes permanent hair loss. For this reason, we recommend that these people apply for a hair transplant without a shaving procedure.

Hair Transplant Without Shaving
starting from €2200

What happens at the Hair Transplant Without Shaving Consultation?

The first step you will take for a hair transplant without shaving in Turkey is to contact the clinic and make an appointment for a consultation. Of course, telephone consultation is also possible. Our experts will answer all the questions you have in mind during the hair transplant without shaving consultation. For example, our professionals will tell you that you should not consume alcohol and cigarettes a few weeks before a hair transplant without shaving. You should not take supplements and aspirin. Don’t consume caffeine on the transfer day, take a shower before the procedure and wear comfortable clothes.

Consultation is essential to you. Our specialist will see your scalp from all angles and directions during the consultation. Of course, the doctor’s emphasis will be on areas with hair loss and baldness and donor areas. Our specialist will evaluate these images and determine whether your problem can really be solved with a hair transplant, if it is at a lower level, and if medication is needed.

Evaluating two specific areas on the head determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant without shaving in Turkey. The back of the head and donor areas are resistant to hair loss. Due to their resistance to hair loss, these areas act as a single source of follicles. Generally, this region is considered the nape region, where more follicles locate.

What are the Risks of Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

As with any procedure, there are risks of hair transplant without shaving. It is up to you to eliminate the risks. On the second day of surgery, after removing the bandage, massage your fingers outward from the middle of the forehead over the eyebrows to allow the moisture under the skin to drain out and reduce eyelid swelling. The lymphatic massage method is very effective; we recommend trying it. Don’t lie on the stomach for two or three days after the operation, and try to prolong the period of lying on the back as much as possible so that the anesthetic effect wears off. The fluid will fall back under the influence of gravity to provide a certain degree of relief. It becomes more pronounced in the fourth to fifth days after the surgery, and after about a week, the pain naturally disappears and returns to its original state.

Swelling on the face or eyelids, which varies from person to person, is therefore difficult to predict. In addition, the same patient undergoes more than one operation, and the appearance of side effects differs each time. In severe cases, the eyelids may swell beyond the eyes, but the swelling will subside in about a week and return to its original state.

Although there are many advantages to using hair transplant without shaving, you also need to identify some of the risks of this technique. After all, each method will have its chances. The most prominent of these are the following:

  • Although hair transplant without shaving operations achieves excellent results, the result isn’t like other hair transplant techniques. However, these results aren’t at the same level as normal hair transplant operations because there is a difference. As a result, it makes us realize that this type of operation is not superior in every respect.
  • It will not be easy to determine the hair growth direction. One disadvantage you should consider about hair transplant without shaving is that this procedure cannot determine the direction of hair growth regardless of the possibilities. For this, there is no space at the end, which allows us to achieve the desired goal.
  • There is no possibility of transplanting the most significant number of follicles, so when you think of the hair transplant without shaving procedure, you cannot think of the ability of this procedure to absorb a considerable amount of follicles as in the known standard methods.
  • Post-transfer care isn’t easy. It will not be easy to care for the hair unless it is processed in bulk or as a single piece. Care will never be easy as this distribution will negatively affect the process results.

How to Prepare for Hair Transplant Without Shaving Procedure?

Our professional performs many medical examinations to check your overall health. Our surgeon takes a blood sample beforehand to separate the nutrient-rich plasma and coagulation elements for use during the hair transplant without shaving. If possible, the doctor determines the donor area with descriptive lines to clarify during the hair transplant without shaving.

To facilitate the doctor’s work and give the expected results, illustrate the shape of the expected hairline after follicle transplant to inject the follicles into this drawn area. Before starting the process, our specialist cleans your hair thoroughly. The doctor will give you painkillers and sedatives to make you more comfortable during the operation. Finally, stop smoking and alcohol consumption. Also, stop taking blood thinners before the procedure, as they increase your risk of bleeding.

What is the procedure for Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

When it comes to hair transplant, many people are concerned about the stage of transplanting hair follicles. With the FUE method in Turkey, our hair transplant specialist doctor first evaluates the conditions of your donor areas. If you have a weak donor area, this method is the best option for you; the doctor takes your hair follicles from your donor area as soon as possible with the help of assistants.

Our specialist does this harvest individually and sometimes with unique harvesting staples. After this stage, hair follicles prepare. The best quality roots are selected to separate damaged seeds and hair transplants. Then comes the step of transfer or transfer to a new place. At this stage of the hair transplant without shaving process, our doctor determines the most appropriate transfer angle according to the sleep state of the hair, hair growth line, and similar parameters. Take a closer look at the steps of the hair transplant without shaving procedure in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia

Hair transplant without shaving in Turkey is performed under anesthesia and generally using the FUE method, in which the doctor injects the hair follicles around the donor area for painless removal.

  • Simple partial post-shave hair transplant

We also call this linear process shaving. The specialist uses this method for people with long hair, a small number of hair follicles, which require approximately 2800-3000 hair follicles or less, and a small part of the hair shaves from the back of the scalp. The specialist uses a straight or square line to remove the hair follicles that will transfer to the area affected by the hair loss. This hair transplant technique does in a way that allows neighboring hair to fall on it and prevents its appearance.

  • Direct hair transplant without shaving

This method performs when the patient’s hair is weak, especially in the anterior region of the scalp, and the amount of roots transferred is approximately 1000 or less. Hair transplant without shaving uses a particular rotary device to remove round and pointed hair follicles with a thin diameter between 0.7 and 0.95 millimeters from the roots, as it penetrates the skin to reach the hair follicle to rotate. The specialist uses a 360-degree angle to remove the surrounding tissues. Our surgeon takes your hair follicle, and the hair length remains the same. Then, our specialist prepares the roots and places them in the relevant places. Thus, each source injects into the area where the hair follicles will fertilize. Thanks to this method, the crusts and swellings that occur after the roots remove from the donor area will not be visible under the hair and will remain exposed.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

There is no doubt that it has many advantages that distinguish it from the standard hair transplant procedure in which hair transplant without shaving uses, and perhaps because it is probably the most important of these features:

  • One of the most important and most apparent advantages of hair transplant without shaving is that it makes it possible for people to face society without embarrassment, without hesitation, and without considering the idea of ​​restrictions and problems. When confronted with people who are bullies, if they are extraordinary about their hair and the spaces inside, these traits are something that you should not overlook.
  • A magic solution for women who want to have a hair transplant, it is natural for women to be ashamed of the idea of ​​coming out with defective hair or some form of baldness. Therefore the concept of ​​shaving without a hair transplant is considered magic.
  • A hair transplant without shaving procedure provides a quick return to everyday life. This feature is one of the most significant advantages to keep in mind because people who want to save time and stay in touch will enjoy the process of being fast. Thus, the process doesn’t take long.
  • This procedure, which is more suitable for those who want to transplant a beard, eyebrow, and mustache, will not require shaving only the targeted area, not many areas of the hair, and the advantage of making a beard, eyebrow, and mustache emerges from here.

How is the Recovery After Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

One day after the hair transplant without shaving procedure in Turkey, the doctor removes the compression bandages while the post-operative medical examination is reviewed. You should be very careful about the location of the area where the doctor is operating, you should not touch or rub it in any way, and you should not hit it with anything in the first days after the hair transplant without shaving:

  • For the first night after the hair transplant without shaving, sleep upright with your head elevated on a pillow to avoid bleeding from the donor area.
  • The doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory and analgesics to reduce swelling and pain in the first days after surgery.
  • Avoid washing the hair for the first three days after the procedure.
  • Avoid exertion or violent activities that pressure the scalp and cause bleeding.
  • Avoid smoking altogether for a few weeks after a hair transplant to speed up healing.

When will you see Hair Transplant Without Shaving Results?

Hair transplant without shaving results in Turkey appears 5 to 10 weeks after the procedure. The hair transferred by the surgeon falls during this period, and the roots remain as they are. Follicles begin to form new hair.

Thus, in most cases, the full results of the hair transplant without a shaving procedure appear after six months. Your hair transferred by the doctor becomes visible and combable. In some cases, total growth takes 9 to 12 months, and no more than that.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Without Shaving Cost?

The hair transplant without shaving cost in Turkey is calculated similarly to standard methods. This means you must consider factors such as the number of grafts required for implantation, the way, the surgeon’s experience, and the clinic.

You should add the required number of sessions to the cost determination factors of hair transplant without shaving in Turkey. In addition, the price will often be higher than conventional solutions, as this method requires high precision and experience and is time-consuming. However, don’t forget that hair transplants without shaving prices in Turkey are much lower due to the exchange rate difference.

Your decisions are a priority for us, and we will carefully consider the decision (pre-hair transplant planning and after our surgeon’s examination) whether to shave or not. For more information, you can contact our consultants free of charge. Our consultants will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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